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24 Cricketers with Musical Talent Who Will Rock You Ft. Don Bradman, Sreesanth, and AB De Villiers

by Feb 6, 2022Article Index, Videos, World XIs - With Twists

Collage of Alastair Cook (left) on saxophone, Graeme Swann (middle left) - Lead singer, Curtly Ambrose (middle right) on bass guitar, and Omari Banks (bottom right) on guitar - Photos of cricketers with musical talent

By Nitesh Mathur, Broken Cricket Dreams, 2/5/2022 With Inspiration from Marquess Raj, Berty Ashley, and Bharat Ramaraj.

*My deepest condolences to India’s legend Lata Mangeshkar, Nightingale of India, who unfortunately passed away this morning at the age of 92. Rest in peace. Here are some her greatest hits.

After a serious article last week contemplating the problems cricket needs to fix in the next decade, let us relax and have some fun. What does that mean?

That’s right—Time for another World XI with TwistsMusical Cricketers Edition.

My process was a bit different this time around, driven by the tweet above. As a violinist-slash-mathematician-in-training-slash-dude-attempting-to-write-about-cricket, this topic attracted me immediately. Here is my interpretation of “My Heart Will Go On” from Titanic.

With ideas from other individuals in the Twitter thread, we were able to find several cricketers who played musical instruments. Due to COVID induced lockdown and the growth of Instagram and other social media handles of various teams and cricketers, we are slowly beginning to see the inner life of these cricketers.

Today I bring to you a compilation of musician cricketers. Videos and musical bits are attached with every nominee in the list. Wait till the end to see my XIs.


The Playing XI Rules

After we list the cricketers with musical talent below, the goal is to make a few playing XIs out of all the options. Here are the rules:

Make an XI such that each cricketer:

  • Either plays a musical instrument
  • Or has sung in a professional music video/major stage
  • This XI needs to have a wicketkeeper
  • 5 bowling options are necessary

*Note: This list only contains men’s cricketers, but another list can be created for women’s cricket (Jemimah Rodrigues, Laura Wolvaardt, etc.)

The Catch

We usually like to take the challenge to another level with these additional tasks:

  • Make a Versatile XI that can withstand anytime or format from the Bodyline series to the IPL.
  • Can you make a professional band or orchestra out of this XI? Try to create your list with as many different instruments in the XI as possible (There are several guitar options so try to limit them to 3-4).
  • Music has no language. Take it up a notch and see if you can involve players from as many nations in the XI if possible

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List of 22 Cricketers with Musical Talent

Here is the list of cricketers with musical talent. We will use this list of 22 players to come up with some XIs. The options are divided intl (1) Openers, (2) Middle Order Batters, (3) Wicketkeepers, (4) All-Rounders, (5) Spinner, and (6) Fast Bowlers.

There is probably a correlation between fast bowlers and innate musical genius. So many options….Prepare to be surprised. Some pretty great music below in a variety of genres.

** DRUM ROLLS PLEASE ** (See what I did there? Okay just kidding, let’s get started)

The Openers

1. John Wright (Singer/ Songwriter/Guitar)

Music Website: John Wright ( Spotify Link: Spotify – Red Skies

  • Major Teams: New Zealand, Canterbury, Northern Districts, Auckland, Derbyshire, India (Coach)
  • Years Played: 1978-1993 (International), 1975-1993 (Overall)
  • Key Stats: 82 Tests, 5334 runs, 12/23 (100s/50s), best of 185, 149 ODIs, 3891 runs, 1/24 (100s/50s), best of 101
  • Instrument: Guitar
  • Musical Claim to Fame:

“Music and sports seem to go together,” says John Wright in this Cricinfo interview, where he shares the connection between music & cricket over the years. Going to university in the 1970s, the Beatles and Rolling Stones were the talk of the town which prompted him to play music alongside cricket & rugby. He has now gone pro and converted his hobby into a few albums. Here is “Christmas Away Blues” from his album Red Skies.

