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2023 Cricket World Cup Australia Squad Breakdown (The Definitive Guide): Which of the 15 players will make the Final XI?

Here is everything you need to know from 2023 Cricket World Cup Australia preliminary squad announcement.

Let’s not wait a second and dive right in.

Key Takeaways – 2023 Cricket World Cup Australia squad

  • The average age of Australia’s 2023 Cricket World Cup squad is 31.2.
  • The 18-member preliminary squad has ODI match experience of 76 ODIs (1126 ODIs among 15 players).
  • Australia’s squad composition is as follows: 6 proper batters (with three part-time bowling options), 6 all-rounders, and 3 proper bowling options. In total, Australia has 12 bowling options (3 leg spin, 2 off spin, 1 left arm pace, and 6 right arm pace) in their squad if absolutely needed.
  • Australia has 3 left-handed batting options (David Warner, Alex Carey, and Travis Head) and three wicketkeeping options (Carey, Head, Inglis) in their squad.

Australia Cricket World Cup 2023 Team at a Glance

David WarnerBatter36
Steve SmithBattler/part time leg spin34
Marcus StoinisAll-Rounder/Medium Pace34
Mitchell MarshAll-Rounder/Medium Pace31
Cameron GreenAll-Rounder/Medium Pace24
Glenn MaxwellAll-Rounder/Off-spin34
Travis HeadBatter/ part time off-spin/occasional wicketkeeper29
Marnus LabuschagneBatter/leg spinner29
Alex CareyBatter/Wicketkeeper32
Josh InglisBatter/Wicketkeeper28
Pat CumminsAll-Rounder/Fast30
Josh HazlewoodFast33
Mitchell StarcFast32
Nathan Ellis**Fast28
Sean AbbottAll-Rounder/Fast31
Adam ZampaLeg-Spin31
Tanveer Sangha*Leg-Spin21
Ashton Agar**All-Rounder/Left Arm Spin29
Aaron Hardie**All-Rounder/Medium-Pace24

*Traveling Reserve

**Was in the squads leading up to the World Cup but did not make it to the final squad

Australia Cricket World Cup 2023 Potential XI

  1. David Warner
  2. Cameron Green
  3. Marnus Labuschagne
  4. Steve Smith
  5. Mitchell Marsh/Marcus Stoinis
  6. Glenn Maxwell
  7. Alex Carey (WK)
  8. Pat Cummins (c)
  9. Mitchell Starc
  10. Josh Hazlewood
  11. Adam Zampa

Injury News

  • Ashton Agar is ruled out of the World Cup with a calf injury. Marnus Labuschagne replaces him.
  • Travis Head is selected for the WC squad despite fracturing his hand.
  • Captain Pat Cummins was injured, but made it in back to the squad during the India ODI series.
  • Steve Smith was ruled out of the South Africa T20I series with a wrist injury and Ashton Turner was called up as replacement. Smith is now back and in-form as we can see from the WC warm up games.
  • Mitchell Starc was rested from the T20I squad and Spencer Johnson replaced him for this series.
  • Jhye Richardson was ruled out of the IPL earlier this year due to a hamstring injury. Due to lack of ODIs in the cricket calendar, he has not yet got a chance to prove his case.

7 Australian Players Who Were Unlucky to Miss Out

  • Usman Khawaja, Ashton Agar, Marnus Labuschagne, Jhye Richardson, Peter Handscomb, Mitchell Swepson, Jason Behrendorff

Surprise Picks for Australia’s World Cup Preliminary Squad

  • Marnus Labuschagne, Travis Head (post injury)

2023 Cricket World Cup Squad: Australia Cricket Team List of Players for the World Cup

1. David Warner

Role: Left Hand Bat (Opener)

  • Matches/Innings:150/148
  • Runs: 6397, Best: 179
  • Average/SR: 45.04/96.44
  • 100/50: 20/31

Recent ODI Form: 0, 106, 78, 12, 10, 52, 53, 56

Last ODI: September 27, 2023

Age: 36

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2. Steven Smith

Role: Middle Order Batter/Occasional Leg Break

  • Matches/Innings: 145/129
  • Runs: 5054, Best: 164
  • Average/SR: 44.33/ 87.66
  • 100/50: 12/30

Recent ODI Form: 41, 0, 74

Last ODI: September 27, 2023

Age: 34

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3. Marcus Stoinis

Role: Right hand Bat/Right Arm Medium Pace

  • Matches/Innings: 64/58
  • Runs: 1400, Best: 146*
  • Average/SR: 27.45/94.02
  • 100/50: 1/6
  • Wickets: 44, Best: 3/16
  • Economy: 5.92

