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2023 Cricket World Cup Australia Squad Breakdown (The Definitive Guide): Which of the 15 players will make the Final XI?

Here is everything you need to know from 2023 Cricket World Cup Australia preliminary squad announcement.

Let’s not wait a second and dive right in.

Key Takeaways – 2023 Cricket World Cup Australia squad

  • The average age of Australia’s 2023 Cricket World Cup squad is 31.2.
  • The 18-member preliminary squad has ODI match experience of 76 ODIs (1126 ODIs among 15 players).
  • Australia’s squad composition is as follows: 6 proper batters (with three part-time bowling options), 6 all-rounders, and 3 proper bowling options. In total, Australia has 12 bowling options (3 leg spin, 2 off spin, 1 left arm pace, and 6 right arm pace) in their squad if absolutely needed.
  • Australia has 3 left-handed batting options (David Warner, Alex Carey, and Travis Head) and three wicketkeeping options (Carey, Head, Inglis) in their squad.

Australia Cricket World Cup 2023 Team at a Glance

David WarnerBatter36
Steve SmithBattler/part time leg spin34
Marcus StoinisAll-Rounder/Medium Pace34
Mitchell MarshAll-Rounder/Medium Pace31
Cameron GreenAll-Rounder/Medium Pace24
Glenn MaxwellAll-Rounder/Off-spin34
Travis HeadBatter/ part time off-spin/occasional wicketkeeper29
Marnus LabuschagneBatter/leg spinner29
Alex CareyBatter/Wicketkeeper32
Josh InglisBatter/Wicketkeeper28
Pat CumminsAll-Rounder/Fast30
Josh HazlewoodFast33
Mitchell StarcFast32
Nathan Ellis**Fast28
Sean AbbottAll-Rounder/Fast31
Adam ZampaLeg-Spin31
Tanveer Sangha*Leg-Spin21
Ashton Agar**All-Rounder/Left Arm Spin29
Aaron Hardie**All-Rounder/Medium-Pace24

*Traveling Reserve

**Was in the squads leading up to the World Cup but did not make it to the final squad

Australia Cricket World Cup 2023 Potential XI

  1. David Warner
  2. Cameron Green
  3. Marnus Labuschagne
  4. Steve Smith
  5. Mitchell Marsh/Marcus Stoinis
  6. Glenn Maxwell
  7. Alex Carey (WK)
  8. Pat Cummins (c)
  9. Mitchell Starc
  10. Josh Hazlewood
  11. Adam Zampa

Injury News

  • Ashton Agar is ruled out of the World Cup with a calf injury. Marnus Labuschagne replaces him.
  • Travis Head is selected for the WC squad despite fracturing his hand.
  • Captain Pat Cummins was injured, but made it in back to the squad during the India ODI series.
  • Steve Smith was ruled out of the South Africa T20I series with a wrist injury and Ashton Turner was called up as replacement. Smith is now back and in-form as we can see from the WC warm up games.
  • Mitchell Starc was rested from the T20I squad and Spencer Johnson replaced him for this series.
  • Jhye Richardson was ruled out of the IPL earlier this year due to a hamstring injury. Due to lack of ODIs in the cricket calendar, he has not yet got a chance to prove his case.

7 Australian Players Who Were Unlucky to Miss Out

  • Usman Khawaja, Ashton Agar, Marnus Labuschagne, Jhye Richardson, Peter Handscomb, Mitchell Swepson, Jason Behrendorff

Surprise Picks for Australia’s World Cup Preliminary Squad

  • Marnus Labuschagne, Travis Head (post injury)

2023 Cricket World Cup Squad: Australia Cricket Team List of Players for the World Cup

1. David Warner

Role: Left Hand Bat (Opener)

  • Matches/Innings:150/148
  • Runs: 6397, Best: 179
  • Average/SR: 45.04/96.44
  • 100/50: 20/31

Recent ODI Form: 0, 106, 78, 12, 10, 52, 53, 56

Last ODI: September 27, 2023

Age: 36

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2. Steven Smith

Role: Middle Order Batter/Occasional Leg Break

  • Matches/Innings: 145/129
  • Runs: 5054, Best: 164
  • Average/SR: 44.33/ 87.66
  • 100/50: 12/30

Recent ODI Form: 41, 0, 74

Last ODI: September 27, 2023

Age: 34

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3. Marcus Stoinis

Role: Right hand Bat/Right Arm Medium Pace

  • Matches/Innings: 64/58
  • Runs: 1400, Best: 146*
  • Average/SR: 27.45/94.02
  • 100/50: 1/6
  • Wickets: 44, Best: 3/16
  • Economy: 5.92

Recent ODI Form: 6, 37*, 17, 10, 18, 29 & 3/18, 2/39, 2/20, 1/58, 1/81, 0/40

Last ODI: September 27, 2023

Age: 34

Embed from Getty Images

4. Mitchell Marsh

Role: Right hand bat/Right Hand Medium Pace

  • Matches/Innings: 79/75
  • Runs: 2231, Best: 102*
  • Average/SR: 34.32/94.21
  • 100/50: 1/17
  • Wickets: 54, Best: 5/33
  • Economy: 5.43

Recent ODI Form: 79*, 15, 17, 0, 29, 6, 71, 4, 96

Last ODI: September 27, 2023

Age: 31

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5. Cameron Green

Role: Right hand Bat/ Right Arm Medium Pace

  • Matches/Innings: 20/17
  • Runs: 379, Best: 89*
  • Average/SR: 37.90/84.78
  • 100/50: 0/1
  • Wickets: 16, Best: 5/33
  • Economy: 5.72

Recent ODI Form: 0*, 18, 31, 19, 9, 34 & 1/32, 1/59, 0/44, 2/103, 1/30

Last ODI: September 27, 2023

Age: 24

Embed from Getty Images

6. Glenn Maxwell

Role: Right hand bat/Right Arm Off-break

  • Matches/Innings: 129/118
  • Runs: 3495, Best: 108
  • Average/SR: 33.60/124.68
  • 100/50: 2/23
  • Wickets: 64, Best: 4/40
  • Economy: 5.53

Recent ODI Form: 5 & 4/40

Last ODI: September 27, 2023

Age: 34

Embed from Getty Images

7. Travis Head

Role: Left Hand Bat, Right Arm Offbreak, Part-time Wicketkeeper

  • Matches/Innings: 58/55
  • Runs: 2064, Best: 152
  • Average/SR: 41.28/99.51
  • 100/50: 3/15
  • Wickets: 16
  • Economy: 5.81

Recent ODI Form: 6, 18, 91, 33, 64, 38, 17* & 2/39, 0/41

Last ODI: September 14, 2023

Age: 29

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8. Marnus Labuschagne

Role: Middle Order Batter/Occasional Leg Break

  • Matches/Innings: 38/36
  • Runs: 1268, Best: 124
  • Average/SR: 37.29/87.50
  • 100/50: 2/8

Recent ODI Form: 80*, 124, 15, 20, 44, 39, 27, 72

Last ODI: September 27, 2023

Age: 29

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9. Alex Carey (WK)

Role: Left hand bat/Wicketkeeper

  • Matches/Innings: 71/65
  • Runs: 1814, Best: 106
  • Average/SR: 33.59/88.48
  • 100/50: 1/8
  • Catches/Stumpings: 82/8

Recent ODI Form: 3, 6, 12, 99, 2, 14, 11, 28

Last ODI: September 27, 2023

Age: 32

Embed from Getty Images

10. Josh Inglis (WK)

Role: Right hand bat/Wicketkeeper

  • Matches/Innings: 8/8
  • Runs: 143, Best: 50
  • Average/SR: 17.87/93.46
  • 100/50: 0/1
  • Catches/Stumpings: 2/0

Recent ODI Form: 1, 50, 0, 45, 6

Last ODI: September 24, 2023

Age: 28

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11. Pat Cummins (C)

Role: Right hand bat/Right arm fast bowler

  • Matches/Innings: 77/77
  • Wickets: 126, Best: 5/70
  • Economy: 5.23
  • 4-fer/5-fer: 6/1
  • Runs: 324, Best: 36

Recent ODI Form: 21*, 19* & 1/44, 1/59

Last ODI: September 27, 2023

Age: 30

Embed from Getty Images

12. Mitchell Starc

Role: Left arm Pace/Left Hand Bat

  • Matches/Innings: 111/111
  • Wickets: 220, Best: 6/28
  • 4-fer/5-fer: 12/9
  • Economy: 5.13

Recent ODI Form: 1/53

Last ODI: September 27, 2023

Age: 33

Embed from Getty Images

13. Josh Hazlewood

Role: Right arm fast bowler

  • Matches/Innings: 74/73
  • Wickets: 116, Best: 6/52
  • Economy: 4.70

Recent ODI Form: 3/41, 0/74, 2/79, 1/62, 2/42

Last ODI: September 27, 2023

Age: 32

Embed from Getty Images

14. Sean Abbott

Role: Right Arm Fast Bowler/Right Hand Bat

  • Matches/Innings: 17/17
  • Wickets: 20, Best: 3/23
  • 4-fer/5-fer: 0/0
  • Economy: 5.06
  • Runs: 228, Best: 54
  • Average: 17.53/107.54

Recent ODI Form: 9, 7*, 2, 23, 2, 54 & 1/40, 2/50, 0/31, 2/4, /56, 1/91

Last ODI: September 24, 2023

Age: 31

Embed from Getty Images

15. Adam Zampa

Role: Right Arm Leg spin

  • Matches/Innings: 85/85
  • Wickets: 142, Best: 5/35
  • 4-fer/5-fer: 8/1
  • Economy: 5.53

Recent ODI Form: 10/42, 1/42, 4/48, 0/113, 3/70, 2/57, 1/67

Last ODI: September 24, 2023

Age: 31

Embed from Getty Images

16. Tanveer Sangha**

**traveling reserve

*has not debuted in international cricket yet

Role: Right hand leg spin

List A Record:

  • Matches/Innings: 5/5
  • Wickets: 7
  • 4-fer/5-fer: 1/0
  • Economy: 5.12

Age: 21

Embed from Getty Images

17. Ashton Agar*

*no longer in the World Cup squad

Role: Left hand Bat/Slow Left arm orthodox

  • Matches/Innings: 21/21
  • Wickets: 20, Best: 2/31
  • 4-fer/5-fer: 0/0
  • Economy: 5.27

Recent ODI Form: 1/15, 1/16, 0/62, 0/41, 2/41 & DNB, 0, DNB, 18*, 17

Last ODI: March 22, 2023

Age: 29

Embed from Getty Images

18. Nathan Ellis*

*no longer in the World Cup squad

Role: Right arm fast bowler

  • Matches/Innings: 4/4
  • Wickets: 5, Best: 2/13
  • 4-fer/5-fer: 0/0
  • Economy: 5.46

Recent ODI Form: 1/36, 1/66, 1/38, 2/13

Last ODI: March 19, 2023

Age: 28

Embed from Getty Images

18. Aaron Hardie*

*no longer in the squad

Role: Right Hand Bat/ Right Arm Medium Pace

*has not debuted in internatinoal cricket

List A Career

  • Matches/Innings: 16/12
  • Wickets: 51, Best: 3/28
  • Runs: 194, Best: 58
  • 4-fer/5-fer: 0/0
  • Economy: 5.50

Age: 24

Embed from Getty Images

Final Thoughts

Australia have dominated ODI World Cups for as long as I can remember.