2. Shane Watson (Guitar)

Selected Videos: Shane Watson and Danielle de Villiers (RCB) – Titanium, Watson singing at RR event

  • Major Teams: Australia, Australia A, Australia U-19, New South Wales, Queensland, Rajasthan Royals, Royal Challengers Bangalore, Chennai Super Kings (IPL), Brisbane Heat, Sydney Thunder, Syndey Sixers (BBL), St. Lucia Zouks, Dhaka Dynamites, Rangpur Rangers, Quetta Gladiators,
  • Years Played: 2002-2016 (International), 2000-2020 (Overall)
  • Key Stats: 59 Tests, 3731 Runs/75 Wickets, 4/24 (100s/50s), best of 176 & 6/33, 190 ODIs, 5757 Runs/ 168 Wickets, 9/33, best of 185* & 4/36, 58 T20Is, 1462 Runs/ 48 Wickets, best of 124* & 4/15
  • Achievements In Cricket: Player of the Tournament (T20 WC 2012, IPL 2008, IPL 2012), 2007 & 2015 World Cup Winner
  • Instrument: Guitar
  • Musical Claim to Fame:

The IPL was a key part of Shane Watson’s cricketing career. The 2008 IPL revived his international career, and he did not look back ever since, becoming a modern Australian legend. The IPL also gave him a platform to fulfill his musical desires. Most of his guitar & singing clips can be found via the Rajasthan Royals or Royal Challengers Bangalore handles, where he has performed in several team events.

3. Sir Donald Bradman (Piano/Songwriter)

Music About Don Bradman: John Williamson’s Sir Don (Pipe Dream album), Jack O’Hagan’s Our Don Bradman (1930), Bradman (Leaps and Bounds) by Paul Kelly (1987)

  • Major Teams: Australia, New South Wales, South Australia
  • Years Played: 1928-1948
  • Key Stats: 99.94 average, 6996 runs, 29/13, best of 334, 52 Tests (First Class: 28, 067 runs, 117/69, best of 452* at a relatively poor average of 95.14, 234 matches)
  • Instrument Played: Piano
  • Musical Claim to Fame:

Sir Donald Bradman has the honor of both playing music & have music written on him. He was a pianist and in 1930, wrote & published “Every Day is a Rainbow Day for Me.” John Williamson, Paul Kelly, and Jack O’Hagan have written some memorable pieces on him. Below is a recording of Don Bradman’s piano work as well his granddaughter, Greta Bradman, a famous opera soprano, singing Don Bradman’s composition.

Embed from Getty Images

4. Sir Alastair Cook (Saxophone/Clarinet/Choir)

  • Major Teams: England, England Lions, England U-19s, Essex
  • Years Played: 2006-2018 (International), 2003-2021* (Overall)
  • Key Stats: 161 Tests, 12472 Runs, 45.35 Average, 33/57, best of 294, 92 ODIs, 3204 runs, 5/19, best of 137
  • Instrument: Clarinet, Saxophone, Piano
  • Musical Claim to Fame:

From a cricketing point of view, Alastair Cook might not be termed an ‘all-rounder,’ but in real-life, he definitely is one. Turns out, England’s greatest opener (a rarity in the England circuit these days) also has a few hidden talents. He grew up going to boarding school and explored his musical side. He was in a choir (video below) and learned how to play the clarinet (from the age 8-13). Later he added piano and saxophone to his repertoire.

No wonder he can focus in tough batting conditions for hours and hours.

*Still playing in County Cricket

5. Mark Butcher (Guitar/Singer – Professional)

Other Videos: Jamming Session with Jemimah, I am still in Love With You

Music Website: Mark Butcher Music YouTube Channel:

  • Major Teams: England, Surrey
  • Years Played: 1997-2004 (International), 1992-2009 (Overall)
  • Key Stats: 71 Tests, 4288 runs, 8/23, best of 173*
  • Instrument: Guitar
  • Musical Claim to Fame:

If you YouTube Mark Butcher right now, it is likely you will see more of his music videos than cricket even though he is an Ashes hero and has played 71 Tests. His musical career came to the public’s eye when he sang You’re Never Gone on cricketer’s Ben Hollioake’s funeral, who died in a car crash at the age of 24. Since his retirement, he has released multiple albums. Apart from his commentary stints, he regularly tours around England and performs. Here is just one of his videos. His passion for music really shines through.

The Fabulous Middle Order Strummers

Kane Williamson, Joe Root, and Steve Smith are not only competing in the Fab 4/Fab 5 best-batters-of-the-generation debate, but they are also fighting out for a spot in the Musicians XI.

