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Hundred Prediction Sheet

Welcome to The Hundred – Prediction Zone!

You can predict the result of each match of both the Women’s & Men’s Hundred tournament as well as bonus questions at the bottom. We will be keeping track of which users get the most predictions right throughout the tournament!

Make sure you read the Rules page for the scoring of our Prediction Pool and detailed instructions. Here are quick instructions on how to proceed with the Prediction Sheet.


Before you get started, you have to do a quick registration (takes 30 seconds).

  1. Register for predictions here
  2. After logging in, navigate to the menu and find The Hundred Prediction Sheet.

At this point, you should see something like this (if you are on Desktop):

Quick Rules

  • Predicted Winner: Input 2
  • Predicted Loser: Input 0
  • If Super Over/Wash-Out Predicted: Input 1-1 in both

You can either do all your predictions at once or wait till the next match. You have until 15 minutes before the start of a match to add or change your prediction.


If you think that the Oval Invincibles will win against the Manchester Originals in the opening game, input:

Oval Invincibles 2-0 Manchester Originals

If you think the match is going to be washed-out or tied, input:

Oval Invincibles 1-1 Manchester Originals

Points And Bonus Questions

Right, so how do you win this thing? Here is how the points are calculated.

  • Each correct prediction in the league stage – 3 points
  • Each bonus question predicted correctly – 5 points each
  • Super FiveHit the icon below (left) for ONE of the matches and DOUBLE your score for that match. You can only choose a match that has not been predicted yet. After choosing your Super Five match, the icon should change color to the icon (right).

Latest rankings and statistics in these links.

Bonus Questions

For bonus points, answer the following questions at the bottom of the page for both the Men’s & Women’s tournament:

  • Most Runs
  • Most Wickets
  • Emerging Player
  • Player of the Tournament
  • Tournament Winner

You have till August 2nd to input the bonus questions.

And the most important rule—click SAVE after each prediction.

Feel free to edit your profile and communicate with other cricket lovers with the chat box in the sidebar (desktop) or at the bottom (mobile). Without further ado, let us carry on!

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