Can they do it again? With as many bowling options as they have, they have the flexibility in the squad to go all the way. They have injury concerns and lack of subcontinent experience may be an issue.

How far do you think Australia go all the way? Comment below on your thoughts.

Frequently Asked Questions – 2023 Cricket World Cup Australia Squad

What is the average age of Australia’s 2023 Cricket World Cup squad?

England’s 2023 Cricket World Cup squad average age is 30 years.

Who is Aaron Hardie?

Aaron Hardie is a 24-year-old Australian all-rounder. He has played 26 first class matches, 16 List A, and 46 T20 matches. He has played for the Australian U-19 team & Perth Scorchers.

Who is selected for Australia’s 2023 Cricket World Cup squad?

David Warner, Cameron Green, Mitchell Marsh, Steve Smith, Marcus Stoinis, Glenn Maxwell, Alex Carey (WK), Pat Cummins, Mitchell Starc, Josh Hazlewood, Adam Zampa, Sean Abbott, Aaron Hardie, Ashton Agar, Tanveer Sangha, Josh Inglis, Nathan Ellis, and Travis Head are in Australia’s 2023 Cricket World Cup squad.

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Border-Gavaskar Trophy (BGT) India Australia Test Series: The Definitive Guide (Updated 2023), Complete History, Most Runs, Most Wickets, and BGT 2023 Schedule

This comprehensive guide provides an in-depth look at the Border-Gavaskar Trophy (BGT), one of the most celebrated Test series in the cricket world today.

We will discuss the history of BGT, and look at some of the prominent players who have played a major role in making this tournament what it is today, including the most runs and wickets. The upcoming BGT 2023 schedule and how they can follow the tournament as it unfolds in India is also displayed.

Key Takeaways

  • The Border Gavaskar trophy has been held 15 times since 1996, 8 of which were hosted by India and 7 by Australia.
  • India has won the BorderGavaskar Trophy 9 times (96-97, 97-98, 2000-01, 04-05, 08-09, 2010-11, 12-13, 16-1)
  • Australia has won the Border Gavaskar Trophy 5 times (1999-2000, 04-05,07-08,11-12, 14-15).
  • Sachin Tendulkar (3262), Ricky Ponting (2555), and VVS Laxman (2434) are the highest run scorers in Border Gavaskar Trophy history.
  • Anil Kumble (111), Harbhajan Singh (95), and Nathan Lyon (94) are the highest wicket-takers in the Border -Gavaskar Trophy.
  • India has won in Australia twice (2018-19, 2020-21). Australia has won in India 4 times, but only once since 1996 (1947-48, 1956-57, 1959-60, 2004-05).
Embed from Getty Images

What is the Border-Gavaskar Trophy?

The Border-Gavaskar Trophy is a Test series held between India and Australia named after Sunil Gavaskar and Allan Border. Although India and Australia have been playing Test series since 1947, this series officially began in 1996 when Australia toured India for one Test match. Since then, it has been held every 2-3 years in either India or Australia.

History of India vs Australia Test Series at a Glance

Since 1947, both Australia and India have hosted the Test series on 14 occasions each (28 series total). Australia has won 12 times each, India has won 11 times, and the series has been drawn five times. The entire table of the India-Australia Test series is summarized below.

*Note that the Border-Gavaskar Trophy officially begins in 1996.

HostSeason PlayedSeries WinnerSeries ScoreTests
Australia1947-1948Australia4-0 5

History of the Border-Gavaskar Trophy

Now we will present each Border-Gavaskar Trophy Test series in detail, in reverse chronological order.

BGT 2022-23 (India 2-1)

  • Hosts: India
  • Number of Tests: 4
  • Venues: Nagpur, Delhi, Indore, Ahmedabad

This series was marked by the excellence of India’s three spin allrounders – Ravichandran Ashwin, Ravindra Jadeja, & Axar Patel. Resurgence of Virat Kohli, Usman Khawaja’s defiance, and Nathan Lyon’s effectiveness were factors in yet another absorbing Test series.


  • Player of the Series in BGT 2022-23: Ravichandran Ashwin
  • Highest Runs Scorer in BGT 2022-23: Usman Khawaja (333)
    • Marnus Labuschagne (244)
    • Virat Kohli (297), Axar Patel (264), Rohit Sharma (242)
  • Highest Wicket-Taker in BGT 2022-23: Ravichandran Ashwin (25)
    • Nathan Lyon (22), Todd Murphy (14)
    • Ravindra Jadeja (22), Mohammad Shami (9)


  1. India won by an innings & 132 runs *Ravindra Jadeja
  2. India won by 6 wickets *Ravindra Jadeja
  3. Australia won by 9 wickets *Nathan Lyon
  4. Match Drawn *Virat Kohli

BGT 2020-21 (India 2-1)

  • Hosts: Australia
  • Number of Tests: 4
  • Venues: Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane (GABBA)
Embed from Getty Images

Virat Kohli’s 50, Tim Paine’s rearguard effort, 36 ALL OUT, Ajinkya Rahane’s Melbourne 100 & captaincy, Shubman Gill’s emergence, Smith and Labuschagne’s successful partnership, and Pat Cummins doing it all. Siraj suffers but delivers, Thakur & Sundar lead India’s next generation, Ashwin-Paine spice up the tournament, Vihari takes body blows, and the yin and yang of Pujara-Pant gives India series victory and breaches the Gabba fortress.


  • Player of the Series in BGT 2020-21: Pat Cummins
  • Highest Runs Scorer in BGT 2020-21: Marnus Labuschagne (426)
    • Steven Smith (426)
    • Rishabh Pant (274), Cheteshwar Pujara (271), Ajinkya Rahane (268)
  • Highest Wicket-Taker in BGT 2020-21: Pat Cummins (21)
    • Josh Hazlewood (17), Mitchell Starc (11)
    • Mohammad Siraj (13), Ravichandran Ashwin (12), Jasprit Bumrah (11)


  1. Australia won by 8 wickets *Tim Paine
  2. India won by 8 wickets *Ajinkya Rahane
  3. Match Drawn *Steven Smith
  4. India won by 3 wickets *Rishabh Pant

*Denotes Player of the Match Award

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Note: Bharat Sundaresan is going to release his book on the 2020-21 Border-Gavaskar Trophy during the 2023 BGT in India. He was in the thick of things traveling to each city and discussing the events of each day with Melinda Farrell.

BGT 2018-19 (India 2-1)

  • Hosts: Australia
  • Number of Tests: 4
  • Venues: Adelaide, Perth (Perth Stadium), Melbourne, Sydney
Embed from Getty Images

If you saw the first season of The Test, you will realize what a thorn Pujara was in Australia’s plans. He defended, defended, and defended some more. In the process, he scored tons of runs. Rishabh Pant & Tim Paine provided several cute moments, Nathan Lyon vs Pujara & Pant was mesmerizing. Bumrah’s slower delivery to dismiss Shaun Marsh will forever be etched in memory. To sum it up though, it was Kohli’s captaincy and the fast-bowling revolution was key to India’s success. Australia was without the services of Warner & Smith as they tried to recover from the ball tampering scandal, but this does not take anything away from India.


  • Player of the Series in BGT 2018-19: Cheteshwar Pujara
  • Highest Runs Scorer in BGT 2018-19: Cheteshwar Pujara (521)
    • Rishabh Pant (350), Virat Kohli (282)
    • Marcus Harris (258), Travis Head (237)
  • Highest Wicket-Taker in BGT 2018-19: Jasprit Bumrah, Nathan Lyon
    • Mohammad Shami (16)
    • Pat Cummins (14), Josh Hazlewood (13), Mitchell Starc (13)


  1. India won by 31 runs *Cheteshwar Pujara
  2. Australia won by 146 runs *Nathan Lyon
  3. India won by 137 runs *Jasprit Bumrah
  4. Match Drawn *Cheteshwar Pujara

BGT 2016-17 (India 2-1)

  • Hosts: India
  • Number of Tests: 4
  • Venues: Pune, Bengaluru, Ranchi, Dharamsala
Steven Smith celebrates after scoring 109 in Border-Gavaskar Trophy 2016-17.
Steven Smith’s 109 in Pune – One of the greatest centuries on Indian soil by an Australian batter.

Australia started with a massive win and hope to win a series in India. Pujara scored another double century and a couple of fifties. Beginning to be a pattern, isn’t it? Steve Smith with scores of 109, 178, 111 was at his absolute best, but the Ravis (Ashwin & Jadeja) were just too hot to handle. Other players played decent roles as well. Nathan Lyon took an eight-for and Steve O’Keefe delivered that first win with 6-fers. KL Rahul with twin fifties, Matt Renshaw, Shaun Marsh, Rahane, Wade all contributing as well in what was a competitive series.


  • Player of the Series in BGT 2016-17: Ravindra Jadeja
  • Highest Runs Scorer in BGT 2016-17: Steven Smith (499)
    • Cheteshwar Pujara (405), KL Rahul (393), Ajinkya Rahane (198)
    • Matt Renshaw (232), Pete Handscomb (198)
  • Highest Wicket-Taker in BGT 2016-17: Ravindra Jadeja (25)
    • Ravichandran Ashwin (21), Umesh Yadav (17)
    • Steve O’Keefe (19), Nathan Lyon (19)


  1. Australia won by 333 runs *Steve O’Keefe
  2. India won by 75 runs *KL Rahul
  3. Match drawn *Cheteshwar Pujara
  4. India won by 8 wickets *Ravindra Jadeja

BGT 2014-15 (Australia 2-0)

  • Hosts: Australia
  • Number of Tests: 4
  • Venues: Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney
Embed from Getty Images

Although India did not exorcise the ghosts of 2011, Team India provided that glimmer of hope. It was Mitchell Johnson’s year and even though he was Australia’s highest wicket-taker, the partnership between Virat Kohli & Ajinkya Rahane will be remembered forever. Just check this clip out. Virat Kohli’s twin tons in Adelaide made for a classic Test and set his career up. But Steve Smith. 769 Runs. Genius. Nathan Lyon. 23 Wickets. Australian legends coming into their own in this series. MS Dhoni surprises with his retirement after the 3rd Test, and Ryan Harris retires after yet another memorable performance.