6. Kane Williamson (Guitar/ Ukulele)

  • Major Teams: New Zealand, New Zealand A, New Zealand U-19s, Sunrisers Hyderabad, Yorkshire, Barbados Tridents
  • Years Played: 2010-2022* (still playing), 2007 – domestic debut
  • Key Stats: 86 Tests, 7272 runs, 53.47 average, 24/33, best of 251, 151 ODIs, 6173 runs, 13/39, best of 148, 74 T20Is, 2021 runs, best of 95, 32.59 average
  • Cricket Achievements: World Test Champion, Player of the Tournament (2019 CWC), Finalists – 2015/2019 CWC, Most Runs IPL 2018 (735)
  • Instrument: Guitar/Ukulele
  • Musical Claim to Fame:

Social Media, Instagram, and YouTube is the reason we know about Kane Williamson’s musical talent. Here are a couple of his video below.

YouTube Video: Kane Williamson Jams on the GrayNics Guitar (bat shaped)

7. Joe Root (Ukulele)

  • Major Teams: England, England Lions, England U-19s, Yorkshire, Trent Rockets
  • Years Played: 2012-2022* (still playing), 2009 – domestic debut
  • Key Stats: 114 Tests, 9600 runs, 23/53, 49.23 average, best of 254, 152 ODIs, 6109 runs, 16/35, best of 133*, 51.33 average
  • Instrument: Ukulele
  • Musical Claim to Fame:

Before the 2015 Cricket World Cup, Joe Root started to learn the ukulele on the side to ‘unwind‘ from cricket. First because he does not consider singing his strong suite and because the ukulele is more portable for overseas tours than a guitar.

8. Steve Smith (Guitar)

Other Videos: Steve Smith in conversation with Guy Sebastian

  • Major Teams: Australia, Australia A, Australian XI, New South Wales, Rajasthan Royals, Rising Pune Supergiants, Pune Warriors, Royal Challengers Bangalore, Delhi Capitals, Barbados Tridents
  • Years Played: 2010-2022* (still playing), 2007 – domestic debut
  • Key Stats: 59.87 average (just dropped below 60) 82 Tests, 7784 runs, 27/33, 128 ODIs, 4378 runs, 43.34 average, 11/25, best of 164
  • Instrument: Guitar
  • Musical Claim to Fame:

Steve Smith posted the video below during IPL 2020 in Dubai. He is trying to pick up this new hobby and has worked with Australian singer Guy Sebastian on his music skills.

9. Sanjay Manjrekar (Singer)

Album Summary: Sanjay Manjrekar’s – Restday (1994, CD) – Discogs

  • Major Teams: India, Mumbai
  • Years Played: 1987-1996 (International), 1984-1998 (Overall)
  • Key Stats: 37 Tests, 2043 runs, 37.14 average, 4/9, best of 218, 74 ODIs, 1994 runs, 1/15
  • Musical Claim to Fame:

Sanjay Manjrekar’s musical claim to fame is actually releasing an Indie pop album in 1994 called ‘Restday.’ He revisits some old classical Bollywood songs and gives it his own interpretation. Listen to his collection below. Pretty neat voice.

10. Sir Richie Richardson (Guitar)

  • Major Teams: West Indies, West Indies B, Leeward Islands, Windward Islands,
  • Years Played: 1983-1996 (International), 1981-2001 (Overall)
  • Key Stats: 86 Tests, 5949 runs, 44.39 average, 16/27, best of 194, 224 ODIs, 5248 runs, 5/44, best of 122
  • Instrument: Guitar
  • Musical Claim to Fame:

Sir Richie Richardson has been in his several roles with West Indian cricket, but when he is not in the cricket world, he is in his music world with Sir Curtly Ambrose (see below). They have a band named ‘Spirited’ and have been performing locally since 2009.


11. AB de Villiers (Guitar)

Other Video: AB de Villiers singing a Hindi song

  • Major Teams: South Africa, Royal Challengers Bangalore, Delhi Daredevils, Lahore Qalandars, Brisbane Heat, Rangpur Riders, Titans
  • Years Played: 2004-2018 (International), 2003-2021 (Overall)
  • Key Stats: 114 Tests, 50.66 Average, 8765 runs, 22/46, 228 ODIs, 9577 Runs, 53.50 Average/101.09 SR, 25/53, 78 T20I, 1672 runs, 135.16 SR, 340 T20s, 9424 runs, 37.24 average/150.13 SR, 4/69, best of 133*
  • Instrument: Guitar
  • Musical Claim to Fame:

Scores runs, keeps wickets, plays instruments, middle school scientist, in one word—genius. A fan favorite. We all know his deep roots with Royal Challengers Bangalore, but over the years he has jammed casually alongside his wife, Danielle de Villiers. Here is one of those videos.

