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An Open Letter From a Cricket Fan to Those In Charge of Indian Cricket

After the defeat, or ‘thrashing’ India received from England in the 2022 WC semi-finals, fans worldwide were frustrated at another disappointing finish. Here are my honest thoughts for Those Who Care and Run Indian Cricket. An open letter, “Enough is enough.”

Dear Indian Cricket Administrators,

Enough is enough.

2014 T20 World Cup Final. 2015 ODI World Cup Semi-Final.
2016 T20 World Cup Semi-Final. 2017 Champions Trophy Final.
2019 ODI World Cup Semi-Final. 2021 World Test Championship Final.
2022 T20 World Cup Semi-Final.

9 Long Years. 7 ICC knockout matches. 3 captains. Different coaches. Same result.
So close, yet so far.

When India suffered 0-4 losses to England & Australia in the 2011 disastrous Test tours, MS Dhoni frequently said, ‘It is the process that matters.’ The same talks continued throughout the decade.

Process. Journey. Learnings.
Yes, learning is good. Making mistakes is good…if and only if, they lead to tangible changes. Not if they result in the same mistakes again.

We have Questions. More questions. LOTS of questions.
What is the exact process? Who decides these processes? Because if the same story plays over and over again, and India keeps losing in key moments, then there is an inherent problem with the process itself.

Then the blame game starts. IPL vs internationals. Not able to play in overseas leagues. Injuries. Handling the ‘pressure.’ Retrospective selection debates. Rest & rotation.

Excuses. Enough is enough.

This letter is not to single out individuals, players, coaches, team management, or even the system. I’m not questioning the commitment or the lack of trying. These are professionals, and they try to do their best on and off the field.

Rather, I’m questioning the status quo.
The Hero Worship. Administrative bias. Selections and Experimentation. Media leaks. Lack of the winning mentality.

The current England team is doing something right. After the 2015 World Cup debacle, they took some tough decisions. The team of Eoin Morgan, Andrew Strauss, and Nathan Leamon invested in a system that would produce results and backed players that fit their system.

Enjoy the journey. Learn from the process. Keep improving.
All this is good, but at the end of the day, results matter. The IPL wouldn’t still exist if it wasn’t a profitable venture. Brazil (5), Germany (4), and Italy (4) wouldn’t be as feared in the soccer world if they hadn’t won that many trophies consistently over time.

You know why West Indies in the 2010s were so good? Because they won World Cups AND had fun doing it. That’s the ideal situation. Process plus results. Why can’t India get there? Why can’t India win both bilaterals and World Cups?

The Power of the IPL and depth of India’s pool of talent—A blessing and a disguise. There is a key difference between gradual progress and stagnation. It is high time that Team India starts converting this golden generation of players and financial power into trophies.

Lost opportunity. Enough is enough.

The fans are just as much as stakeholders in the game as the administrators and players themselves.

When Tendulkar hits a straight drive, a child smiles in Mumbai. When Kohli hits Haris Rauf for a straight six, a nation halts in awe. When India loses, the nation griefs in despair. Passion. The sport means the world to us. When the fans hope, the nation rises.

One of these days, the confidence in the team might be a disappear. The team needs to start winning world tournaments. That’s it.

And this is not to say that India is a bad team. Not even close. Coming to the semi-finals in almost every competition ten years in a row is no joke. However, the final hurdle is sometimes the most important step. And not getting over that step points to deeper issues.

It’s a well-known idiom to “Hope for the best and Prepare for the worst.” But maybe, just maybe, that is not the right way to go.

Don’t play safe. For once, just go all out. Try something new. Take some risks. Make courageous selections.

Indian fans can live with defeat. What they can’t live with is manner of defeats and making the same mistakes over and over again.

Something needs to change. Otherwise, all that will be left is Broken Dreams.

Because enough is enough.

A Cricket Fan

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Virat Kohli’s 25 Best Innings Across International Formats (RANKED): Mohali 2016, MCG 2022, Hobart 133*, Adelaide 141…Which One is Your Favorite?

Ranking Virat Kohli’s best innings is no easy task.

With 71 hundreds, 127 fifties, and countless other important knocks out of his 529 international innings, picking the Top 25 is a challenge. As Roman philosopher, Lucius Anneas Seneca is credited of saying,

“It is a rough road that leads to the height of greatness.”

– Lucius Anneas Seneca

Kohli’s consistency and the ability to rise to the top from the depth of hardship is what makes him truly great.

The winning moment at the MCG give cricket fans chills. Literal chills. This match reminded us of Virat Kohli’s eternal greatness. No man has been as dominating of a cricket player in all the three formats. Here is our Top 25 ranking of Virat Kohli’s best innings across T20I, ODI, and Test cricket.

List of Virat Kohli’s Best Innings

All the scorecards and some video highlights are linked for your reference.

Embed from Getty Images

1. 82*(52) vs Pakistan, 2022 T20 World Cup

  • Format: T20I
  • Opposition: Pakistan
  • Venue: Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG), Melbourne, Australia

Context: Melbourne Cricket Ground. 90,000 crowd. T20 World Cup 2022. India 31-4. Pakistan pacers all over India. The ghost of 2021. The 71st hundred wait. Questions on his form. Mental health break. And then came that innings. Then came that shot—The Shot Heard Around the World. From 31-4 to needing 28 runs in 8 balls to winning the match on the last ball. The chase master is back. The King is back.

