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Broken Cricket Dreams of the Day: IPL Edition I

Broken Cricket Dreams of the Day will be a diary of IPL 2020.

Every day, we tweet #BCDoftheDay or #BrokenCricketDreamoftheDay and capture some of the most unfortunate events of the day.

We have already had some interesting ones – David Warner run-out as a non-striker, Hardik Pandya’s hit wicket, Ishan Kishan’s and Mayank Agarwal’s broken dreams to name a few.


In any case, the IPL is finally back! We have so much drama already.

A couple of Super Overs, Rahul Tewatia’s magic, Pooran’s effort, CSK’s downfall (too soon?), and my favorite of all – the youngsters on the show.

Devdutt Padikkal, Ravi Bishnoi, Shubman Gill, Mavi and Nagarkoti repaying KKR’s faith, and today Priyam Garg and Abhishek Sharma with SRH. Several like Yashashvi Jaiswal and Tom Banton yet to fire, but we will definitely be watching.

For every match of the IPL, we start with leading question or highlight of the day.

What was YOUR highlight of the day or do you have a response to the question?


Well anyway, here is my take on the first two weeks of the IPL through tweets!

Broken Cricket Dreams of the Day – IPL Edition Week 1

Day 1 – The IPL is back!!! The fitness is not (except for Faf, of course)
Day 2 – Super Over Loss for KXIP. Can Punjab bounce back?
Day 3 – Unfortunate Run-out, injuries to Marsh, Rashid concussion…
Day 4 – Come on CSK…Go for the win not just the net-run rate.
Day 5 – Hit wicket anyone?
Day 6 – Kohli and dropped catches?

But in all reality, a day to mourn for the cricket community to honor Dean Jones—a life well-lived.

Day 7 – Are Delhi Capitals favorites for the tournament?

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Week 2

Day 8 – Saha struggles, Shubman succeeds
Day 9 – Does anyone have worse luck than Mayank Agarwal in Indian Cricket?
Day 10 – Ishan Kishan. Enough said.
Day 11 – Is there a better IPL death bowler than Kagiso Rabada?
Day 12 – Cool Morgan trumps Archer’s pace
Day 13 – Rohit Sharma vs KXIP (aka the new RCB)
Day 14 – CSK’s Dad’s Army vs SRH’s young guns

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Image Source: KL Rahul – Bhimappa Shivappa Badakannavara / CC BY-SA 4.0

Twitter Special III: Dreams Lived

This week, we did our first interview at Broken Cricket Dreams, where Avinash shared his dreams lived of playing cricket.

This inspired us to do another article in our segment, Twitter Specials. #DreamsLived is also a response our first article in this segment, #BrokenDreams, where we shared several fans’ stories of their broken sports dreams.

We asked our viewers to respond with #DreamsLived in one of two ways:

  • If your dream of playing cricket (at any level) was realized, describe your story.
  • If not, what else did you do with your time? Did you pick up a new skill? A different sport? Maybe contributed as a fan or analyst?

Let us get started with a quote from the interview.

In our Broken Dreams section, we asked Avinash (@avinashvicky), “Any final thoughts on your dream lived?” and he responded with

“I could not imagine what I have done had I not played cricket all these years. My master’s would be something else, a completely different experience.”

Now to the tweets that was inspired by this interview:

The Tweets

  1. My Dreams Lived (@cricket_broken):

“Personally, I could not play cricket but became a violinist! Great experience.”

2. Mohd Shamir Ansari (@ShamirMohd):

“I too personally could not play cricket, But I never missed this beautiful game as I compensated it by playing it ‘Online Cricket Games’….”

3. Ansh Sharma (@Im_anshsharma):

“During my childhood I always wanted to become a cricketer But later obviously that could not happen

But now I do my own cricket analysis through various social media platforms

I am a journalism student now And now my dream is to become a sports journalist / anchor”

4. JustCricket (@justcricketblog):

“I playing in school and with local clubs in recent times. Apart from that watching cricket and discussing about it gives me as much joy. I too have played cricket games. My fav are ea cricket 2007 and now big ant studios playing in career mode which gives a fake sense of reality.”

5. Sparsh Telang (@_cricketsparsh):

“Being born in Virat Kohli’s era is a dream come true.”

That is just great! This is exactly the kind of stuff we are looking for.

Comment below on your #DreamsLived and share ahead. We would love to hear more such stories. Also, please SUBSCRIBE so you do not miss any articles!

What Can We Learn?

There are over a billion cricket fans in this world. At one point or another, each one has dreamt of hitting that winning shot, enjoying ecstatic moments in the winning huddles, or just playing the sport professionally.

Sometimes life does not go as planned, but “When one door closes, another opens.”

There is more than one way to live the dream. We can play cricket with our local club, at our universities, or the best form of the game—backyard gully cricket.

Nothing better than just spreading the love of the game in whatever way that is possible.

Sources: Twitter

Twitter Special: Broken Dreams

In our childhood, we have all dreamt of playing sports at one time or another, whether that is cricket, football, basketball, tennis, etc.

But then, life happens. We can all relate.

As a motivation to our website, Broken Cricket Dreams, we started a #BrokenDreams on Twitter to share our broken cricket or sports stories. Some stories might be hilarious, while other more injurious and serious.

Who knows, maybe by sharing these stories and looking back, some deep down wounds can be healed. In any case, sit back, enjoy, and comment below on your broken dreams stories!

The Tweets

  1. My Broken Cricket Dream Story (@cricket_broken):

“Was in my 4th grade cricket team.

In our first knockout tournament, I was guaranteed a spot in the 2nd game if we won the first match.

Our team lost a thriller, we moved to the States, and that was it–never played a sport in my life.” #BrokenDreams

2. Catch Cricket Podcast (@catch_cricket):

“I think bowling an 11-ball opening over in county cricket under-15s was the beginning of the end!”

3. CricBlog (@cric_blog):

“Made 3rd grade as an 18-year old, despite a shortened season due to a stress fracture in my foot. So, was looking forward to the next season, until a badly torn hamstring and regular injuries resulted in me having to stop playing.” #BrokenDreams

4. JustCricket (@justcricketblog):

“It was during the first year in college. After training hard for 6 months, didn’t get picked in the squad due to politics and favoritism” #Brokendreams

5. Jamo (@FinallyJamous):

“Didn’t realize my love for basketball until later in high school. Missed playing on team and missed watching so much of 2000s Lakers/Spurs/Celtics. Missed out on prime AI, Kobe, KG, Tim, Shaq, Yao, Nash, and T-Mac.” #Brokendreams

6. M. Borrie

“My broken dream in cricket, can’t bat, bowl, or field! Just sticking to the spectator seat for the summer of cricket! NZ playing continue to play great cricket. Test matches, ODIs, T20s – now good at all of them!”

More Such Stories – Coming Soon!

What Can We Learn?

I hope you had a laugh or even a tear drop. Maybe we all could not become professional sports players. Maybe just a random cricket blogger or a fan (me). Or chose another profession-engineer and artists, or doctors and musicians, or started our own business.

But that is completely okay! We should not have regrets.

Everyone has his or her own journey, and we should appreciate life just as it is. Just look back, smile, and enjoy the small moments.

Anyway, send in your stories, and we will publish it on your next iteration of Twitter Specials: Broken Dreams. Follow us on twitter, please subscribe below to our blog, and share along!

Next Week: We will share our #FirstMemory of MS Dhoni and Suresh Raina to give a Twitter tribute to two great cricketers.

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