  • Player of the Series in BGT 2014-15: Steven Smith
  • Highest Runs Scorer in BGT 2014-15: Steven Smith (769)
    • Virat Kohli (692), Murali Vijay (482), Ajinkya Rahane (399)
    • David Warner (427), Chris Rogers (417)
  • Highest Wicket-Taker in BGT 2014-15: Nathan Lyon (23)
    • Mohammad Shami (15), Ravichandran Ashwin (12)
    • Mitchell Johnson (13), Josh Hazlewood (12)


  1. Australia won by 48 runs *Nathan Lyon
  2. Australia won by 4 wickets *Steven Smith
  3. Match Drawn *Ryan Harris
  4. Match Drawn *Steven Smith

BGT 2012-13 (India 4-0)

  • Hosts: India
  • Number of Tests: 4
  • Venues: Chennai, Hyderabad, Mohali, Delhi

Michael Clarke’s unforgettable year, MS Dhoni’s double, and the greatness that Ravichandran Ashwin is. Pujara scored a double as well, and Vijay continued in the prime of his life with 167. But this series will be remembered for Shikhar Dhawan’s glorious 187 on debut, Starc’s 99 at #8, and Steven Smith starting to make runs on Asian soil.


  • Player of the Series in BGT 2012-13: Ravichandran Ashwin
  • Highest Runs Scorer in BGT 2012-13: Murali Vijay (430)
    • Cheteshwar Pujara (410), MS Dhoni (326), Virat Kohli (284)
    • Michael Clarke (286), Ed Cowan (265), David Warner (192)
  • Highest Wicket-Taker in BGT 2012-13: Ravichandran Ashwin (29)
    • Ravindra Jadeja (24), Pragyan Ojha (7), Ishant Sharma (7)
    • Nathan Lyon (15), James Pattinson (9), Peter Siddle (9), Glenn Maxwell (7)


  1. India won by 8 wickets *MS Dhoni
  2. India won by an innings and 135 runs *Cheteshwar Pujara
  3. India won by 6 wickets *Shikhar Dhawan
  4. India won by 6 wickets *Ravindra Jadeja

Source: Border Gavaskar Trophy 2012-13

BGT 2011-12 (Australia 4-0)

  • Hosts: Australia
  • Number of Tests: 4
  • Venues: Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Adelaide
Embed from Getty Images

Australia crushes India. Shall I say anymore? A drubbing. A disaster. Michael Clarke smashes 329* and 210, Ricky Ponting averages 108.8 and also scores a double. Hilfenhaus & Siddle take 50 wickets among themselves. James Pattinson announces himself (briefly) on the international stage. Rahul Dravid gets bowled 7 times. An end of an era. Kohli’s 116 in the 4th Test India’s only positive. This tour will always be remembered for the infamous 0-8.


  • Player of the Series in BGT 2011-12: Michael Clarke
  • Highest Runs Scorer in BGT 2011-12: Michael Clarke (626)
    • Ricky Ponting (544), Mike Hussey (293), David Warner (266)
    • Virat Kohli (300), Sachin Tendulkar (287)
  • Highest Wicket-Taker in BGT 2011-12: Ben Hilfenhaus (27)
    • Peter Siddle (23), James Pattinson (11)
    • Zaheer Khan (15), Umesh Yadav (14)


  1. Australia won by 122 runs *James Pattinson
  2. Australia won by an innings and 68 runs *Michael Clarke
  3. Australia won by an innings and 37 runs *David Warner
  4. Australia won by 298 runs *Peter Siddle

Source: BGT 2011-12

BGT 2010-11 (India 2-0)

  • Hosts: India
  • Number of Tests: 2
  • Venues: Mohali, Bengaluru

Short but sweet series. The Mohali Test is an all-time classic. VVS Laxman, back spasms, and a successful chase with the lower order. In the second Test, Tendulkar continued his dream resurgent year with 214 & 53*. In the second innings, Rahul Dravid was yet again going to be demoted from his #3 position for someone else. That someone else turned out to be Cheteshwar Pujara, who scored a counterattacking 72. Cheteshwar Pujara—counterattacking Australians since 2010.


  • Player of the Series in BGT 2010-11: Sachin Tendulkar
  • Highest Runs Scorer in BGT 2010-11: Sachin Tendulkar (403)
    • Murali Vijay (176), Suresh Raina (118)
    • Shane Watson (271), Ricky Ponting (224), Tim Paine (183), Marcus North (141)
  • Highest Wicket-Taker in BGT 2010-11: Zaheer Khan (12)
    • Harbhajan Singh (11), Pragyan Ojha (9)
    • Mitchell Johnson (8), Ben Hilfenhaus (8), Nathan Hauritz (6)


  1. India won by 1 wicket *Zaheer Khan
  2. India won by 7 wickets *Sachin Tendulkar

Sources: BGT 2010-11

BGT 2008-09 (India 2-0)

  • Hosts: India
  • Number of Tests: 4
  • Venues: Bengaluru, Mohali, Delhi, Nagpur
Embed from Getty Images

Anil Kumble retires at the Feroz Shah Kotla. Ishant Sharma continues his growth with a player of the series performance. Although Hussey, Katich, Johnson, Krezja, and Watson played key roles for Australia, it was clear that Australia was in a transition era.


  • Player of the Series in BGT 2008-09: Ishant Sharma
  • Highest Runs Scorer in BGT 2008-09: Gautam Gambhir (463)
    • Sachin Tendulkar (396), VVS Laxman (381), Virender Sehwag (351)
    • Mike Hussey (394), Simon Katich (349)
  • Highest Wicket-Taker in BGT 2008-09: Ishant Sharma (15)
    • Harbhajan Singh (15), Amit Mishra (14), Zaheer Khan (11)
    • Mitchell Johnson (13), Jason Krezja (12), Shane Watson (10)


  1. Match Drawn *Zaheer Khan
  2. India won by 320 runs *MS Dhoni
  3. Match Drawn *VVS Laxman
  4. India won by 172 runs *Jason Krejza

Sources: BGT 2008-09

BGT 2007-08 (Australia 2-1)

  • Hosts: Australia
  • Number of Tests: 4
  • Venues: Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Adelaide
Embed from Getty Images

The series turned out to have both off-field and on-field drama. What began as a great era of Test series from 2000-01 ended with 2007-08 with some questionable decisions and the Monkeygate crisis. Tendulkar still scored runs, Anil Kumble still took wickets, but Brett Lee was the pick of the players in the series.


  • Player of the Series in BGT 2007-08: Brett Lee
  • Highest Runs Scorer in BGT 2007-08: Sachin Tendulkar (493)
    • VVS Laxman (366), Virender Sehwag (286)
    • Matthew Hayden (410), Andrew Symonds (410), Michael Clarke (316), Michael Hussey (292), Ricky Ponting (268)
  • Highest Wicket-Taker in BGT 2007-08: Brett Lee (24)
    • Mitchell Johnson (16), Stuart Clark (14)
    • Anil Kumble (20), RP Singh (13)


  1. Australia won by 337 runs *Matthew Hayden
  2. Australia won by 122 runs *Andrew Symonds
  3. India won by 72 runs *Irfan Pathan
  4. Match Drawn *Sachin Tendulkar

Sources BGT 2004-05

BGT 2004-05 (Australia 2-1)

  • Hosts: India
  • Number of Tests: 4
  • Venues: Bengaluru, Chennai, Nagpur, Mumbai (Wankhede)
Embed from Getty Images

Australia finally breaches the India fortress feat Damien Martyn. A young Michael Clarke, game-changing Gilchrist, and Gillespie all contributed to their effort. India’s spin trios—Kumble, Harbhajan, and Murali Kartik took 60 wickets among themselves but fell short.


  • Player of the Series in BGT 2004-05: Damien Martyn
  • Highest Runs Scorer in BGT 2004-05: Damien Martyn (444)
    • Michael Clarke (400), Simon Katich (276), Matthew Hayden (244), Justin Langer (228), Adam Gilchrist (218)
    • Virender Sehwag (299), Rahul Dravid (167), Parthiv Patel (156), Mohammad Kaif (153)
  • Highest Wicket-Taker in BGT 2004-05: Anil Kumble (27)
    • Harbhajan Singh (21), Murali Kartik (12), Zaheer Khan (10)
    • Jason Gillespie (20), Glenn McGrath (14), Shane Warne (14)


  1. Australia won by 217 runs *Michael Clarke
  2. Match Drawn *Anil Kumble
  3. Australia won by 342 runs *Damien Martyn
  4. India won by 13 runs *Murali Kartik

Sources: BGT 2004-05

BGT 2003-04 (Drawn 1-1)

  • Hosts: Australia
  • Number of Tests: 4
  • Venues: Brisbane, Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney
Embed from Getty Images Embed

A series for the ages. Ricky Ponting & Rahul Dravid at the top of their games scoring 706 & 619 runs respectively. Dravid’s 233 & 72* with VVS Laxman torturing Australia once again. Sachin Tendulkar resists his cover drive temptation to score 241*, Kumble India’s top performer with the ball yet again, Ganguly scores a ton. Sehwag, Hayden, Martyn, Steve Waugh all among the runs. Gillespie, Agarkar, MacGill, and Lee among the wickets. Something for everybody. Many great players of this era in peak form. Deserved 1-1 drawn series.


  • Player of the Series in BGT 2003-04: Rahul Dravid
  • Highest Runs Scorer in BGT 2003-04: Ricky Ponting (706)
    • Matthew Hayden (51), Justin Langer (369), Simon Katich (353)
    • Rahul Dravid (619), VVS Laxman (494), Virender Sehwag (464), Sachin Tendulkar (383)
  • Highest Wicket-Taker in BGT 2003-04: Anil Kumble (24)
    • Ajit Agarkar (16)
    • Stuart MacGill (14), Jason Gillespie (10), Brett Lee (8)


  1. Match Drawn *Sourav Ganguly
  2. India won by 4 wickets *Rahul Dravid
  3. Australia won by 9 wickets *Ricky Ponting
  4. Match Drawn *Sachin Tendulkar

Sources: BGT 2003-04

BGT 2000-01 (India 2-1)

  • Hosts: India
  • Number of Tests: 3
  • Venues: Mumbai (Wankhede), Kolkata, Chennai
Embed from Getty Images

The series that began the rivalry. Steve Waugh’s final frontier was so close, yet so far. VVS Laxman’s greatest innings of the century, the 281, and the partnership turned narrative around for this series and Indian cricket in general. Shane Warne’s expression that day said it all. Sourav Ganguly, the charasmatic captain leading India after the match-fixing era, Sachin Tendulkar doing what he does best (along with his googlies), and Harbhajan Singh being a class apart. India’s top three bowlers in the charts read: Harbhajan (32), Tendulkar (3), Zaheer Khan (3). From Australia’s end, Hayden, McGrath, Gilchrist, Waugh, Warne, and Gillespie all played a role in the series.