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12. Azam Khan (Guitar)

  • Major Teams: Pakistan, Quetta Gladiators, Islamabad United, Barbados Royals
  • Years Played: 2021-2022* (still playing), 2018 – domestic debut
  • Key Stats: 67 T20s, 145.70 SR
  • Instrument: Guitar
  • Musical Claim to Fame:

Azam Khan is the free-spirited finisher every T20 team needs in their lower order. Definitely a bright star for Pakistan in the coming years, he is also a great guitarist. The bubble life and PSL has helped the world see his inner talent.

Lower Order Allrounders

13. Omari Banks (Singer/Official Band)

Music Websites: MUSIC – Omari Banks, Bankie Banx (Father’s) Website

YouTube Channel: Omari Banks – YouTube Interview: Cricinfo

  • Major Teams: West Indies, West Indies U-19s, Anguilla, Leeward Islands, Leicestershire, Somerset
  • Years Played: 2003-2005 (International), 2000-2010 (Overall)
  • Key Stats: 10 Tests, 28 Wickets, best of 4/87, best of 50* (along with 5 ODIs), 204 wickets in 80 first class matches with best of 7/41
  • Cricket Claim to Fame: 47* in the record 418/7 chases against Australia, Most prized Wickets: Hayden, Langer, Dravid, Sangakkara, Dilshan
  • Instrument: Guitar
  • Musical Claim to Fame:

The first player from Anguilla to play for the West indies, Omari Banks has had quite an interesting life so far. He comes from a musical family (His father is Bankie Bankx – the Anguillan Bob Dylan). Post cricket, he has become a professional entertainer, touring around the world with his music. His genre is a mix of reggae music & blues, and Bob Marley is one of his inspirations.

In his own words, “I want people to enjoy the music and to be able to dance to the music” with the message of “peace, love, togetherness.”

14. Dwayne Bravo (Singer/Rapper – Music Video)

  • Major Teams: West Indies, Trinbago Knight Riders, St. Kitts and Nevis Patriots, Chennai Super Kings, Mumbai Indians, Gujarat Lions, ICC World XI, and a million more
  • Years Played: 2004-2021 (International), 2001-2022 (Overall)
  • Key Stats: 517 T20s, 563 wickets/6685 runs, 20 fifties, best of 5/23 & 70*, 40 Tests, 86 wickets/2200 runs, 3-100s/13-50s, best of 6/55 & 113; 164 ODIs, 199 wickets/2968 runs, 2/10, best of 6/43 & 112*, 91 T20Is, 78 wickets, 1255 runs, best of 4/19 & 66*
  • Cricket Achievements: 2012 & 2016 T20 World Cup Winner, Most T20 Championships around the world (Pollard 2nd), 167 wickets in IPL (2nd Best), Purple Cap (2013, 215 – CSK)
  • Musical Claim to Fame:

With 122 million views, I am sure you already know the ‘Champion,’ DJ Bravo. Not only did it take Bravo’s image as an entertainer to the next level, it also became the main theme song synonymous with the great World Cup winning T20 generation of the 2010s for the West Indies.

15. Corey Anderson (Guitar)

  • Major Teams: New Zealand, NZ A, NZ U-19, Auckland, Canterbury, Northern Districts, Delhi Daredevils, Royal Challengers Bangalore, Mumbai Indians, Lahore Qalandars, Barbados Tridents, Somerset, singed with US Major League Cricket
  • Years Played: 2012-2018 (NZ International Career), 2007-2020 (Overall – might still lay in the United States; only 31 years old)
  • Key Stats: 49 ODIs, 1109 runs/ 60 wickets, 1/4, best of 131*, 31 T20I, 2-50s, best of 94*, 13 Tests, 1-100/4-50s, best of 116
  • Cricket Claim to Fame: 36-ball 100 (131* (47), 95* (44) chasing 190 in 14.3 overs to take Mumbai Indians to the playoffs last-minute
  • Instrument: Guitar
  • Musical Claim to Fame:

I only found one 15-second video of Corey Anderson, but he seems to have a good country singer voice and is mature in his guitar skills as well.

