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Broken Cricket Dreams is a cricket blog based out of the USA. We bring to you inspirational cricket stories & life lessons, research & analysis, satire, opinion pieces, and much more!


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We make cricket content unique by embedding personal experiences, life lessons, philosophy, and cultural references. We also strive to bring you well researched content for analysis, predictions, and information.

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Nitesh Mathur

Nitesh Mathur

Writer/Creator of Broken Cricket Dreams

What’s My Story?

I have been watching cricket for my whole life, ever since the 2003 Cricket World Cup. My close ones tell me that I used to memorize the line ups of all the teams, from Australia to Zimbabwe, dragged my plastic bat around the house, and tried to copy actions of bowlers.

Not much has changed 19 years later. I realized during the pandemic we had all missed. A few minutes after cricket resumed with West Indies winning over England at Lord’s, I began my journey as a cricket writer.

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