  • Player of the Series in BGT 2000-01: Harbhajan Singh
  • Highest Runs Scorer in BGT 2000-01: Matthew Hayden (549)
    • Steve Waugh (243), Michael Slater (166)
    • VVS Laxman (503), Rahul Dravid (338), Sachin Tendulkar (304), SS Das (173)
  • Highest Wicket-Taker in BGT 2000-01: Harbhajan Singh (32)
    • Sachin Tendulkar (3), Zaheer Khan (3)
    • Glenn McGrath (17), Jason Gillespie (13), Shane Warne (10), CR Miller (6), Mark Waugh (3)


  1. Australia won by 10 wickets *Adam Gilchrist
  2. India won by 171 runs *VVS Laxman
  3. India won by 2 wickets *Matthew Hayden

Sources: BGT 2000-01

BGT 1999-2000 (Australia 3-0)

  • Hosts: Australia
  • Number of Tests: 3
  • Venues: Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney
Embed from Getty Images

With the exception of individual performances by India, Australia completely blew the visitors away. Ricky Ponting was the top run-scorer and Glenn McGrath was the highest wicket taker of ther series, two names that would come up time and again over the next decade. Tendulkar was the player of the series, but VVS Laxman’s 167 gave Australia a taste of what they were about to face in the future.


  • Player of the Series in BGT 1999-2000: Sachin Tendulkar
  • Highest Runs Scorer in BGT 1999-2000: Ricky Ponting (375)
    • Justin Langer (289), Steve Waugh (276), Adam Gilcrist (221)
    • Sachin Tendulkar (278), VVS Laxman (221), Sourav Ganguly (177)
  • Highest Wicket-Taker in BGT 1999-2000: Glenn McGrath (18)
    • Brett Lee (13), Damien Fleming (12), Shane Warne (8)
    • Ajit Agarkar (11), Javagal Srinath (10), Venkatesh Prasad (7)


  1. Australia won by 285 runs *Steve Waugh
  2. Australia won by 180 runs *Sachin Tendulkar
  3. Australia won by an innings and 141 runs *Glenn McGrath

Sources: BGT 1999-2000

BGT 1997-98 (India 2-1)

  • Hosts: India
  • Number of Tests: 3
  • Venues: Chennai, Kolkata, Bengaluru
Embed from Getty Images

1998—The year of Sachin Tendulkar. He continued his Sharjah exploits in Test cricket. Here is a clip of the battle between Shane Warne vs Sachin Tendulkar in India for the first time. Although Australia got a consolation win, India defeated Australia by healthy margins in the first two Tests.


  • Player of the Series in BGT 1997-98: Sachin Tendulkar
  • Highest Runs Scorer in BGT 1997-98: Sachin Tendulkar (446)
    • Navjot Singh Sidhu (341), Mohammad Azharuddin (311)
    • Mark Waugh (280), Mark Taylor (189), Ian Healy (165)
  • Highest Wicket-Taker in BGT 1997-98: Anil Kumble (23)
    • Javagal Srinath (8), Venkatapathy Raju (7)
    • Gavin Robertson (12), Shane Warne (10), Michael Kasprowicz (8)


  1. India won by 179 runs *Sachin Tendulkar
  2. India won by an innings and 219 runs *Javagal Srinath
  3. Australia won by 8 wickets *Michael Kasprowicz

Sources: BGT 1997-98

BGT 1996-97 (India 1-0)

  • Hosts: India
  • Number of Tests: 1
  • Venues: Delhi
Embed from Getty Images

Nayan Mongia starred in India’s first Border-Gavaskar Trophy win over Australia. Another key contributor, Anil Kumble, would stand up again and again in the India-Australia Tests for years to come.


  • Player of the Series in BGT 1996-97: Nayan Mongia
  • Highest Runs Scorer in BGT 1996-97: Nayan Mongia (152)
  • Highest Wicket-Taker in BGT 1996-97: Anil Kumble (9)


  1. India won by 7 wickets *Nayan Mongia

Sources: BGT 1996-97

2023 Border-Gavaskar Trophy (BGT) Schedule

The schedule for the 2023 BGT 2023 is shown below:

  • 1st Test, Nagpur, 9-13 February, 2023
  • 2nd Test, Delhi, 17-21 February, 2023
  • 3rd Test, Dharamsala, 1-5 March, 2023
  • 4th Test, Ahmedabad, 9-13 March, 2023

The ODI series is scheduled as follows:

  • 1st ODI (D/N), Mumbai (Wankhede), 17 March, 2023
  • 2nd ODI (D/N), Visakhapatnam, 19 March, 2023
  • 3rd ODI (D/N), Chennai, 22 March 2023

Who were Sunil Gavaskar and Allan Border?

Sunil Gavaskar and Allan Border were two of the greatest cricketers in history.

Gavaskar was an iconic Indian batsman who played 125 Tests for India, scoring a then-record 34 centuries. He held several batting records and is widely regarded as one of the greatest batsmen ever to have graced the game. On the other hand, Border was an Australian all-rounder who captained Australia to their first World Cup win in 1987. He played 156 Tests for Australia and is widely considered to be one of the greatest captains of all time. Together, these two legends were instrumental in establishing the Border-Gavaskar Trophy which has become one of the most eagerly anticipated cricket series.

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Final Thoughts

The Border-Gavaskar Trophy was established in 1996 as a tribute to two of cricket’s finest players, Sunil Gavaskar and Allan Border. The series has since become one of the most anticipated events in international cricket, with some of the greatest matches being played between India and Australia over the past two decades. The trophy is contested every two years, alternating between India and Australia, with the last edition being hosted Down Under in 2020-21. The series has seen some of the greatest contests in cricket history, providing for a thrilling and intense experience for all fans.

We will just wait and watch what BGT 2023 has to offer. With all the recent past, I’m sure it will be nothing short of delightful.

Border-Gavaskar Trophy (BGT) – Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Border-Gavaskar Trophy?

The Border-Gavaskar Trophy was established in 1996 as a tribute to two of cricket’s finest players, Sunil Gavaskar and Allan Border. The series has since become one of the most anticipated events in international cricket, with some of the greatest matches being played between India and Australia over the past two decades. The trophy is contested e very two years, alternating between India and Australia, with the last edition being hosted Down Under in 2018-19. The series has seen some of the greatest contests in cricket history, providing for a thrilling and intense experience for all fans.

When is the next Border-Gavaskar Trophy?

The next Border-Gavaskar Trophy will take place in February-March 2023 in India. It will consist of 4 Tests and 3 ODIs.

Who has won the most Border-Gavaskar trophies (BGT)?

India has won the Border-Gavaskar Trophy 9 times, while Australia have held it five times.

How many times has India won the Border-Gavaskar Trophy in Australia?

India has won the Border-Gavaskar Trophy twice (2018-19 & 2020-21).

How many times has Australia won the Border-Gavaskar Trophy (BGT) in India?

Australia has won the Border Gavaskar Trophy exactly once in India (2004). However, Australia has won it thrice more before the inception of the BGT.

How many times has Australia won the Border-Gavaskar Trophy?

Australia has won the BGT 5 times.

How many times has India won the Border-Gavaskar Trophy?

India has won the BGT 9 times.

Who currently holds the Border Gavaskar Trophy?

India is the current holder of the Border-Gavaskar Trophy, winning away from home 2-1 in 2020-21.


Sources: Australia v India Cricket Team Records & Stats |, Border-Gavaskar Trophy Cricket Team Records & Stats |, Border-Gavaskar Trophy Cricket Team Records & Stats |

Image Courtesy: Steve Smith 109 at Pune (AFP)

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Delhi Capitals (DC) Preview IPL 2021: Can Iyer-less DC Go One Step Further in 2021?

Delhi Capitals Preview IPL 2021.

The Delhi franchise has seen almost all kinds of seasons in the IPL. They have seen the height of the qualifiers & semi-finals, including a run to the final in 2020, as well as rock bottom. Everything except for an IPL victory.

Injury to Shreyas Iyer shifts the planning a little bit, but with Rahane & Steven Smith in the reserves, this should not be a problem. What do you say? Can they go one step further?

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IPL History

2020 (2nd), 2009, 2012, 2019 (3rd), 2008 (4th)

How Did They Do Last Year?

2nd. Brilliant start, a steep fall, and a predictable ending—Mumbai Indians edging them in the final. Several positives regardless:

  • Shikhar Dhawan & Shreyas Iyer dependable with the runs at the top
  • Marcus Stoinis the finisher coming to the party
  • The pace duo of Anrich Nortje-Kagiso Rabada giving DC the edge

Injury & COVID-19 News

The Delhi Capitals have been dealt two big blows. The captain, Shreyas Iyer, suffered a shoulder injury during the India Vs England series. He will have his surgery during the IPL and is out of the season.

Rishabh Pant has been appointed the new captain.

In addition, Axar Patel has tested positive for COVID-19 and is in quarantine. Hopefully, he returns in time, but nothing is certain during these times.

Complete Delhi Capitals Squad

Batsman: Shikhar Dhawan, Ajinkya Rahane, Prithvi Shaw, Vishnu Vinod

WK: Rishabh Pant

All-Rounders: Ravichandran Ashwin, Lalit Yadav, Ripal Patel

Spinners: Amit Mishra, Axar Patel, Manimaran Siddharth, Praveen Dubey

Fast Medium: Ishant Sharma, Umesh Yadav, Avesh Khan, Lukman Meriwala

Overseas: Sam Billings, Tom Curran, Shimron Hetmyer, Anrich Nortje, Kagiso Rabada, Steven Smith, Marcus Stoinis, Chris Woakes

Withdrawn: Shreyas Iyer

Predicted DC XI

Due to Patel’s & Iyer’s absence, the balance of the side may change. For the start, I will drop Rabada based on current form and bolster the batting with someone like Steve Smith in the middle order.

  1. Shikhar Dhawan, 2. Prithvi Shaw, 3. Shimron Hetmyer4, Steve Smith/ Sam Billings, 5. Rishabh Pant (C/WK), 6. Marcus Stoinis7. Ravichandran Ashwin, 8. Amit Mishra9. Anrich Nortje10. Ishant Sharma, 11. Umesh Yadav

*Axar Patel will slot at #7 if he can return to the squad

Watch Out For

  • Ravichandran Ashwin – Looks like Ravi Ashwin is having a second wind to his career. A viral YouTube channel, great IPL 2020, followed by a memorable tour of Australia both with the ball and the bat. To cap it off, a century & 9-for in his home ground at Chennai in the England Test series.
  • With the young Rishabh Pant as captain, the leadership group of Ashwin-Dhawan-Smith-Ishant-Mishra will be quite handy. Pant has been consistently destructive in the Indian colors recently, but can he transfer this form to the IPL?