Scorecard: Full Scorecard of Pakistan vs India 16th Match, Group 2 2022/23 – Score Report |

Embed from Getty Images Embed

2. 133*(86) vs Sri Lanka, 2012 CB Series

  • Format: ODI
  • Opposition: Sri Lanka
  • Venue: Bellerive Oval, Hobart, Australia

Context: A love story begins in Australia. The coming of age for Virat Kohli. Needing to chase 320 in 40 overs, Kohli and co did it in 36.4 overs. Malinga’s figures of 7.4-0-96-1 says it all. The way Kohli handled the pressure, accelerated…this was only the signs to come for the record chaser he was about to become.

Video Highlights: Kohli Hobart Innings – YouTube

Scorecard: Full Scorecard of Sri Lanka vs India 11th Match 2011/12 – Score Report | ESPNcricinfo.comScorecard: Full Scorecard of Sri Lanka vs India 11th Match 2011/12 – Score Report |

Embed from Getty Images

3. 82*(53) vs Australia, 2016 T20 World Cup

  • Format: T20I
  • Opposition: Australia
  • Venue: Punjab Cricket Association IS Bindra Stadium, Mohali, Chandigarh India

Context: Virat Kohli Mohali innings. India vs Australia 2016 knock-out match. What an innings under pressure. Must-win game. A virtual quarter final. Australia & James Faulkner run into Virat Kohli at his absolute peak. Steady innings to begin with but flourish at the right time. The running, six hitting, and MS Dhoni, this innings had everything.

Scorecard: Full Scorecard of Australia vs India 31st Match, Super 10 Group 2 2015/16 – Score Report |

4. 141 (175) & 115 (184) vs Australia, 2013-14 Border-Gavaskar Trophy

  • Format: Test
  • Opposition: Australia
  • Venue: Adelaide, Adelaide Oval, Austral

Context: A glimpse of Virat Kohli, the captain, before he was the official captain. India had never won a Test series in Australia and chasing 364 on Day 5 was unthinkable. Enter Kohli. Centuries in both innings. Aggressive approach. Got India so close, but he was caught on the boundary with sixty runs still to go. India continued their positive approach and collapsed agonizingly short.

Video Highlights: 2nd Innings, 1st Innings

Scorecard: Full Scorecard of Australia vs India 1st Test 2014/15 – Score Report |

5. 119 (181) & 96 (193) vs South Africa, India Tour of South Africa 2013-14

  • Format: Test
  • Opposition: South Africa
  • Venue: New Wanderers Stadium, Johannesburg, South Africa

Context: One of the great Test matches of the 2010s. Will always be remembered for the Faf-De Villiers partnership as South Africa almost chasing 438 before the draw was announced eight runs short. However, the game was nicely setup by the dominance of Kohli in both innings.

Scorecard: Full Scorecard of India vs South Africa 1st Test 2013/14 – Score Report |

Embed from Getty Images

6. 169 (272) vs Australia, 2013-14 Border Gavaskar Trophy

  • Format: Test
  • Opposition: Australia
  • Venue: Melbourne Cricket Ground, Melbourne, Australia

Context: This match will always be remembered for THAT partnership. Virat Kohli & Ajinkya Rahane smashing Mitchell Johnson’s bouncers. The transition from the Dravid-Tendulkar-Laxman era to the Kohli-Rahane era was complete.

Scorecard: Full Scorecard of Australia vs India 3rd Test 2014/15 – Score Report |

7. 149 (225) vs England, 2018 Pataudi Trophy

  • Format: Test
  • Opposition: England
  • Venue: Edgbaston, Birmingham, England

Context: 134 runs in 10 innings. Six single digit scores. 2 ducks. And a Jimmy Anderson. Probably the lowest point in Kohli’s career, technically and mentally. To come back in the next tour, score 593 runs, dominate Anderson, and conquer his inner demons is a life lesson for us all. It all started with this 149 in tough conditions.

Video Highlights: Kohli 100 England 2018

Scorecard: Full Scorecard of England vs India 1st Test 2018 – Score Report |

Embed from Getty Images

8. 100*(52) vs Australia, 2013

  • Format: ODI
  • Opposition: Australia
  • Venue: Sawai Mansingh Stadium, Jaipur, India

Context: Some of the best shots you will ever see. Dancing down the wicket, straight over the bowlers’ head, numerous inside out shots. The series will be remembered for the emergence of Kohli-Rohit duo as the next stars of Indian cricket.

Video highlights: Virat Kohli 100* off 52 Balls | Ind vs Aus 2013

Scorecard: Full Scorecard of Australia vs India 2nd ODI 2013/14 – Score Report |

9. 49 (51) vs Pakistan, Asia Cup 2016

  • Format: T20I
  • Opposition: Pakistan
  • Venue: Shere Bangla National Stadium, Mirpur, Bangladesh

Context: The scorecard doesn’t tell you what we all felt that day. Pakistan 83/10 and India won by 5 wickets. Easy, right? Wrong. Due to the comeback kid, Mohammad Amir. Rohit, Rahane were gone for ducks. Raina soon followed, India 8/3. Then came Kohli’s masterclass, one full of patience, perseverance, and maturity.

Scorecard: Full Scorecard of Pakistan vs India 4th Match 2015/16 – Score Report |

10. 115*(66) vs Australia, 2013

  • Format: ODI
  • Opposition: Australia
  • Venue: Vidarbha Cricket Association Stadium, Jamtha, Nagpur, India

Context: One of the highest scoring ODI series in memory. Although he was already scoring loads of runs earlier in the series, this chase was the best of them all.

Video Highlights: Virat Kohli 115* of 66| India Vs Australia 2013

Scorecard: Full Scorecard of Australia vs India 6th ODI 2013/14 – Score Report |

11. 72*(44) vs South Africa, 2014 T20 World Cup Semi-Final

  • Format: T20I
  • Opposition: South Africa
  • Venue: Shere Bangla National Stadium, Mirpur, Bangladesh

Context: Before Melbourne, before Mohali, there was Mirpur. 72 off 44 balls. He himself said it was his ‘best T20 knock’ until that point.

