Aviral Rai

The same story for me too.. When you’re brought up in a Middle class family there’s always a pressure of financial security and the parents believe more in academics than sports because everyone thinks it’s a big risk when you make your career in sports especially in Cricket…So that was it.. Academics will give you a proper job and a well settled life and you can play sports as your passion all your life.. Simple as that and you can’t argue much with your elders either.. So here I’m pursuing Masters degree. #BCD#Cricket

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I dreamt of being a No. 3 batsman saving test matches and hitting winning runs. Well, that did not exactly go to plan, but I have since become an avid follower of the game. As long as there is a live cricket, you can guarantee that I will be checking the scorecards, watching the game live on TV, and certainly, discussing the game and statistics with family and friends.