Where Can Things Go Wrong For the Capitals?

Venues & Fixtures


Kolkata – 5, Ahmedabad – 4, Mumbai – 3, Chennai – 2


  • 10 April: CSK vs DC (Mumbai)
  • 15 April: RR vs DC (Mumbai)
  • 18 April: DC vs PBKS (Mumbai)
  • 20 April: DC vs MI (Chennai)
  • 25 April: SRH vs DC (Chennai)
  • 27 April: DC vs RCB (Ahmedabad)
  • 29 April: DC vs KKR (Ahmedabad)
  • 2 May: PBKS vs DC (Ahmedabad)
  • 8 May: KKR vs DC (Ahmedabad)
  • 11 May: DC vs RR (Kolkata)
  • 14 May: RCB vs DC (Kolkata)
  • 17 May: DC vs SRH (Kolkata)
  • 21 May: DC vs CSK (Kolkata)
  • 23 May: MI vs DC (Kolkata)
  • 25 May: Qualifier 1 (Ahmedabad)
  • 26 May: Eliminator (Ahmedabad)
  • 28 May: Qualifier 2 (Ahmedabad)
  • 30 May: Final (Ahmedabad)


The IPL 2020 season displayed what DC are capable of. When they are on a roll, they are the team to watch, but when they get on a losing streak, things go south very soon.

Without Iyer, collapses are something DC need to guard against. My prediction? Always in the race for the qualifiers, but lose out to net run-rate.

Most Runs Rishabh Pant
Most WicketsRavinchandran Ashwin
Emerging PlayerWill Lukman Meriwala, the SMAT star, get a game?
Surprise PackageAmit Mishra
X FactorAnrich Nortje
Broken Cricket DreamInjury to Shreyas Iyer
Delhi Capitals Preview Predictions

*SMAT – Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy

What do you think of the Delhi Capitals Preview? Your First XI? Will they make the IPL 2021 qualifiers?

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India Vs Australia Series Review 2020-21: The Greatest Story of Them All? Better Than Ashes 2005?

India Vs Australia Series Review: The Border-Gavaskar Trophy.

Usually a Test series is made up of a few iconic moments. This series was a compilation of iconic moments stitched together into a series.

  • Injuries: PucovskiWarner & Ishant-Bhuvneshwar Kumar pre-series. Shami, Umesh, Ashwin, Vihari, Jadeja, Bumrah, KL Rahul, & Pucovski again during the series.
  • Adelaide: Kohli‘s 74 & Run-Out, India 36/9 via Cummins & Hazlewood, Paine & Burn score, Kohli returns home.
  • Melbourne: India’s resilient comeback win, Rahane’s magnificent ton, Ashwin-Smith duel, Rahane comforts Jadeja after run-out.
  • Sydney: Rohit Sharma returns to work, Shubman Gill’s emergence, Smith-Labuschagne master-student showcase, Siraj battles racial abuse, Matthew Wade’s brain fades, Paine drops & sledges, India hold on, Pant 97, Pujara-Pant + Vihari-Ashwin = Draw.
  • Brisbane: Nathan Lyon’s 100th Test & signed jersey by Team India, stranded on 399 wickets, Natarajan & Sundar debut, Saini injured, Siraj’s 5-for, Thakur-Sundar fightback, Gill’s 91 & Pant’s 89*, Pujara Fights Body Blows & Butterfly, 328 chased, The Gabba fortress breached.

The series went from being “too friendly” to racial abuses. There were plenty of mini contests like Paine vs Ashwin, Pujara vs Lyon, fielders vs the flying ball, & Pujara vs Cummins (my favorite battle) to name a few.

Here are my picks for the best moments, emerging players, and much more in this India Vs Australia Series Review! Comment IN THE COMMENTS SECTION below on your favorite moments.

*Note: Underlined & Bolded links are videos. Underlined without bold are links to other articles.

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Results – India Vs Australia

Test Series: India won 2-1

* Player of Match

  1. Australia won by 8 wickets *Tim Paine (Toss: India elected to bat)
  2. India won by 8 wickets *Ajinkya Rahane (Toss: Australia elected to bat)
  3. Match Drawn *Steven Smith (Toss: Australia elected to bat)
  4. India won by 3 wickets *Rishabh Pant (Toss: Australia elected to bat)

Interesting that toss went the wrong way in these games and batting second was not detrimental.

Player of SeriesIndia Australia
Pat Cummins
4/21 Best Innings, 7/69 Best Match
Most RunsRishabh Pant – 274 Runs (5 innings)

Cheteshwar Pujara – 271 Runs (8 innings)
Marnus Labuschagne – 426 runs (8 innings)

Steven Smith – 313 runs (8 innings)
Most WicketsMohammad Siraj – 13 wickets (6 innings)

Ravinchandran Ashwin – 12 wickets (6 innings)
Pat Cummins – 21 Wickets (8 innings)

Josh Hazlewood – 17 Wickets (8 innings)
India Vs Australia Series Review: Stats

The Highlights


1. Cheteshwar Pujara is a Legend.

  • 2018/19 – 521 runs, 100s-3 & 50s-1, best of 193, Average 74.42, Strike Rate 41.41, Balls Faced 1258
  • 2020/21 – 271 runs, 100s-0 & 50s-3, best of 77, Average 33.87, Strike Rate 29.20, Balls Faced 928

Statistically, Pujara had a worse tour than 2018 by double the margin in almost every area. In reality? His impact this time was just as important, if not more. If Pujara was not present at Sydney or Brisbane, neither would have drawn the 3rd Test nor won the 4th. The Australian bowling line up at the final session of 4th Test had all the energy drawn out of them through the defense of Pujara. On the last day, Pujara was unfazed despite so many blows to the helmet, chest, and the worst – finger jarring. Act of character and survival upon which India prospered.

2. Youngsters & India A Deliver

  • In 2008, Sri Lanka unveiled the M Factor against India – Malinga, Muralitharan, Mahela, & Mendis (later Mathews).
  • Similarly, India had the S factor – Debutants Siraj, Sundar, Shubman, Shardul (first Test – 10 balls & injured).

Shubman Gill’s consistency & backfoot punches, Washington Sundar’s confidence, Siraj’s maturity, & Shardul’s ability to make things happen all contributed to India’s series victory. If one player could symbolize this series, it is Mohammad Siraj, leading from the front in his 3rd Test match. Father’s bereavement and on the back of racial abuse, he stood firm on his ground and delivered.

January 11th is Rahul Dravid’s birthday, India A & India U-19 Coach (2016-19), now the head of the National Cricket Academy, and a mentor to many of these youngsters. Rishabh Pant & Vihari, a product of the India A system, provided Dravid with a perfect birthday gift on the eve of his birthday. Pant will always be questioned, but when India needed him, he delivered.

3. Rahane & Team Management

  • In our India vs Australia preview, we said that after 2014, “Rahane has failed to go to the next level,” & needs a “Pujara 2018 or Laxman 281 to elevate to legendary status.”

Verdict: Rahane has now successfully elevated himself to legendary status – as a batsman, player, & captain.

Although Rahane’s Melbourne knock rejuvenated the side, special mention needs to go to Ravi Shastri, Bharat Arun, the physios, & the support staff. In hindsight, the 36/9 rejuvenated the side, but it could easily have gone the 2011 England-Australia tours with 4-0. Credit to the team management & leadership group to keep the team together and motivated (The law of averages helped India as chances for the rest of the series went India’s way).

With all the Rahane vs Virat vs Rohit Twitter battles, one should remember that this is Kohli’s team (emphasis on fast bowlers & overseas victories) which Rahane took forward with Rohit & co in the leadership group. Team effort, no less.


1. Labuschagne, Smith, & Warner

  • 739 runs, 100s-2, 50s-4, best of 131, average of 49.27.

Sounds pretty good, right? This is the combined stats of Marnus Labuschagne & Steven Smith and vastly skewed by the performance in the last two matches. They were good, but not the usual. Smith lost the duel to R Ashwin over the series, while Labuschagne capitalized on dropped chances. For a side carrying injured openers, a Joe Burn, and a couple of inconsistent keepers, a lot more was expected from these two.

David Warner was visibly unfit, & 67 runs (from which 48 came in one innings) at 16.75 does not reflect a player of his caliber. Against Warner, every bowler looked like Stuart Broad.

Usman Khawaja & Shaun Marsh, anybody?

2. The Fall of Nathan Lyon & Mitchell Starc?

  • Starc took 11 wickets at 40.72 (74.7 SR) & Lyon with 9 wickets at 55.11 (SR: A whopping 124.6)

Alarming numbers. Lyon looked decent for the first couple of Test matches without much ‘luck,’ especially with Hazlewood & Cummins going through the Indian line-up. As the series progressed, it became clear that Lyon was having an underwhelming series. Pujara’s dancing down the wicket blocks & Pant’s hit was too much to digest. Starc? Inconsistent, out of form, & slightly injured. Amidst a long tour, COVID Bio-Bubbles, and against a certain Pujara, not rotating quicks cost Australia.

Speaking of inconsistent keepers, Tim Paine & Matthew Wade: A Tale of Two Careers.

  • 8, 33, 30, 40, 13, 4, 45, 0, and a whole load of ways of getting out

Look, I like Wade & Paine. Paine even had a great series with the bat, including a match-winning 72. I admire players who started early, were dropped, improved, & fought back into the XI. These two have been in-and-out since 2010-11 & have finally managed some success at the international level, but is it enough? One of Australia’s flaws this series was not capitalizing on strong situations, and Wade was always at the center. Not converting a single start might be too much for the Australian selectors. On the other hand, Paine will still be in the side at least as a batsman, but lots of question on his keeping and captaincy. Also, Tim & his Paineful reviews.

Murmurs about Alex Carey trying a summer England gig after being released from Delhi Capitals…

3. The Lone Bright Spots

Not everything was bad for Australia though.

  • 8 innings, 162.1 overs, 51 maidens, 21 wickets, 4/21 Best innings & 7/69 Best match

That’s Pat Cummins for you. Most overs bowled. Highest wicket taker. Most maidens. Player of the Series. Consistently threatened India’s batting from the first Test to the last. Intensity, eyes on fire, perfect line & length. Hazlewood was really good too, but Cummins was just on another level.

Debutants Cameron Green & Will Pucovski were of the highest quality. Although Green did not have much to show in the wickets column (none after 6 matches & 44 overs), he ticked several boxes. A tall bowler at 140 kph, safe pair of hands with 10 feet reach, can dig in when needed, and explode as his blistering 84 displayed. Pucovski never looked out of place with a confident 62, sandwiched between unfortunate injuries.

The Awards

We like to spice things up with our own awards for the series.