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In our squad, we already have Omari Banks as an off-spinner with Joe Root-Kane Williamson-Steve Smith can turn the ball as well, but here is our lone spinner with some degree of international bowling experience.

16. Graeme Swann (Singer in a Band)

Music Facebook Page: Dr. Comfort And The Lurid Revelations Band

  • Major Teams: England, Northamptonshire, Nottinghamshire
  • Years Played: 2000-2013 (International), 19980-2013 (Overall)
  • Key Stats: 60 Tests, 255 wickets, 6/64 best innings (10/132 best match), 14 – 4w/17 – 5w, 3- 10w, 79 ODIs, 104 wickets, 39 T20Is, 51 wickets, 252 FC games, 739 wickets
  • Instrument: Guitar
  • Musical Claim to Fame:

The spinner in England’s golden generation of Test cricket (before Mitchell Johnson ended half their careers in 2013), his career post cricket seems to have taken off in the media industry—commentator, dancer in BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing, and is the lead singer in a band. He is in a band called Dr. Comfort And The Lurid Revelations and has performed several times. In this interview with the Guardian, it is revealed that he taught Jimmy Anderson how to play the guitar (and Timmy Ambrose is another teammate with some guitar talent).

The Fast Bowlers

17. Brett Lee (Guitar/Singer)

Other Videos: Brett Lee singing/playing guitar in Rendezvous with Simi Garewal

  • Major Teams: Australia, New South Wales, Sydney Sixers, Kings XI Punjab, Kolkata Knight Riders, Otago, Wellington
  • Years Played: 1999-2012 (International), 1997-2015 (Overall)
  • Key Stats: 76 Tests, 310 wickets, best of 5/30 (inns) & 9/171 (match), 17 – 4w/10 -5w, 221 ODIs, 380 wickets, best of 5/22, 14/9
  • Instrument Played: Guitar
  • Musical Claim to Fame:

Brett Lee ruled the 2000s with his lightning bolts but later in the decade, he captured the imagination of the Indian audience with this music video along with Asha Bhosle below. Beautiful song and with catchy beats. He has a nice voice and plays guitar in his free time.

18. Henry Olonga – This Is the Moment (Singer/Opera on the VOICE)

Other Videos: “Can You Feel the Love Tonight,” Magic Spell in 1999.

  • Major Teams: Zimbabwe, Mashonaland, Matabeleland
  • Years Played: 1995-2003 (International), 1993-2003 (Overall)
  • Key Stats: 30 Tests, 68 wickets, best of 5/70, 50 ODIs, 58 wickets, best of 6/19
  • Musical Claim to Fame:

This is my favorite music of the list. Took me by complete surprise. Henry Olonga, the youngest player and the first black cricketer to play for Zimbabwe, he came to the fore in the 2003 Cricket World. He had to flee to England after his open protest against his country’s dictator. He auditioned for the Voice Australia in 2019 with his deep operatic voice, was selected, and went through to the next couple of rounds as well.

19. Sir Curtly Ambrose (Bass Guitar)


YouTube Video Collection: All Stars Cricket Concert- Grenada – Oct 10, 2010 – YouTube

  • Major Teams: West Indies, Leeward Islands, Northamptonshire
  • Years Played: 1988-2000 (Interntaional), 1985-2000 (Overall)
  • Key Stats: 98 Tests, 405 wickets, 21-4w/22-5w/3-10w, best of 8/45 (inn) & 11/84 (match), 176 ODIs, 225 wickets, best of 5/17, 239 FC, 941 wickets
  • Instrument: Bass Guitar
  • Musical Claim to Fame:

Bowls with menace & plays music in style, the complete West Indian package. With Richie Richardson, he headlines the band, Spirited, of about 11 musicians and is the bass guitarist. The genre is reggae music.

