Twitter Special III: Dreams Lived

This week, we did our first interview at Broken Cricket Dreams, where Avinash shared his dreams lived of playing cricket.

This inspired us to do another article in our segment, Twitter Specials. #DreamsLived is also a response our first article in this segment, #BrokenDreams, where we shared several fans’ stories of their broken sports dreams.

We asked our viewers to respond with #DreamsLived in one of two ways:

  • If your dream of playing cricket (at any level) was realized, describe your story.
  • If not, what else did you do with your time? Did you pick up a new skill? A different sport? Maybe contributed as a fan or analyst?

Let us get started with a quote from the interview.

In our Broken Dreams section, we asked Avinash (@avinashvicky), “Any final thoughts on your dream lived?” and he responded with

“I could not imagine what I have done had I not played cricket all these years. My master’s would be something else, a completely different experience.”

Now to the tweets that was inspired by this interview:

The Tweets

  1. My Dreams Lived (@cricket_broken):

“Personally, I could not play cricket but became a violinist! Great experience.”

2. Mohd Shamir Ansari (@ShamirMohd):

“I too personally could not play cricket, But I never missed this beautiful game as I compensated it by playing it ‘Online Cricket Games’….”

3. Ansh Sharma (@Im_anshsharma):

“During my childhood I always wanted to become a cricketer But later obviously that could not happen

But now I do my own cricket analysis through various social media platforms

I am a journalism student now And now my dream is to become a sports journalist / anchor”

4. JustCricket (@justcricketblog):

“I playing in school and with local clubs in recent times. Apart from that watching cricket and discussing about it gives me as much joy. I too have played cricket games. My fav are ea cricket 2007 and now big ant studios playing in career mode which gives a fake sense of reality.”

5. Sparsh Telang (@_cricketsparsh):

“Being born in Virat Kohli’s era is a dream come true.”

That is just great! This is exactly the kind of stuff we are looking for.

Comment below on your #DreamsLived and share ahead. We would love to hear more such stories. Also, please SUBSCRIBE so you do not miss any articles!

What Can We Learn?

There are over a billion cricket fans in this world. At one point or another, each one has dreamt of hitting that winning shot, enjoying ecstatic moments in the winning huddles, or just playing the sport professionally.

Sometimes life does not go as planned, but “When one door closes, another opens.”

There is more than one way to live the dream. We can play cricket with our local club, at our universities, or the best form of the game—backyard gully cricket.

Nothing better than just spreading the love of the game in whatever way that is possible.

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