Scorecard: Full Scorecard of South Africa vs India 2nd Semi-Final 2013/14 – Score Report |

Embed from Getty Images

12. 153 (217) vs South Africa, India Tour of South Africa 2017-2018

  • Format: Test
  • Opposition: South Africa
  • Venue: Supersport Park, Centurion, South Africa

Context: Under testing conditions and batting against the trio of Philander-Rabada-Morkel, Virat Kohli was excellent. Next highest score was just 46.

Scorecard: Full Scorecard of South Africa vs India 2nd Test 2017/18 – Score Report |

13.160* (159) vs South Africa, 2018

  • Format: ODI
  • Opposition: South Africa
  • Venue: Newlands, Cape Town, South Africa

Context: Kohli at his absolute peak.

Scorecard: Full Scorecard of India vs South Africa 3rd ODI 2017/18 – Score Report |

14. 123 (257) vs Australia, Perth, Border Gavaskar Trophy 2018-19

  • Format: Test
  • Opposition: Australia
  • Venue: Perth Stadium, Perth, Australia

Context: “Masterclass in mind and skill. One for the ages.” The commentator couldn’t have described it any better.

Video Highlights: Full highlights of Kohli’s Perth classic

Scorecard: Full Scorecard of Australia vs India 2nd Test 2018/19 – Score Report |

15. 183 (146) vs Pakistan, 2012

  • Format: ODI
  • Opposition: Pakistan
  • Venue: Shere Bangla National Stadium, Mirpur, Bangladesh

Context: Smashed Umar Gul, Wahab Riaz, and Shahid Afridi on his way to his top ODI knock.

Video Highlights: Kohli 183 vs Pakistan 2012

Scorecard: Full Scorecard of Pakistan vs India 5th Match 2011/12 – Score Report |

Embed from Getty Images

16. 103 (197) & 97 (152), 2018 Pataudi Trophy

  • Format: Test
  • Opposition: England
  • Venue: Trent Bridge, Nottingham

Context: Test matches mean a lot more when the team wins. Although India lost 4-1 in THAT Sam Curran series, Kohli’s 97 & 103 ensured at least one win in the series.

Video Highlights: 1st Innings, 2nd Innings

Scorecard: Full Scorecard of India vs England 3rd Test 2018 – Score Report |

17. 243 (287) & 50 (58) vs Sri Lanka, 2017

  • Format: Test
  • Opposition: Sri Lanka
  • Venue: Feroz Shah Kotla, Delhi, India

Context: A marathon 7-and-a-half-hour knock followed by a fifty in the second innings.

Scorecard: Full Scorecard of India vs Sri Lanka 3rd Test 2017/18 – Score Report |

18. 35 (49) vs Sri Lanka, 2011 World Cup Final

  • Format: ODI
  • Opposition: Sri Lanka
  • Venue: Wankhede, Mumbai, India

Context: Among his plethora of centuries and fifties, this one is usually forgotten. After 31-2 with both Sehwag & Sachin back in the hut, Kohli & Gambhir’s steady 83-run partnership got India back in the game. Useful, impact knock.

Video Highlights: 2011 World Cup Final Highlights

Scorecard: Full Scorecard of Sri Lanka vs India Final 2010/11 – Score Report |

Embed from Getty Images

19. 154* (134) vs New Zealand, 2016

  • Format: ODI
  • Opposition: New Zealand
  • Venue: Punjab Cricket Association Stadium, Mohali, India

Context: Exhibition of the cover drive, pull shot, flick, and the straight drive.

Video Highlights: Virat Kohli 123 off 111 balls vs New Zealand 1st ODI Napier

Scorecard: Full Scorecard of New Zealand vs India 3rd ODI 2016/17 – Score Report |

20. 89*(47) vs West Indies, 2016 T20 World Cup Semi-Final

  • Format: India
  • Opposition: West Indies
  • Venue: Wankhede Stadium, Mumbai, India

Context: Yet another one of Kohli’s ICC men T20 World Cup classic. After Rohit-Rahane 40s provided India a decent start, Kohli took the mantle to finish the innings off. From 50*(33) to 89*(47), but it was not meant to be.

Video Highlights: 2016 T20 WC Semi-Final Highlights

Scorecard: Full Scorecard of India vs West Indies 2nd Semi-Final 2015/16 – Score Report |

21. 211 (366) vs New Zealand, 2016

  • Format: Test
  • Opposition: New Zealand
  • Venue: Holkar Cricket Stadium, Indore, India

Context: A Top-25 Kohli series should probably include one of his seven double centuries. A marathon 365 (673) partnership between Rahane & Kohli. NZ were out of the game in the first innings.

Scorecard: Full Scorecard of India vs New Zealand 3rd Test 2016/17 – Score Report |

22. 94* (50) vs West Indies, 2019

  • Format: T20I
  • Venue: Ranjiv Gandhi International Stadium, Uppal, Hyderabad, India
  • Opposition: West Indies

Context: Kohli’s highest T20I score. India chases 209 in a T20 with 8 balls to spare. 6 sixes and 6 fours. Destructive.

Scorecard: Full Scorecard of West Indies vs India 1st T20I 2019/20 – Score Report |

23. 107 (126) vs Pakistan, 2015 ODI World Cup

  • Format: ODI
  • Opposition: Pakistan
  • Venue: Adelaide Oval, Adelaide, Australia

Context: A solid knock. India win against Pakistan via Kohil magic, a theme over the last decade. Better yet, India started the 2015 WC well and went onto play the semi-finals despite dismal preparations.