20. S Sreesanth (Drums)

  • Major Teams: India, Kerela, Asia XI, Warwickshire, Kings XI Punjab, Kochi Tuskers Kerela, Rajasthan Royals
  • Years Played: 2005-2011 (International), 2002-2021 (Overall)
  • Key Stats: 27 Tests, 87 wickets, best of 5/40 (inn) & 8/99 (match), 53 ODIs, 75 wickets, best of 6/55
  • Instrument: Drums
  • Musical Claim to Fame:

Sreesanth is known for dancing on the field, but he is pretty handy with the drums off the field. He has also come in a few reality TV shows. Entertainer for sure.

21. Trent Boult (Guitar)

  • Major Teams: New Zealand, NZ A, NZ U-19s, Northern Districts, Delhi Capitals, Kolkata Knight Riders, Sunrisers Hyderabad, Mumbai Indians
  • Years Played: 2011-2022* (still playing), 2008 – domestic debut
  • Key Stats: 75 Tests, 301 wickets, best of 6/30 (inn), 10/80 (match), 17-4w/9-5w/10w-1, 93 ODIs, wickets 169, best of 7/34, 44 T20I, 62 wickets
  • Instrument: Guitar
  • Musical Claim to Fame:

Trent Boult has been central to New Zealand’s progress over the last 5-10 years, but the victory song after the World Test Championship is his claim to fame in his musical life. Great guitar skills right there.

22. Rubel Hossain

  • Major Teams: Bangladesh, Bangladesh A, Bangladesh U-19s, Chattogram Challengers
  • Years Played: 2009-2021* (still playing), 2007 – domestic debut
  • Key Stats: 104 ODIs, 129 wickets, best of 6/26, 27 Tests, 36 wickets, best of 5/166, 28 T20Is, 28 wickets
  • Musical Claim to Fame:

Rubel Hossain, one of Bangladesh’s pace spearheads in a predominantly left-arm spinning country, he also seems to have sang on the stage in TV show. Very sweet voice.

Honorable Mentions

23. Hardavinder (Harrdy) Sandhu (Singer)

  • Major Teams: India U-19, Punjab
  • Year Played: 2005
  • Key Stats: 3 FC matches, 12 wickets, best of 3/62
  • Musical Claim to Fame:

You might have seen him playing the role of Madan Lal in the ’83 movie, but did you know, he was actually a cricketer? He was selected alongside Shikhar Dhawan, Robin Uthappa, Dinesh Karthik, Ambati Rayudu, and Suresh Raina, VRV Singh, and RP Singh. Unfortunately he suffered a career ending elbow injury a couple of years later and his cricket dream was broken. Since 2011, he is a full time professional musician. The video below has 611 million views…maybe things happen for a reason.

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259 Million Views…

24. Frank Parr (Jazz Trombone)

  • Major Teams: Lancashire
  • Role: Wicketkeeper
  • Years Played: 1951-1954
  • Key Stats: 49 FC matches, 507 runs, 71 catches, 20 stumpings
  • Musical Claim To Fame:

According to the Guardian, Parr joined the Merseysippi Jazz Band in 1949 and after his cricketing career, in 1956, he joined the Mick Mulligan band. By the end of the 1960s, his musical career had come to an end. Later, he tried acting and picked up a role in TV series Psychoville (2009) and the acclaimed movie The King’s Speech (2010). He still had cricket in his life and captained a team called the “Ravers,” other cricket team made entirely out of jazz musicians.

Other Members of the Ravers: Ray Smith (Ray’s Jazz Shop, Essex), Jim Godbolt Campbell Burnap (Omega Jazz Band, Derbyshire)

Cricketers With Musical Talent – The XIs

An all-rounders list without Jacques Kallis or Garfield Sobers, who would have thought?

No violinists among these cricketers unfortunately, but we have plenty of options to cricket a band out of an orchestra as well as teams that would do well in any T20 league, ODI World Cup, or World Test Championship.