The 4th Test overshadowed the Broken Cricket Dream awards for Australia, otherwise Joe Burns falling career, Pucovski’s repeated injuries, & Wade’s dismissals were ideal candidates. Here they are:

India Australia
Emerging PlayerShubman Gill & Mohammad SirajCameron Green
Surprise PackageIndia’s Resilience & Character
Sundar, Shardul, Siraj
Tim Paine – The Batsman
Marnus Labuschagne – The outfielder
Broken Cricket DreamThe Injuries
The Dropped Catches
Kuldeep Yadav
Tim Paine – The Captain
Tim Paine – The Keeper
Nathan Lyon 399*
India Vs Australia Series Review: The Awards

Who would have been your Emerging Player? Surprise Player? Broken Cricket Dream? Let us know below WITH COMMENTS!

Where Do They Go From Here?

In terms of the World Test Championship, India are at the top with the England home series to go, while Australia drop to #3 with a South Africa 3-match series to happen…somewhere (Australia virtually out of the WTC).

The India-Australia rivalry has taken the next step and few are even calling for a 5 match series. I am not sure if that should happen in the COVID environment and strict quarantine days, but definitely a possibility in the future.

Ashes 2005 Comparsion

Is the 2020-21 India vs Australia series the greatest test victory of all time? Probably not.

Ashes 2005 is usually hailed as the pinnacle of Test cricket extravaganza and rightly so. Both teams at their peaks, Australia’s 2005 meriting Top 2 All Time status (a squad which maybe only Steve Smith & Pat Cummins could have made), full crowds inspiring the next generation, England winning the Ashes (2-1) for the first times since 1986-87.

  • Was India’s Melbourne victory the greatest comeback of all time as the cricket Twitter family suggested at the time? No. Not even close.
  • Was India’s draw the greatest match saving draw of all time? Nope.
  • Was India’s chase at the Gabba the highest ever or the most enthralling? Nah.
  • The 36 All Out worst collapse of all time? Almost, but not really.

Legacy of the India Vs Australia 2020 Series

But the fact that all of the above happened in the same series under the backdrop of COVID-19 and depression around the world (both economically & mentally speaking).

India 36/9 at Adelaide, Kohli going home, Ishant-Umesh-Bhuvi-Shami-Bumrah less India, without the stars of Sydney in Jadeja, Ashwin, & Vihari, Siraj battling father’s bereavement & racial abuse. Gabbatoir breached. You cannot predict this. None of us could have.

So let me ask this again—Was the 2020-21 India-Australia the greatest ever Test series? No, but in terms of the context and stories, this may as well be the greatest story of them all.

Why compare anyway? I am just glad we have both series to cherish in our memories forever.

Anyway, what are your thoughts on this India Vs Australia Series Review? Would love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below! Also feel free to share/discuss on our Twitter & Facebook pages!

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Image Courtesy: Hazlewood from Sydney, Australia, CC BY 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Cricket 2020 Predictions: How Do You Predict The Unpredictable?

Cricket 2020 Predictions – India Vs Australia. New Zealand Vs West Indies, England Vs South Africa.

These three series started almost simultaneously on November 27th and has finally come to an end on January 19th. From Dawid Malan and Hardik Pandya T20 special to the Williamson-Nicholls show, abandoned ODI series, and the culminating India Vs Australia Test Series, this past two months have been full of ebbs and flows.

Also lots of lack of sleep. Watching multiple matches of cricket across time zones. By the end one thing was for sure,

How does one predict the unpredictable?

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Cricket 2020 Predictions

This time we did a #SeriesPredictions with #IndvAus (3 ODI, 3 T20I, 4 Tests), #NZvWI (3 T20I, 2 Tests), & #EngvSA (3 T20I, 3 ODI – Abandoned) and asked our followers for the following categories:

  • #Scoreline
  • #MVP
  • #MostRuns
  • #MostWickets
  • #EmergingPlayer
  • #SurprisePackage

Read till the end for poll results, winners, and your prediction summaries!


Before we start with the results, here are some of the common pre-series prediction observations.

Common Incorrect Predictions

  • Quinton de Kock did not score as many runs as people expected in the EngvSA T20I series
  • Colin de Grandhomme got injured before the series
  • At least 1 win for the West Indies in T20I was expected, but they lost 3-0 in the T20I
  • Nobody picked Dawid Malan as the MVP for Eng-SA T20I series? Definitely the best T20I batsman in recent times

Common Correct Predictions

  • On the other hand, NZ-WI Test 2-0 was almost unanimous
  • Pat Cummins among the wickets
  • Green/Pucovski Emerging Player

Series Awards

New Zealand Vs West Indies

Here is the NZ vs WI Series Review with detailed analysis and stats.

Scoreline: 2-0 (T20I), 2-0 (Tests)New ZealandWest Indies
MVP (Tests)Kyle Jamieson
Most Runs (Tests)Kane WilliamsonJermaine Blackwood
Most Wickets (Tests)Tim SoutheeShannon Gabriel
Emerging PlayerDevon ConwayJoshua De Silva
Surprise PackageKyle JamiesonJermaine Blackwood
Broken DreamRoss TaylorRoston Chase
Cricket 2020 Predictions Results: NZ Vs WI

England Vs South Africa

Eng vs SA Series Review

Scoreline: 3-0 (T20I), Abandoned(ODI)South AfricaEngland
MVPDawid Malan
Most Runs Russie Van der DussenDawid Malan
Most Wickets Tabraiz Shamsi, Lungi NgidiSam Curran, Chris Jordan
Emerging PlayerGeorge LindeDressing Room Coded Signals
Surprise PackageGeorge LindeJonny Bairstow (in the middle order)
Broken Dream3rd Seamer: B. Hendricks, Ngidi, Sipamla Jason Roy, Moeen Ali
Cricket 2020 Predictions Results: SA Vs Eng

India Vs Australia

Ind Vs Aus Limited Overs Review, Ind Vs Aus Test Review

Scoreline: 2-1 (ODI), 1-2 (T20I), 1-2 (Tests)AustraliaIndia
MVP (Tests)Pat CumminsTeam Effort
Most Runs (Tests)Marnus LabuschagneRishabh Pant
Most Wickets (Tests)Pat CumminsMohammad Siraj
Emerging PlayerCameron GreenShubman Gill
Surprise PackageIndia’s Resilience & Character
Sundar, Shardul, Siraj
Tim Paine, the Batsman
Broken DreamKuldeep Yadav (No Game)Lyon 399*
Cricket 2020 Predictions Results: Aus Vs Ind

*Note: Some of the subjective Emerging Players/Surprise Package came from Twitter Polls.

My Prediction Results

If I were to give myself an award for the India vs Australia series, it would be the 2nd best guess. For the limited overs, I had the 2-1 & 1-2 correct but in the reverse order for the ODI & T20I series respectively.

Similarly, I picked the second best players of the series. Hazlewood took 2nd most wickets, Rahane tapered off at the end, and although Vihari & Labuschagne played crucial roles for their teams, they were not the most valuable players. R Ashwin was definitely a surprise all-round package, but Siraj-Sundar-Shardul in the 4th Test was even more surprising.

For the Eng-SA, I had 3-0 for sure, but in favor of South Africa. Oh how hopeful and naive. 😅

*If Most runs/wickets/MVP of either side is stated, then points will be given. For Emerging Player, either Shubman Gill, Will Pucovski, Mohammad Siraj, or Cameron Green will get a point.

#Scoreline2-1 (ODI), 1-2 (T20I), 1-1 (Tests)
1-2 (T20I), 2-0 (Tests) ✅
0-3 (T20I) ❌, 2-1 (ODI)
#MVPHanuma Vihari (Ind), Labuschagne (Aus)Trent Boult (NZ), Roston Chase (WI)Moeen Ali (Eng), Van der Dussen (SA)
#MostRunsAjinkya RahaneRoss TaylorQuinton de Kock
#MostWicketsHazlewoodTrent Boult-Jason Holder (tied)Anrich Nortje
#EmergingPlayerWill Pucovski ✅Joshua De Silva ✅Liam Livingstone
#SurprisePackageAshwinKyle Jamieson ✅Sam Curran?
TOTAL POINTS: 4/211/83/70/6

The Actual Results

The Winners (Drumroll Please…)

And The winners are…. In-Depth Football & Cricket (9/21) 🥇, Ansh Sharma (7/14) 🥈, Pratyush (7/21) 🥉 & Crazy Anand (7/21) 🥉! Congratulations!!!!

1. Jimmy Ciego (0/2)

  • #ENGvSA: 2-1 (T20I), 2-1 (ODI)
2. The Hundred Report (3/7)
  • #IndvAus: 1-2 (ODI) ✅. 2-1 (T20) ✅, 1-2 (Tests) SO CLOSE BUT REVERSED!
  • #NZvWI: 2-1 (T20I), 2-0 (Tests) ✅
  • #SAvEng: 2-1 (T20I), 2-1 (ODI)
  • “I love mighty Mo – I think this will be last chance saloon for him sadly so fingers crossed he makes an impact”

POOR MOEEN ALI…Did not get to play a game in the last 2 months…and now contracted COVID.

3. TheCricketMen (3/7)
  • #IndvAus: 1-2 (ODI) ✅, 2-1 (T20I) ✅, 1-3 (Tests)
  • #NZvWI: 2-1 (T20I), 2-0 (Tests) ✅
  • #SAvEng: 2-1 (T20I), 2-1 (ODI)
4. Rohan Gulavani (Ind-Aus) (2/9)
  • #Scoreline: 2-1 (ODI), 2-1 (T20I) ✅, 0-3 (Tests)
  • #MVP: Mayank (India), Warner (Aus)
  • #MostRuns: Warner
  • #MostWickets: Lyon
  • #EmergingPlayer: Pucovski/Green ✅
  • #SurprisePackage: Green/Vihari
5. Ansh Sharma (7/14)
#Scoreline2-1 (ODI), 2-1 (T20I) ✅, 2-1 (Tests) ✅2-1 (T20I), 2-0 (Tests) ✅
#MVPBumrah(Ind), Labuschagne (Aus)Trent Boult (NZ), Jason Holder (WI)
#MostRunsMarnus Labuschagne ✅Kane Williamson ✅
#MostWicketsPat Cummins ✅Trent Boult
#EmergingPlayerWill PucovskiTom Blundell
#SurprisePackageMayank AgarwalKyle Jamieson ✅
TOTAL POINTS: 7/144/83/6
6. Aayush Mahajan (3/14)
#Scoreline2-1 (ODI), 2-1 (T20I) ✅, 1-3 (Tests)2-1(T20I), 1-2(ODI)
#MVPMayank Agarwal (Ind), Smith (Aus)Sam Curran (Eng), Faf du Plessis (SA)
#MostRunsSteven SmithQuinton de Kock
#MostWicketsCummins ✅Kagiso Rabadda
#EmergingPlayerWill Pucovski ✅Liam Livingstone
#SurprisePackageAshwinHeinrich Klassen
TOTAL POINTS: 3/143/80/6

Vandit, the winner from IPL Predictions, got 6/18! Close to the top, but not the winner.