Scorecard: Full Scorecard of India vs Pakistan 4th Match, Pool B 2014/15 – Score Report |

Embed from Getty Images

24. 122*(105) vs England, 2017

  • Format: ODI
  • Opposition: England
  • Venue: Maharashtra Cricket Association Stadium, Pune

Context: Known as the ‘Kedar Jadhav match’ who scored a 120 (76) from #6, Kohli held the innings together. From 53-4, a 200-run partnership followed between the two before Pandya finished it off.

Scorecard: Full Scorecard of England vs India 1st ODI 2016/17 – Score Report |

25. 123 (111) vs New Zealand, 2014

  • Format: ODI
  • Opposition: New Zealand
  • Venue: MacLean Park, Napier

Context: Not all matches have a positive ending. Although India lost, Kohli dragged India close. The next best score was 40, and India lost by 24 runs.

Scorecard: Full Scorecard of New Zealand vs India 1st ODI 2013/14 – Score Report |

26. 107 (114) vs Sri Lanka, 2009 (Bonus)

  • Format: ODI
  • Opposition: Sri Lanka
  • Venue: Eden Gardens, Kolkata, India

Context: Things have to begin somewhere, don’t they? Virat’s maiden ODI ton, including a 224-run partnership with Gautam Gambhir. Rescued India in chase of 316 after they were 23-2 after 3.4 overs. A glimpse of greatness for years ahead.

Scorecard: Full Scorecard of Sri Lanka vs India 4th ODI 2009/10 – Score Report |

Honorable Mentions – Virat Kohli’s Best Innings – Which Knock Missed Out?

  1. 129*(96) vs South Africa, Centurion, 2018 (ODI)
  2. 70*(29) vs West Indies, Mumbai, 2019 (T20I)
  3. 90*(55) vs Australia, Adelaide, 2016 (T20I)
  4. 116 (213) vs Australia, Adelaide, 2012 (Test) – 1st Test Hundred
  5. 123 (95) vs Australia, Ranchi, 2019 (ODI)
  6. 107 (119) vs West Indies, Pune, 2018 (ODI)
  7. 131 (96) vs Sri Lanka, Colombo, 2017 (ODI)
  8. 140 (107) vs West Indies, Guwahati, 2018 (ODI)
  9. 157*(129) vs West Indies, Vishakapatnam, 2018 (ODI)
  10. 114*(99) vs West Indies, Port of Spain, 2019 (ODI)s

Frequently Asked Questions – Virat Kohli’s Best Innings in Each Format

Other Virat Kohli Content

What is Virat Kohli’s Best Innings in T20I Cricket?

Virat Kohli’s Best Innings in T20I cricket are as follows: 82* (52) vs Pakistan (2022 T20 World Cup), 82*(53) vs Australia (2016 T20 World Cup), 72*(44) (2014 T20 Worl Cup Semi-Final, 89* (47) vs West Indies (2016 T20 World Cup Semi-Final), and 49 (51) vs Pakistan (2016 Asia Cup). Virat Kohli flexing his arm

What is Virat Kohli’s Best Innings in ODI Cricket?

Virat Kohli’s Best Innings in ODI cricket are as follows: 133*(86) vs Sri Lanka (2012), 100* (52) vs Australia (2013), 115*(66) vs Australia (2013), 160*(159) vs South Africa (2018), and 183*(146) vs Pakistan (2012).Photo of Virat Kohli celebrating his 133* vs Sri Lanka at Hobart

What is Virat Kohli’s Best Innings in Test Cricket?

Virat Kohli’s Best Innings in Test cricket are as follows: 141 vs Australia (2013), 119 vs South Africa (2013), 169 vs Australia (2013), 149 vs England (2018), and 153 vs South Africa (2018).Photo of Virat Kohli raising his bat to Test crowd in England after scoring 149.

Here is some of the other content on Virat Kohli:

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3 Unfairly Treated Cricketers Who Have Been Sidelined by the Indian Selectors but Deserve More Chances

By Nitesh Mathur, Broken Cricket Dreams, 5/26/2022

India bowed out of the 2021 T20 World Cup without putting up a proper fight. A lot has changed since then.

Rohit Sharma is now the all-format Indian captain, Rahul Dravid the new coach after Ravi Shastri’s departure, and a new-look India’s T20 tour of South Africa squad is announced.

Arshdeep Singh, Umran Malik, Avesh Khan, Ravi Bishnoi, comeback kid Dinesh Karthik, Deepak Hooda, Kuldeep Yadav, and Hardik Pandya all made deserving entries or returns to the T20 side.

IPL performances have been duly rewarded, selectors have displayed some positive thinking, but is the selection aggressive enough?

Also Read: 54 Contenders for the Indian 2022 T20 World Cup Squad — Do Rohit & Virat Deserve a Spot?

3 Indian Cricketers Who Deserve More Chances in T20I

Despite rests for Virat Kohli, Rohit Sharma, Jasprit Bumrah and injuries to Ravindra Jadeja, Deepak Chahar, and Suryakumar Yadav, three players could not find a spot in the 18-man squad. It is hard for anyone to break into the Indian team these days, but team India is making a huge mistake by not giving them a chance at all.

Also Read: Indian Cricket’s Abundance of Talent: A Blessing or a Curse?

1. Prithvi Shaw

Age: 22

Eight years ago, Prithvi Shaw burst onto the scene by scoring 546 (330) in a school competition. Comparisons to Sachin Tendulkar were inevitable (and even Sehwag & Lara for that matter). He then won the U-19 WC as captain and has produced runs at the domestic circuit and IPL level.

