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2023 ODI World Cup

Step into the world of cricket excitement with our “2023 ODI World Cup” blog page! 🏏 Get ready to dive into a collection of articles that cover all aspects of the tournament – from the action-packed schedule and fixtures to engaging discussions about the greatest moments. Don’t miss our special feature on the “All Time XI,” where we celebrate the cricket legends who have left an indelible mark on ODI World Cup history. Get ready to catch all the buzz and relive the magic of this global cricket extravaganza! 🌍🏆

Rethinking the ODI World Cup format

Rethinking the ODI World Cup format

Watching Ireland defeat England recently was just a reminder of why a 10 team ODI World Cup does not make any sense. We propose a format that encourages good competition, gives enough space to Associate nations, and keeps financial interests in mind.

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