There are over a billion cricket fans in this world. At one point or another, each one has dreamt of hitting that winning shot, enjoying ecstatic moments in the winning huddles, or just playing the sport professionally.

Sometimes life does not go as planned, but “When one door closes, another opens.”

There is more than one way to live the dream. We can play cricket with our local club, at our universities, or the best form of the game—backyard gully cricket.

Nothing better than just spreading the love of the game in whatever way that is possible

I hope you have a laugh or even a tear drop reading the experience s below. Maybe we all could not become professional sports players. Maybe just a random cricket blogger or a fan (me). Or chose another profession-engineer and artists, or doctors and musicians, or started our own business.

But that is completely okay! We should not have regrets. Everyone has his or her own journey, and we should appreciate life just as it is. Just look back, smile, and enjoy the small moments.

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I went for selection but they didnt allowed to me for selection process because of proper dress (which was white t-shirt and shoes) which I cant afford at that time. #brokendream

Abdul Azeem

Chronic lack of skill. Bit of uni. Too many beers. Mixture of. Things really

Adam Sutherland

#BCD my dream broke and started again when i moved to States! I think with my help your skills of spin bowling was revived!

Avinash Yadav

The same story for me too.. When you’re brought up in a Middle class family there’s always a pressure of financial security and the parents believe more in academics than sports because everyone thinks it’s a big risk when you make your career in sports especially in Cricket…So that was it.. Academics will give you […]

Aviral Rai

“I think bowling an 11-ball opening over in county cricket under-15s was the beginning of the end!”

Catch Cricket Podcast

Lived in Boston, Mass, USA my whole life and only discovered cricket by accident four years ago. Broken Dream is that ESPN/CBS/etc. never had the guts to air the game here. I’m trying to change the US perception of the sport. Website


@cric_blog “Made 3rd grade as an 18-year old, despite a shortened season due to a stress fracture in my foot. So, was looking forward to the next season, until a badly torn hamstring and regular injuries resulted in me having to stop playing.” #BrokenDreams


@FinallyJamous “Didn’t realize my love for basketball until later in high school. Missed playing on team and missed watching so much of 2000s Lakers/Spurs/Celtics. Missed out on prime AI, Kobe, KG, Tim, Shaq, Yao, Nash, and T-Mac.” #Brokendreams


“It was during the first year in college. After training hard for 6 months, didn’t get picked in the squad due to politics and favoritism” #Brokendreams


“My broken dream in cricket, can’t bat, bowl, or field! Just sticking to the spectator seat for the summer of cricket! NZ playing continue to play great cricket. Test matches, ODIs, T20s – now good at all of them!”

M. Borrie

Paran2204 (@Paran2204) / Twitter Story of almost household, “padhoge likhoge banoge nawab, kheloge koodoge hoge kharab.” Translation: “Read & Write, You will become a Prince. Play & Jump Around, Life’s Gonna Be Bad.” #BCD was decent enough batsman, (in Gully cricket) was never allowed or permitted by my father to venture out for bigger events, […]


Once I played one match for my village team Our team posted Target 70 runs in 10 overs I didn’t got to bat But opposition chased it within 5 overs and I didn’t got any over as well


#BCD:- Academic studies has put cricketing practices in the sidelines. I used to play age group cricket at a quite high level… I still have the chance, but with lockdown, my fitness is in dire straits! Alongside additional stress of online schooling…


The Hundred Report (@HundredReport) / Twitter Biggest match I ever had I opened the bowling – I bowled 4 no balls, 3 wides and went for 30 off the over…. fine leg for the rest of the innings after that… It’s funny in hindsight for sure… when it was actually happening though

The Hundred Report

Question: Broken Cricket Dream? All of us at some point have dreamed of playing cricket at some point in time, but then life happens. What is your story? Injury, school, politics, lack of skill? Answer: The latter


Ekdam sahi kaha…pehle job phir cricket. Did that myself and I am proud of my cricketing exploits in streets and gullys of Hyderabad…more than what I achieved professionally. Btw actual game ke liye Virat hai na 🙂

TK Nandy

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