Things looked bright, but he has only played 5 Tests (1 century, 2 50s), 6 ODIs, and a sole T20I (debut golden duck by the way).

History of fitness issues has not helped advance Shaw’s case, and he has often been depicted as ‘careless’ or ‘carefree’ in his batting approach. However, this is exactly the need of the hour for Indian cricket in T20Is.

Shikhar Dhawan, KL Rahul, Rohit Sharma, Shreyas Iyer, Virat Kohli, Mayank Agarwal, and even Ishan Kishan play a similar brand of cricket as openers, but Shaw is a breath of fresh air. This season he has produced knocks of

38 (24) – 2 Sixes/4 Fours, 61 (34) – 2/9, 51 (29) – 7/2, 41 (20) – 7/1, 37 (27) – 1/5

And when he has not gone big, he has knocked singles and made sure the partnership with David Warner flourishes. Prithvi Shaw might not rack up the running charts and stay till the end, but what he provides is worth much more – an impetus to the team from Ball One of the match.

The real question is, will he even get an audition for the T20 WC squad?

IPL 2022: 10 matches, 283 runs, 152.97 SR, 37 fours, 10 sixes, 28.3 average

Embed from Getty Images

2. Rahul Tripathi

Age: 31

Rahul Tripathi was always considered one of those key Indian uncapped players who ‘punches above his weight’ and ‘provides a bit of spark and energy in the field,’ but has always been seen a level below international quality (like a Swapnil Asnodkar, Manvinder Bisla, Nitish Rana, and now Rajat Patidar).

But has Rahul Tripathi been unfairly pigeonholed? He batted with flair this year at SRH (413 Runs, 3 50s, 158.24 SR) and was the catalyst behind KKR’s run to the final last year (397 runs, 2 50s, 140.28 SR). His highest score in each of the last 6 IPLs read

93, 80*, 50, 81, 74*, 76

This means that when he is in the mood, he goes big. But more than the stats, it is Tripathi’s infectious attitude while batting. He starts hitting from ball 1, can float anywhere in the batting lineup, and adapts to any situation. Fast bowlers, spinners, doesn’t matter. 120/2 or 0/1 – he comes in with the same aggression and mindset as a modern day #3 batter should.

Mitchell Marsh, Moeen Ali, Dawid Malan, Mohammad Hafeez, and Devon Conway are the template to bat at #3 these days. Gone are the days of Steve Smith and Virat Kohli steadying the pace.

Tripathi has done all in his power to showcase his ability, but will he ever get a chance?

It is now or maybe never for him.

IPL 2022: 14 matches, 413 runs, 158.23 SR, 40 fours, 20 sixes, 37.54 average

3. Sanju Samson

Age: 27

Sanju Samson has been the most ill-treated of them all. Samson has barely received any chances at the international level since his debut in 2015:

1 T20 Vs Zimbabwe (2015), 1 Vs SL (Jan 2020), 2 Vs NZ (Jan-Feb 2020), 3 Vs Aus (Dec 2020), 3 Vs SL (Jul 2021), 3 Vs SL (Feb 2022).

There is barely any continuity. In his last series in February, he did not bat in the first T20I and scored his personal best – a crucial 39 (25) with 2 fours & 3 sixes at #4. Yet, he has been dropped while the likes of Ishan Kishan & Venkatesh Iyer have been retained despite poor IPL form. What message are the selectors and coach sending?

In Qualifier 1 of IPL 2022, Samson gave an apt reply with the bat.

First ball he faced – SIX! What followed was carnage. His next scoring shots were 4,4,4,6,6. He scored 30 (13) before he even took a single. Now, that is T20 mentality!

That 47 (26) was a more impactful innings than Jos Buttler’s 89 (56).

Sanju Samson and the IPL Inconsistency Myth

He has been on the IPL scene since 2013 but has always carried the perception of ‘inconsistency’, ‘not enough domestic runs’, or ‘throws his wicket away.’

Let us dig a bit deeper. This may have been true from 2013-2016 (where his average hovered between 20.4-26.45 & SR between 112.35-125.15). In each of those years, he would make one or two sparkling fifties and then fall off.

However, from 2017-2022, he has scored 3 hundreds, 12 fifties, striking it between 136.72-150.36 and averaging between 30.07-40.33. Runs in these five years?

386, 441, 342, 375, 484, 421*

His numbers might not be KL Rahul-esque (659, 593, 670, 626, 616) whose SR hovers around 135. Rahul plays an opener/anchor role, while Samson is the middle order intent batter who can keep the game moving and hit spinners out of the attack.

In essence, Sanju Samson has become more consistent, more lethal, and a true match winner.

IPL 2022: 15* matches, 421 runs, 150.35 SR, 40 fours, 24 sixes, 30.07 average

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Why India Need to Select At Least One of Them?

Prithvi Shaw, Rahul Tripathi, and Sanju Samson, literally the only three Indian batters with a modern day T20 batting mindset, were omitted from the South Africa squad list. Although India has about 24 T20Is to try out new players before the 2022 T20 World Cup later this year, their exclusion reveals India’s reluctance to play ultra-aggressive cricket.

Among Indian players, only Dinesh Karthik (187. 28), Rajat Patidar (156.25), Shivam Dube (156.21), Rishabh Pant (151.78) have comparable Strike Rates. Samson, Tripathi, and Shaw have taken the leap of faith with risk & reward. The real question is, will Indian selectors?

Samson’s own words summarizes the Shaw-Tripathi-Samson Paradox beautifully. At Breakfast with Champions, he stated that

“When you’re doing a role like this. In T20s, when you are there to hit sixes…you need to have guts inside yourself, you need to be brave enough to do that role…failures will happen…If I get to play, I play. If I don’t, I don’t.”