7. Vandit(6/21)
#Scoreline1-2 (ODI) ✅, 2-1 (T20I) ✅, 1-3 (Tests)2-1 (T20I), 2-0 (Tests) ✅3-0 (T20I) ✅, 2-1 (ODI)
#MVPMayank Agarwal (Ind), Josh Hazlewood(Aus)Trent Boult (NZ), Kemar Roach (WI)Jason Roy (Eng), Anrich Nortje (SA)
#MostRunsSteven SmithKane Williamson ✅Jason Roy
#MostWicketsJosh HazlewoodTrent BoultMark Wood
#EmergingPlayerWill Pucovski ✅Chemar HolderJanneman Malan
#SurprisePackageJoe BurnsShamarh BrooksSam Billings
TOTAL POINTS: 6/213/82/71/6
8. In-depth Football and Cricket (9/21)
#Scoreline2-1 (ODI), 2-1 (T20I) ✅, 1-3 (Tests)1-2 (T20I), 2-0 (Tests) ✅2-1 (T20I), 2-1 (T20I)
#MVPPujara (Ind), Labuschagne (Aus) ✅Watling (NZ), Holder (WI)Morgan (Eng), Quinton de Kock (SA)
#MostRunsSmithKane Williamson ✅Quinton de Kock
#MostWicketsCummins ✅WagnerAdil Rashid
#EmergingPlayerCameron Green ✅Will YoungGeorge Linde ✅
#SurprisePackageSiraj ✅Jamieson ✅Sam Curran
TOTAL POINTS: 9/215/83/71/6

9. Mohd Shamir Ansari (3/21)

*OOh, how life has changed in 2 months. Rohit Sharma came back for the 3rd Test, while KL Rahul found himself injured. Did not get to play a Test match at all.

#Scoreline2-1 (ODI), 1-2 (T20I), 2-1, 1 Draw (Tests) ✅1-2 (T20I), 2-0 (Tests) ✅2-1 (T20I), 1-2 (ODI)
#MVPKL Rahul (Ind), Travis Head (Aus)Colin de Grandhomme (NZ) , Jason Holder (WI)Jason Roy (Eng), Andile Phehlukwayo (SA)
#MostRuns*KL RahulHenry NichollsFaf du Plessis
#MostWicketsJasprit BumrahNeil WagnerKagiso Rabada
#EmergingPlayerMohammed Siraj ✅Shimron HetmyerReece Topley
#SurprisePackageJoe BurnsTom LathamJJ Smuts
TOTAL POINTS: 3/212/81/70/6
*Rohit Sharma was the first choice but Sharma has been ruled out for the first 2 Tests

The predictions for the next two in India vs Australia were correct in number (4-5), the guesses were opposite of the team who won the respective series. Great guess work nevertheless Rahul and Just Cricket!

10. Rahul Kumar (2/21)
#Scoreline2-1 (ODI), 1-2 (T20I), 1-2 (Tests)1-2 (T20I), 2-0 (Tests) ✅0-3 (T20I), 2-1 (ODI)
#MVPBumrah(Ind), Labuschagne (Aus)Williamson (NZ), Holder (WI)Morgan(Eng), Rabada (SA)
#MostRunsWarner/RahaneRoss TaylorFaf/Jos
#MostWicketsHazlewoodTrent BoultArcher
#EmergingPlayerWill Pucovski ✅Jamieson J Malan
#SurprisePackageMayank/RahulChemar HolderNortje
TOTAL POINTS: 2/211/81/70/6
11. JustCricket (3/21)
#Scoreline2-1 (ODI), 1-2 (T20I), 1-2 (Tests)1-2 (T20I), 2-0 (Tests) ✅2-1 (T20I), 1-2 (ODI)
#MVPBumrah(Ind), Cummins(Aus) ✅HolderRashid (Eng), QDK (SA)
#MostRunsSteve SmithWilliamsonQDK
#EmergingPlayerCam Green ✅JamiesonJanneman Malan
#SurprisePackageCam Green BrooksJanneman Malan
TOTAL POINTS: 3/212/81/70/6
12. Pratyush (8/21)
#Scoreline2-1 (ODI), 2-1 (T20I) ✅, 1-2 (Tests)1-2 (T20I), 2-0 (Tests) ✅3-0 (T20I) ✅, 2-1 (ODI)
#MVPVihari (Ind), Labuschagne (Aus) Wagner (NZ), Chase (WI)Morgan (Eng), Van der Dussen (SA)
#MostRunsPujaraWilliamson ✅Quinton de Kock
#MostWicketsCummins ✅WagnerArcher
#EmergingPlayerWill Pucovski ✅Joshua De Silva ✅Verreynne
#SurprisePackageGill ✅Will YoungSam Curran
TOTAL POINTS: 8/214/83/71/6
13. Crazy Anand (8/21)
#Scoreline2-1 (ODI), 2-1 (T20I) ✅, 1-1 (Tests)1-2 (T20I), 2-0 (Tests) ✅2-1 (T20I), 2-1 (ODI)
#MVPMayank Agarwal (Ind), Marnus Labuschagne (Aus)CDG (NZ) Roston Chase (WI)Chris Woakes (Eng), Rassie Van der Dussen (SA)
#MostRunsMarnus Labuschagne ✅Ross TaylorQDK
#MostWicketsPat Cummins ✅Neil WagnerRabada
#EmergingPlayerPucovski ✅Joshua De Silva ✅Liam Livingstone
#SurprisePackageRahul, Gill ✅Kyle Jamieson ✅Sam Curran
TOTAL POINTS: 8/215/83/70/6

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The Opinions

Here is how some of the Tweets aged for the Cricket 2020 Predictions. Some of these comments are amazingly close!

Highlights: Comments that Came True, Predictions That Were Off, My Comments/Opinions

1. Arnab Bhattacharyya

Everyone has been dismissing India’s chance in the BG Trophy – Test series . I have a feeling we will do well there , provided all of them stay injury free. We are a better team in the white ball format , so winning them wont be a surprise .

2. Rohan Gulavani

I feel first Test in Adelaide may be over in less than 4 days..

  1. Both sides playing a test after long time..rustiness..
  2. India has not played DN test except Kolkata one
  3. Both side have quality bowlers. Evening sessions could be very productive for bowlers..

3. Johnny

For #SAvEng I just hope they get on the pitch. If they do, England probably win both 2-1. They don’t seem to be taking ODIs that seriously right now which could give SA a chance but most of them have had either a decent IPL or a good rest so will be ready to go…

4. Scripurient (2/3)

In terms of #IndvAus, it will be very, very competitive as is the case usually with the two sides. In terms of the scoreline, I reckon its:-

  • T20s:- 2-1 (Ind) ✅ ODIs:- 1-2 (Aus) ✅ Tests:- 1-2 ❌ (1 drawn ✅) – Aus

Tough to predict though, very tough!

For #EngvSA, well, first they need to get over natural obstacles (rain)

If all matches do commence as plan, my predictions are:- T20s:- 2-1 (could potentially be 3-0 if Eng plays a full-strength team) ODIs:- 2-1 Both in favor of England.

5. TheRedCherry: (1/4)

ODIs: India to win 2-1 T20I’s: Aussies to win 2-1 Tests: 2-1 for Aussies…

ENG vs SA: T20I’S – 2-1 ODIs – 3-0 (both in favour of England)

6. Sabeeha Majid responds:

3-0?? Give us a shot at least. We did beat the aussies 3-0

Interesting conversation this….

Well…England swept the T20I 3-0 unfortunately for South Africa.

7. Sehrish

Some interesting predictions but I believe ENGvSA will be the closest one. 3-0 seems way too off, 2-1, quite possible.

8. Aayush Mahajan

NZvWI tough to predict due to unpredictable nature of the Windies


I hope this was a fun game for you! Everyone did way better than the IPL Predictions!

Next Stop: IPL 2021 Predictions after the new teams are selected.

If you enjoyed the Cricket 2020 Predictions, Comment below, join us for free updates below, and share with your friends!

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Image Courtesy: Steve SmithNAPARAZZI, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

Top 10 Life Lessons From India Vs Australia 2020: Courage, Character, Resilience – Which One Is Your Favorite?

India Vs Australia 2020, a series to cherish forever.

In the time of COVID and hardship, this is exactly what was needed. Not only did this series entertain, it also taught us valuable life lessons as well.

Earlier we did a similar piece on 10 Life Lessons from IPL 2020:

  1. Soil Fertile Elsewhere
  2. The Audacity of Hope
  3. Rise Like a Phoenix
  4. Make Most of Your Opportunities
  5. Synergy Above All
  6. Small Hole Can Sink a Ship
  7. Carry Old Baggage At Your Own Risk
  8. When One Era Closes, Another Opens
  9. Fix Roof When Sun Is Shining
  10. Sportsmanship & Passion For the Game

Today we will add more 10 life lessons from cricket we can apply to our lives.

Table of Contents

*Note: Underlined & Bolded links are videos. Underlined without bold are links to other articles.

Also Read: Cricket’s Reflections of Passion, Prediction Results, Life Lessons From Joe Biden & Joe Denly

The Life Lessons

India Vs Australia 2020 Edition

1. Resilience & Courage

Moment: The entire series.

The series can be summed up by Nelson Mandela’s quote, “The greatest glory in living lies not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.”

Whenever India looked like they were gone, they found a way to get back up.

36/9 in Adelaide and without Virat Kohli at Melbourne. Surely India cannot recover at the Boxing Day Test? Well exactly the opposite happened as India achieved a memorable victory. The entire team rose to the occasion & Rahane, the stand-in captain, stood up with a magnificent century.


Injuries to fast bowlers of the Class of 2018. Before the series, No Ishant, no Bhuvi. Midway through the series, Shami, Umesh, and Bumrah out. By the end, Ashwin, Jadeja, & Vihari are done. Battered & bruised, they draw the third test.

Did the Indian team decide to give up at any point in time? Does India play for the draw in the 4th test? No & No. They go for the win. And they indeed win.


Life Lesson 1: It is okay to make mistakes. You will suffer setbacks. The important part is to regroup, learn from these initial setbacks & mistakes, and find your feet again. Keep working. Keep going. Just never give up.

2. Just Be Yourself

Moment: Pant-Pujara Partnership

Oh he plays too slow! No intent shown….Oh he is too reckless. Gets out against the run of play.

This is not a description about one player but a paraphrasing of criticism for two different players, Pujara and Pant.

Balance is important. Criticize these two at your own peril.

Pujara scored his slowest fifty in the first innings of the 3rd Test. He followed it up by his 3rd slowest in the second innings. He went to break his own slowest 50th at the historic Gabba chase.

