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Story of almost household, “padhoge likhoge banoge nawab, kheloge koodoge hoge kharab.”

Translation: “Read & Write, You will become a Prince. Play & Jump Around, Life’s Gonna Be Bad.”

#BCD was decent enough batsman, (in Gully cricket) was never allowed or permitted by my father to venture out for bigger events, lest I give less importance to studies, and then as they LIFE HAPPENED and am watching cricket on, am happy, life’s good.

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I dreamt of being a No. 3 batsman saving test matches and hitting winning runs. Well, that did not exactly go to plan, but I have since become an avid follower of the game. As long as there is a live cricket, you can guarantee that I will be checking the scorecards, watching the game live on TV, and certainly, discussing the game and statistics with family and friends.