“I am not here to score lots and lots of runs…I am here to score a small amount of runs which are very effective for the team.”

India Need to Revive the Memories of 2007

India last won a T20 World Cup way back in 2007. It was the inaugural edition, nobody knew what this beast T20 cricket would come, and the IPL had yet to be announced.

Stalwarts Rahul Dravid, Sachin Tendulkar, and Sourav Ganguly stepped aside to give youngsters a chance. Robin Uthappa, Rohit Sharma, Piyush Chawla, Sreesanth, Joginder Sharma, RP Singh, and even the timeless Dinesh Karthik would make the squad. The Pathan brothers, Yuvraj Singh, Gautam Gambhir, Harbhajan Singh, and Virender Sehwag were the ‘seniors’ in the side lead under a certain captain MS Dhoni.

And guess what happened? India won—a young team with nothing to lose who just went out there, took risks, and expressed themselves.

Fast forward 15 years and 6 T20 World Cups later, India has yet to win another trophy. What’s worse? They have not even played close to their potential (Virat Kohli dragged into the finals and semi-finals of the 2014 & 2016 editions).

It might be time for a couple of seniors to step aside and give a free reign to players who can go there and play their natural, free-flowing, expressive cricket.

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Photo Courtesy: Indian Premier League Official Website (

54 Contenders for the Indian 2022 T20 World Cup Squad — Do Rohit Sharma & Virat Kohli Deserve a Spot?

In IPL 2022, at least 54 players are auditioning at the moment for the Indian 2022 T20 World Cup Squad to board the flight to Australia in October.

Exactly six months to go for the World Cup. Halfway through IPL 2022.

With Dinesh Karthik asking questions and knocking the door down, Deepak Chahar’s injury cloud, and Virat Kohli- Rohit Sharma-Ishan Kishan-Venkatesh Iyer having off years, all permutations and combinations are open.

The depth of Indian cricket team is at its all-time peak, but the selectors have their task cut out for them. However, India’s abundant depth is both a blessing and a curse.

So how is this going to work? Today, YOU ARE THE SELECTOR. I am going to break up each role (opener, finisher, fast bowler, etc.) one by one and the contenders for that spot. At the end of each section, you can VOTE on your choice for the Indian 2022 T20 World Cup Squad.


Why Have India Not Won an ICC Trophy in the Last Decade?

Last time, India won a major ICC Trophy was the 2013 Champions Trophy. And 2007 for their only T20 World Cup Trophy.

Since then, India have lost 2012, 2016 (semi-finals), and 2021 T20 World Cups, 2017 Champions Trophy (finals), 2015 & 2019 ODI Cricket World Cups (semi-finals). Hindsight is 2020, but what were some of the reasons?

  1. Constant chopping and changing in the squads & lack of clarity on player roles (“The #4 Question”)
  2. Selecting/Mixing players for T20Is based on ODI form and vice-versa
  3. Balance of the XI: Lack of batting allrounders in the Top 6 (too many wicketkeepers)
  4. Vulnerability against left-arm seamers/swing bowlers in the first few overs (ex: Mohammad Amir, Shaheen Shah Afridi, Trent Boult/Matt Henry)
  5. Wicket-taking options in the middle overs (switch from Jadeja-Ashwin to Kuldeep-Chahal and back)
  6. Freak injuries (Shikhar Dhawan, Vijay Shankar in the 2019 CWC)
  7. Predominantly right-handed batters (post-Raina/Yuvi/Gambhir era)

How To Build a T20 World Cup Winning Squad

Now that we have established where things can go wrong, let us discuss how to form our XI & squad of 15.

Rather than picking the best 15 players in India, we pick out the best players for each role depending on which position they play for their IPL and domestic teams. The idea is that we should not make an opener a makeshift #5 again.

T20s are now moving to a place where a fluid batting line up is preferred. Instead of being assigned a fixed batting spot (#3,4,5, etc.), each batter has a relative batting spot (top order, accumulator, finisher) and an ‘optimal entry’ based on the overs & match situation (Ex: Send Russell after the 10th over, DK after the 16th over, etc.)

Similarly, Powerplay swing bowlers & specialist death bowlers have separate assigned roles. (Ex: David Willey’s role is bowl a couple of economical overs up front, take a wicket/set tone, and not finish his spell).

Ideal T20 XI

So, an ideal T20 XI needs the following ingredients:

  • The Top Order (2 aggressive & 1 accumulator who can soak pressure, but also has change of gears)
  • The Engine Room (3 Finishers – 1 Power hitter, 1 360-Player, 1 Calm-Head/Insurance Policy)
  • 2-3 All-Rounders in the Top 7
  • Wrist Spinner
  • Wicket-taker in the Powerplay (Swing bowler)
  • Death-Overs Specialist
  • 145 kph+ Pace Bowler
  • Mystery Spin optional

Who Was in India’s Latest T20I Squad?

As a quick reminder, here are the list of players and key performers from the recent T20I series against New Zealand, West Indies, and Sri Lanka.

Since the 2021 T20 World Cup, India have won all of their 9 T20I matches. In these 9 matches, India have had 8 different player of the matches and/or player of the series.

Such a wealth of talent.