Pant ‘throws it away’ in the 2019 World Cup Semi-Final. Pant has ‘thrown it away’ several times before. In the third test, he plays a ‘rash’ shot at 97. Hopes of India’s win diminish, but the fact India had hope in the first place is due to Pant. Fortune favors the brave.

Pujara ended the series with a strike rate of 29.2. Pant with 69.89. Neither got a century, yet the partnerships of 148 (265) in Sydney and 61 (141) at Brisbane were monumental in India’s victory.

Cheteshwar Pujara and Rishabh Pant. Chalk and cheese. Yin and Yang.

Life Lesson 2: Adapting to different situations & circumstances in life is important but not at the expense of your innate being. Always learn from others, listen, take their advice, but at the end of the day, you are unique, and that is good enough. Never change who you are for others, and never forget where you came from.

3. Character & Determination

Moment: Hanuma Vihari & R Ashwin in the 3rd Test

Hanuma Vihari had a disastrous series till Day 5 of the 3rd Test. In his 5 innings, he scored 16 & 8, 21, and 4 & 23*. By the 4th day, he had run himself out after looking uncomfortable with a 4 (38), dropped a couple of crucial chances, and had been hit numerous times at forward short leg.

When Pujara & Pant depart on Day 5, Vihari has only scored 3*(31) with a session & a half to go. Just to put salt on the wound, Vihari suffers a hamstring injury. His new partner, R Ashwin, neither has form on his side nor a functioning back.

But boy, does he have spine? Post tea, he gets battered with short deliveries and gets hit on the ribs & shoulders.

Response? They pull off one of the major heists in recent Test cricketing memory. Vihari 23*(161) with over 4 and a half hours of batting & 39*(128) in 3 hours for Ashwin. Partnership of 62*(259).

If this is not one of the greatest displays of character & determination, I just don’t know what is.

Life Lesson 3: Sometimes things are in your favor. At other times, they are not. Vihari could have easily retired hurt and cared for his place in the 4th Test. These moments are what life is all about. Even when you are not 100% physically or mentally, stay in the moment & give it your all.

Don’t retire hurt and sell yourself short.

4. Fearlessness

Moments: India’s youngsters rise to the occasion. Pant’s 97 & 89*, Sundar 62, Thakur 67 & 7 wickets, Siraj’s 5-for, & Shubman Gill’s 91.

Mark Twain is credited to have said, “Do the thing you fear, and the death of fear is certain.”

The embodiment of fearlessness was displayed by India’s youth in this tour—Debutants Shubman Gill, Mohammad Siraj, Washington Sundar, (almost debutant) Shardul Thakur, and none more so than the experienced Rishabh Pant.

Gill’s backfoot punches are a thing of beauty. Beauty + Consistency + Positive Approach = Brilliance of Shubman Gill. Scores of 45, 35*, 50, 31, 7, and the 91 that gave India belief in Brisbane.

Thakur & Sundar did not fear against Starc-Cummins-Hazlewood. Neither did they blindly hit. They played proper cricketing shots & dominated. On Day 5 and near victory, Sundar pulled dangerous Cummins for six, Pant paddle swept Lyon, & Sundar got out playing a reverse sweep. Fearless stuff.

Life Lesson 4: You will face challenges and difficulties, whether that is related to school or work. Next time you fear how hard the upcoming exam is or if you have self-doubts about completing a project, take a deep breath and invoke your inner Rishabh Pant.

Spiderman, Spiderman,…

5. The Whole Is Greater Than Sum of The Parts

Moment: India Maximize Available Resource

Luck is when opportunity meets preparation. The youngsters, reserves, & stalwarts of India were prepared when this opportunity came.

Although Rahane’s century was the highlight of Melbourne’s victory, Bumrah and Ashwin were among the wickets, Shubman Gill contributed with a 45 & 35*, & ever dependable Jadeja made a steady 57 along with his fielding efforts.

The Sydney draw was masterminded by Pant-Pujara & Ashwin-Vihari partnerships, but also had key contributions from Gill-Sharma & Jadeja again. In the final Test, the improbable counterattack by Thakur-Sundar, Siraj’s 5-for, & Gill-Pujara-Pant-Sundar took India to victory.

India utilized 20 squad members, Pant was the highest score with only 274 runs, & Siraj the highest wicket taker with 13 wickets. It was a truly a team effort from India’s point of view. Australia had more centuries, highest wicket taker, & most run scorer (since they played all 4 matches).

Life Lesson 5: Learn to work with others. The more diverse the ideas, the better. Individual excellence along with the greater good is the best way forward. Bring others along with you.

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Embed from Getty Images

6. Be Like Pat Cummins

Moment: Pat Cummins bowls his heart out

So why does Cummins get a special mention? Because he was the highest wicket taker at 21 wickets and player of the series? No.

Pat Cummins bowled 162.1 overs, the most by a pacer in this Test series (Lyon with 187). Hazlewood was next with 144.4. This is an amazing feat considering Cummins was marred by injuries in his early career (Test debut in 2011, but did not play any tests between 2012-16).

He was just as intense on Day 1 of the first Test as he was on Day 5 of the 4th. In the final hour of the series, if there was one bowler who Tim Paine could depend on, it was Pat Cummins. Still bowling at 140 clicks, hitting the perfect line & length (Spooky pitch map by the way).

Accuracy, Consistency, Intensity. That’s Pat Cummins for you.

Pujara and the rest of the Indian batsmen had drained the Australian bowling unit. Cummins must have been out of energy. He must have tired, but it did not show. Bowled his heart out.

Life Lesson 6: Success comes before work only in dictionary. If you want to pursue any field, be like Pat Cummins. Give it your 100%. Work hard, play hard, fail, learn, cherish moments of glory, repeat.

7. Fine Line Between Banter & Abuse

Moments: Ashwin-Paine Banter, Mohammad Siraj Racial Abuse

The heat of the moment got to Tim Paine in the 3rd Test match with his banter against Ashwin. It came back to bite him since Australia lost their fortress after 33 years, the Gabbatoir. Paine later came back for an emergency press conference to address the issues. At other times in the series, commentators were guilty of making derogatory remarks against Marnus Labuschagne.

The tensions came to a boil when spectators racially abused Mohammad Siraj on multiple days. Siraj reported the incident to the umpire. Several ex-players, including Justin Langer have come out against it. As Bharat Sundaresan wrote, “Siraj is the hero we need to be.” Bharat also speaks about it here.

Life Lesson 7: Racism is not acceptable in any form. Speak up if you are a victim or a by-stander. Try to learn from other cultures. If you are not sure about a cultural reference or how to pronounce a name, just ask. Don’t Assume. Embrace diversity. Be nice.

8. Walk the Talk: Performance Matters

Moments: Tim Paine & Matthew Wade’s Performances

Tim Paine had a decent series with the bat, especially the counter attacking Player of the Match 73* at Adelaide. The rest of his performance though was below par.

Dropped catches at Sydney & Brisbane, missed DRS reviews, useless banter, & fielding placements. He needs to walk the talk with his captaincy.

The other keeper in the XI, Matthew Wade also needs to walk the talk. He has done a great job plugging holes in Australia’s line up as a middle order, opening batsman, and taking hits from Neil Wagner. In this India Vs Australia 2020 series, he has managed to get out with a soft dismissal on 3-4 occasions.

Life Lesson 8: Words need to be accompanied with actions to have any meaning. Walk the talk & never take anything for granted. When you are doing well, make the most out of your opportunity because the good times can end very quickly.

9. Leadership Matters

Moments: Siraj leads the attack, Rahane consoles Jadeja after Run Out

If I had to remember this series by one story alone, it would be Mohammad Siraj. Siraj comes from a humble background, was in bereavement of his father’s loss, and was racially abused. Bumrah gets injured, and India play the Brisbane Test with a total of 4 Test matches among the 5 bowlers, with Rohit Sharma being the most experienced bowler.

Siraj becomes the leader of the attack, gives advice to Saini, Natarajan, & Thakur, and takes a well deserved 5-fer. It has been a great boon to Indian cricket that the transition from Zaheer Khan to Ishant Sharma, Ishant Sharma to Bumrah, and Bumrah to Siraj has been smooth. Arms around shoulders.

Speaking of leadership, Rahane’s captaincy & calm demeanor (the Jadeja moment & reaction after series victory) were central to India’s win. In addition, the physio’s efforts during this injury-marred series, and support staff’s influence with Bharat Arun & Ravi Shastri cannot be understated.

Life Lesson 9: Be the leader you want others to be. Lead with humility and vision. Take responsibility. Guide others. Sharing is caring. Creating other leaders is the most significant sign of leadership.

10. Do Not Get Ahead of Yourself

Moments: The Gabba Fortress Breached

The pre-series talk included several predictions of Australia sweeping 4-0 and even after Sydney, Gabba’s statistics were the talk of the town. We all know what happened.

India needs to be warned as well. This was an expected surreal win, but the Indian team should not get ahead of themselves. If India gets complacent, who knows, England might provide India a taste of their own medicine later this year.

Life Lesson 10: Pride and ego can lead to positive growth if utilized correctly. Hubris and arrogance, on the other hand, will certainly bring your downfall.

11. Bonus Story: Superstitions For The Win

This is a fun personal story.

I have always enjoyed underdog stories. I mean, this entire blog is about “Broken Cricket Dreams.” One of the Test matches I have always waited for is a 5th Day hard fought draw.

Due to time zones, I had missed Faf’s Adelaide debut & a similar New Zealand-England match earlier in the decade. The 2015 South Africa blockathon (143 runs in 143.1 overs) resulted in a narrow defeat. The end of the decade, I thought my dream would come true with the Azhar Ali-Fawad Alam-Rizwan effort. It was not to be.

I am also known for my jinx ability & superstitions (just for the fun of it). So 3rd Test Day 5, I had been asked by my friend and family to not tweet a thing. I went one step ahead and decided to not speak either for the day.

After almost 9 and a half hours, the dream finally came true. India had saved the Test match. And guess what? It was a kind of peaceful exercise, not being on social medial 24-7. Anyway…

India Vs Australia 2020 Legacy

Surely this is a tour that Allan Border & Sunil Gavaskar would be proud of.

For a generation or two, the 1999 World Cup Semi-Final, 2005 Ashes, 2001 Laxman’s 281, Belinda Clarke’s 229* were the moments to cherish. In the last 5 years, cricket has rejuvenated itself. All formats with memorable moments.

  1. T20 World Cup – Remember The Name
  2. Women’s World Cup 2017, WT20 2020 – 86,000 spectators
  3. ODI World Cup Final 2019
  4. Stokes Headingly 2019, Perera 153*
  5. India Vs Australia 2020

So, India Vs Australia – who won?

Here is one of our tweets that made it after the 36/9 in Adelaide.

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