Coach (Player/Mentor): John Wright

Versatile XI

  1. Shane Watson
  2. Sir Donald Bradman
  3. Kane Williamson (C)
  4. Joe Root
  5. AB De Villiers (WK)
  6. Steve Smith
  7. Dwayne Bravo
  8. Graeme Swann
  9. Brett Lee
  10. Curtly Ambrose
  11. Trent Boult

Cricket Band XI

  1. John Wright (Singer/Songwriter)
  2. Alastair Cook (Saxophone)
  3. Sir Donald Bradman (Piano)
  4. Joe Root (Ukulele)
  5. Richie Richardson (Guitar/Band Manager)
  6. Dwayne Bravo (Music Producer)
  7. Graeme Swann (Lead Singer)
  8. Omari Banks (Singer/Producer/Director)
  9. Henry Olonga (Opera Singer)
  10. Curtly Ambrose (Bass Guitar)
  11. S Sreesanth (Drums)

T20 Franchise XI

  1. Shane Watson
  2. Kane Williamson
  3. Steve Smith
  4. AB De Villiers
  5. Corey Anderson
  6. Azam Khan (WK)
  7. Dwayne Bravo
  8. Graeme Swann
  9. Brett Lee
  10. S Sreesanth
  11. Trent Boult

ODI World Cup XI

  1. John Wright (1992 SF)
  2. Shane Watson (2007/2015)
  3. Kane Williamson (C) (2015/2019 Finals)
  4. Joe Root (2019)
  5. Steve Smith (2015)
  6. AB De Villiers (WK) (2007/ 2015 SF)
  7. Dwayne Bravo
  8. Henry Olonga
  9. Brett Lee (2003)
  10. Curtly Ambrose (1996 SF)
  11. Trent Boult (2015/2019 Finals)
  12. Rubel Hossain (knocked England out 2015)

Test XI

  1. Sir Alastair Cook
  2. Sir Donald Bradman
  3. Kane Williamson
  4. Steve Smith
  5. AB De Villiers
  6. Sanjay Manjrekar
  7. Omari Banks
  8. Graeme Swann
  9. Curtly Ambrose
  10. Trent Boult
  11. S Sreesanth

A Bit of Philosophy Of Course – What Can We Learn from Them?

We can learn various valuable life lessons from these multidimensional cricketers. It is never too late to pursue your dreams as Omari Banks and Henry Olonga have shown with their lives.

There is no one path—try a few things out, invest in different experiences, take risks. It is completely okay to change careers and hit restart on your life.

Finally spend some time for yourself. Learn a new hobbydancing, music, reading, gardening, anything. The pandemic hit pause in everybody’s lives and the grueling pace of the 21st century. We have been given some time to reflect what is important. Time will pass, things will change, but you can always rely on your family, friends, and a hobby to fall back upon to give you a peace of mind. I will leave you with this one final thought from Dead Poets Society:

“Poetry, beauty, romance, love—these are what we stay alive for….’That the powerful play goes on and you may contribute a verse.’ What will your verse be?”

Other Cricketers Singing Videos

Although we had to restrict the singers to the ones that had performed at a semi-professional level, there are still several cricketers who like to sing. Here are some videos of them.

And finally, the West Indies Cricket Team surely knows how to celebrate. Full of singing, dancing, and more! Gangnam Style in 2012 and Champion in 2016.

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Cricketers With Musical Talent – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Which Cricketers Are Also Singers?

Henry Olonga, Harry Sandhu, John Wright, Alastair Cook, Mark Butcher, Sanjay Manjrekar, Omari Banks, Dwayne Bravo, Graeme Swann, Brett Lee, and Rubel Hossain are cricketers who can also sing.

Which Cricketers can play musical instruments?

Sir Donald Bradman (piano/songwriter), Alastair Cook (saxophone, clarinet, choir), Joe Root (ukulele), S. Sreesanth (drums), and Frank Parr (Jazz Trombone) are some of the many cricketers with musical talent.

Who are the most gifted and talented cricketers outside of cricket?

John Wright, Shane Watson, Sir Donald Bradman, Sir Alastair Cook, Mark Butcher, Kane Williamson, Joe Root, Steve Smith, Sanjay Manjrekar, Sir Richie Richardson, AB De Villiers, Azam Khan, Omari Banks, Dwayne Bravo, Corey Anderson, Graeme Swann, Brett Lee, Henry Olonga, Sir Curtly Ambrose, S. Sreesanth, Trent Boult, Rubel Hossain, Harry Sandhu, and Frank Parr are all cricketers with musical talent.

Which Cricketers Can play the guitar?

Shane Watson, Mark Butcher, Kane Williamson, Steve Smith, Sir Richie Richardson, AB De Villiers, Azam Khan, Corey Anderson, Brett Lee, Sir Curtly Ambrose, Trent Boult are cricketers who can also play the guitar.

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