Team Indiavs New Zealandvs West Indiesvs Sri Lanka
Series Result3-03-03-0
Highest Run Scorers for IndiaRohit Sharma
(159, 2 – 50s, 53.00 AVE, 154.36 SR)
Suryakumar Yadav
(107, 1 – 50, 53.50 AVE, 194.54 SR)
Shreyas Iyer
204, 3 – 50s, unbeaten*, 174.35 SR)
Highest Wicket-Takers for IndiaHarshal Patel (4, 7.28 ECON)
Axar Patel (4, 6.00 ECON)
Harshal Patel (5, best of 3/22, 8.75 ECON)Bhuvneshwar Kumar (3, best of 2/9, 7.50 ECON)
Player of the Series
(Player of Matches)
Rohit Sharma
(Suryakumar Yadav 62 (40),
Harshal Patel 2/25,
Axar Patel 3/9)
Suryakumar Yadav
(Ravi Bishnoi 2/17,
Rishabh Pant 52* (28),
Suryakumar Yadav
65 (31))
Shreyas Iyer
(Ishan Kishan 89 (56),
Shreyas Iyer 74* (44),
Shreyas Iyer 73* (45))
Indian 2022 T20 World Cup Squad – Recent T20I Performers

Here is the list of the 25 players who were selected in these squads:

  • Batters: Rohit Sharma (C), Virat Kohli, Rishabh Pant (WK), Ishan Kishan (WK), Shreyas Iyer, Sanju Samson (WK), Ruturaj Gaikwad, Suryakumar Yadav, KL Rahul* (WK)
  • All Rounders: Ravindra Jadeja, Shardul Thakur, Deepak Hooda, Venkatesh Iyer, Axar Patel*, Washington Sundar*
  • Fast Bowlers: Jasprit Bumrah, Avesh Khan, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Mohammad Siraj, Harshal Patel, Deepak Chahar
  • Spinners: Yuzvendra Chahal, Kuldeep Yadav, Ravi Bishnoi, Ravichandran Ashwin


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Select Your Indian 2022 T20 World Cup Squad

Next to each player, overall T20I & T20 stats will be displayed along with performance in the IPL after the covid break (IPL 2020, IPL 2021, and IPL 2022 up to the halfway mark)

Each player will also have a symbol:

🟩 Almost certainly plays the first match in the T20 World Cup

🟨 In the Probable 30, but selection in the 15 depends on the IPL and T20 bilaterals preceding the WC

🟪Wildcard Entry: Not in the current scheme of things but might come into conversation as a backup player.

🟧 Future Indian players who can occupy these roles (Lots of youngsters have come to the party in IPL 2022. I doubt they will make the Indian 2022 T20 World Cup Squad, but you never know)

Who are the Best T20 Openers for India Right Now? (Pick 3)

Who are the Best T20 Openers for India Right Now

India have 9 openers vying for 3 spots for the 2022 Indian T20 World Cup Squad. Namely, Rohit Sharma, KL Rahul, Ishan Kishan, Prithvi Shaw, Shikhar Dhawan, Ruturaj Gaikwad, Shubman Gill, and Devdutt Padikkal.
Rohit Sharma & KL Rahul are front runners for the T20 World Cup opening squad (if Rahul recovers from injuries), but Suryakumar Yadav, Rishabh Pant, and Virat Kohli are other wildcard options.

1. Rohit Sharma 🟩

Current Status: Incumbent, Other Roles: Captain

  • T20Is: 125, Runs: 3313, 100/50: 4/26, Best: 118, AVE+SR: 172.03, AVE: 32.48, SR: 139.55
  • T20s: 376, Runs: 10009, 100/50: 6/69, Best: 118, AVE+SR: 165.37, AVE: 31.67, SR: 133.70
  • Last Played T20Is for India: February 27, 2022
  • IPL (since 2020): 31 matches, Runs: 827, 100/50: 0/4, Best: 80, AVE+SR: 154.49, AVE: 26.67, SR: 127.82

Pros ✅: Experience

Cons ❌: Lack of Form

How Is He Doing in IPL 2022?

An average of 16.28 and no fifties in 6 innings is not the best of Rohit, but remember, he was the player of the T20I series not too long ago. As long he is captain, he boards the flight to Australia as an opener.

2. KL Rahul 🟩

Current Status: Incumbent, Other Roles: Wicketkeeper

  • T20Is: 56, Runs: 1831, 100/50: 2/16, Best: 110*, AVE+SR: 183.17, AVE: 40.68, SR: 142.49
  • T20s: 179, Runs: 6007, 100/50: 5/50 Best: 132*, AVE+SR: 181.64, AVE: 43.52, SR: 138.12
  • Last Played T20Is for India: November 19, 2021
  • IPL (since 2020): 34, Runs: 1561, 100/50: 2/12, Best: 132*, AVE+SR: 190.78, AVE: 55.75, SR: 135.03

Pros ✅: Best Current Batter in India, Versatile

Cons ❌: SR inversely proportional to team composition/match situation

How Is He Doing in IPL 2022?

Although he has century & a fifty already (265 runs), it still seems that he has more to offer to reach the heights of the last couple of a seasons. A must have in the T20 World Cup XI.

3. Ishan Kishan 🟨

Current Status: Incumbent, Other Roles: Wicketkeeper

  • T20Is: 10, Runs: 289, 100/50: 0/2, Best: 89, AVE+SR: 153.53, AVE: 32.11, SR: 121.42
  • T20s: 121, Runs: 3093, 100/50: 2/18, Best: 113*, AVE+SR: 160.34 , AVE: 29.17, SR: 131.17
  • Last Played T20Is for India: February 26, 2022
  • IPL (since 2020): 30, Runs: 697, 100/50: 0/8, Best: 99, AVE+SR: 177.22, AVE: 41.21, SR: 136.01

Pros ✅: Aggressive Opening Option, Left-Handed

Cons ❌: Lack of Form

How Is He Doing in IPL 2022?

Ever since he was retained by Mumbai Indians for the mammoth price, Kishan has looked a show of himself. He has a couple of 50s and a top score of 81* but at a SR of 116.46, the Rohit-Ishan partnership is just not working for MI at the moment.

4. Shikhar Dhawan 🟨

Current Status: Out of Squad

  • T20Is: 68, Runs: 1759, 100/50: 0/11, Best: 92, AVE+SR: 154.28 , AVE: 27.92, SR: 126.36
  • T20s: 309, Runs: 8980, 100/50: 2/64, Best: 106*, AVE+SR: 157.40, AVE: 32.53, SR: 124.87
  • Last Played T20Is for India: July 29, 2021 (captain)
  • IPL (since 2020): 40, Runs: 1419, 100/50: 2/8, Best: 106*, AVE+SR: 173.39, AVE: 39.41, SR: 132.98

Pros ✅: Left-handed; Big match/ICC tournament player; Top form in IPL 2020/2021

Cons ❌: Poor form in IPL 2022; Out of Favor with selectors right now; Rohit-Dhawan-Kohli archaic T20 lineup

How Is He Doing in IPL 2022?

Not as dominating as before (2nd highest in IPL 2020 & 4th highest in 2021). 214 runs at 30.57 average & best of 70, the consistency is just not there this season. Only one 50 in 7 attempts and a SR of 126.62 will go against his name.

5. Prithvi Shaw 🟨

Current Status: Out of Squad

  • T20Is: 1, Runs: 0, 100/50: 0/0, Best: 0, AVE+SR: 0, AVE: 0, SR: 0
  • T20s: 77, Runs: 1962, 100/50: 0/17, Best: 99, AVE+SR: 173.89, AVE: 25.48, SR: 148.41
  • Last Played T20Is for India:
  • IPL (since 2020): 34, Runs: 883, 100/50: 0/8, Best: 82, AVE+SR: 180.31, AVE: 26.75, SR: 153.56

Pros ✅: Aggressive Opening Option; In-Form

Cons ❌: Inconsistency; Golden Duck in only T20I (inexperience)

How Is He Doing in IPL 2022?

He is in imperious form in IPL 2022! In 5 innings, with 164.93 SR & 36.28 average, 2 fifties, he is giving the start Delhi needs. Is he a dark horse for October?

6. Ruturaj Gaikwad 🟪

Current Status: Reserve

  • T20Is: 3, Runs: 39, 100/50: 0/0, Best: 21, AVE+SR: 121.33 ,AVE: 13.00, SR: 108.33
  • T20s: 69, Runs: 2182, 100/50: 1/17, Best: 101*, AVE+SR: 168.48, AVE: 35.19, SR: 133.29
  • Last Played T20Is for India: February 20,2022
  • IPL (since 2020): 28, Runs: 947, 100/50: 1/8, Best: 101*, AVE+SR: 170.25, AVE: 39.45, SR: 130.80

Pros ✅: Steady when comes good

Cons ❌: Out of Form

How Is He Doing in IPL 2022?

0,1,1,16,17.73. It is getting better, but the string of single digits was not a good show for 2021’s IPL Orange Cap holder.

7. Mayank Agarwal 🟪

Current Status: Out of Squad

  • T20s: 169, Runs: 4011, 100/50: 2/25, Best: 111, AVE+SR: 160.62, AVE: 26.21, SR: 134.41
  • IPL (since 2020): 29, Runs: 983, 100/50: 1/7, Best: 106, AVE+SR: 181.37, AVE: 35.10, SR: 146.27

Pros ✅: Dependable

Cons ❌: Has Not Debuted in T20Is yet (inexperience)

How Is He Doing in IPL 2022?

With an average of 19.66 with best of 52, Agarwal is out of runs (and struggling on the captaincy front with PBKS as well). He was in great form in IPL 2020 but has not reached those heights since that mid-season injury.

8. Shubman Gill 🟪

Current Status: Out of Squad

  • T20s: 79, Runs: 2034, 100/50: 0/14, Best: , AVE+SR: 158.66, AVE: 31.78, SR: 126.88
  • IPL (since 2020): 37, Runs: 1118, 100/50: 0/8, Best: 96, AVE+SR:154.31, AVE: 31.05, SR: 123.26

Pros ✅: Majestic; Stability; In-Form

Cons ❌: Strike Rate; Consistency; Has Not Debuted in T20Is yet (inexperience)

How Is He Doing in IPL 2022?

This might be the breakthrough season Gill was looking for. A vital cog for Gujarat Titans’ dominance. 200 runs already with best of 96. 33.33 Average and SR of 151.51. The two ducks would worry him though.

9. Devdutt Padikkal 🟧

Current Status: Out of Squad

  • T20Is: 2, Runs: 38, 100/50: 0/0, Best: 29, AVE+SR: 119, AVE: 19.00, SR: 100.00
  • T20s: 60, Runs: 1967, 100/50: 2/13, Best: , AVE+SR: 171.13, AVE: 35.76, SR: 135.37
  • Last Played T20Is for India: July 29, 2021
  • IPL (since 2020): 36, Runs: 1076, 100/50: 1/7, Best: 101*, AVE+SR: 156.58, AVE: 30.74, SR: 125.84

Pros ✅: Left-hander

Cons ❌: Out of Form

How Is He Doing in IPL 2022?

473 & 411 runs in the last two seasons, DDP has struggled a bit this time around. Best of 41, only 138 runs in 6 innings, 129.72 SR. Might be last resort, but I do not see Padikkal boarding the flight to Australia at this moment.

Other Future India Prospects: Yashashvi Jaiswal, Anuj Rawat