Recent ODI Form: 6, 37*, 17, 10, 18, 29 & 3/18, 2/39, 2/20, 1/58, 1/81, 0/40

Last ODI: September 27, 2023

Age: 34

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4. Mitchell Marsh

Role: Right hand bat/Right Hand Medium Pace

  • Matches/Innings: 79/75
  • Runs: 2231, Best: 102*
  • Average/SR: 34.32/94.21
  • 100/50: 1/17
  • Wickets: 54, Best: 5/33
  • Economy: 5.43

Recent ODI Form: 79*, 15, 17, 0, 29, 6, 71, 4, 96

Last ODI: September 27, 2023

Age: 31

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5. Cameron Green

Role: Right hand Bat/ Right Arm Medium Pace

  • Matches/Innings: 20/17
  • Runs: 379, Best: 89*
  • Average/SR: 37.90/84.78
  • 100/50: 0/1
  • Wickets: 16, Best: 5/33
  • Economy: 5.72

Recent ODI Form: 0*, 18, 31, 19, 9, 34 & 1/32, 1/59, 0/44, 2/103, 1/30

Last ODI: September 27, 2023

Age: 24

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6. Glenn Maxwell

Role: Right hand bat/Right Arm Off-break

  • Matches/Innings: 129/118
  • Runs: 3495, Best: 108
  • Average/SR: 33.60/124.68
  • 100/50: 2/23
  • Wickets: 64, Best: 4/40
  • Economy: 5.53

Recent ODI Form: 5 & 4/40

Last ODI: September 27, 2023

Age: 34

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7. Travis Head

Role: Left Hand Bat, Right Arm Offbreak, Part-time Wicketkeeper

  • Matches/Innings: 58/55
  • Runs: 2064, Best: 152
  • Average/SR: 41.28/99.51
  • 100/50: 3/15
  • Wickets: 16
  • Economy: 5.81

Recent ODI Form: 6, 18, 91, 33, 64, 38, 17* & 2/39, 0/41

Last ODI: September 14, 2023

Age: 29

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8. Marnus Labuschagne

Role: Middle Order Batter/Occasional Leg Break

  • Matches/Innings: 38/36
  • Runs: 1268, Best: 124
  • Average/SR: 37.29/87.50
  • 100/50: 2/8

Recent ODI Form: 80*, 124, 15, 20, 44, 39, 27, 72

Last ODI: September 27, 2023

Age: 29

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9. Alex Carey (WK)

Role: Left hand bat/Wicketkeeper

  • Matches/Innings: 71/65
  • Runs: 1814, Best: 106
  • Average/SR: 33.59/88.48
  • 100/50: 1/8
  • Catches/Stumpings: 82/8

Recent ODI Form: 3, 6, 12, 99, 2, 14, 11, 28

Last ODI: September 27, 2023

Age: 32

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10. Josh Inglis (WK)

Role: Right hand bat/Wicketkeeper

  • Matches/Innings: 8/8
  • Runs: 143, Best: 50
  • Average/SR: 17.87/93.46
  • 100/50: 0/1
  • Catches/Stumpings: 2/0

Recent ODI Form: 1, 50, 0, 45, 6

Last ODI: September 24, 2023

Age: 28

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11. Pat Cummins (C)

Role: Right hand bat/Right arm fast bowler

  • Matches/Innings: 77/77
  • Wickets: 126, Best: 5/70
  • Economy: 5.23
  • 4-fer/5-fer: 6/1
  • Runs: 324, Best: 36

Recent ODI Form: 21*, 19* & 1/44, 1/59

Last ODI: September 27, 2023

Age: 30

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12. Mitchell Starc

Role: Left arm Pace/Left Hand Bat

  • Matches/Innings: 111/111
  • Wickets: 220, Best: 6/28
  • 4-fer/5-fer: 12/9
  • Economy: 5.13

Recent ODI Form: 1/53

Last ODI: September 27, 2023

Age: 33

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13. Josh Hazlewood

Role: Right arm fast bowler

  • Matches/Innings: 74/73
  • Wickets: 116, Best: 6/52
  • Economy: 4.70

Recent ODI Form: 3/41, 0/74, 2/79, 1/62, 2/42

Last ODI: September 27, 2023

Age: 32

Embed from Getty Images

14. Sean Abbott

Role: Right Arm Fast Bowler/Right Hand Bat

  • Matches/Innings: 17/17
  • Wickets: 20, Best: 3/23
  • 4-fer/5-fer: 0/0
  • Economy: 5.06
  • Runs: 228, Best: 54
  • Average: 17.53/107.54

Recent ODI Form: 9, 7*, 2, 23, 2, 54 & 1/40, 2/50, 0/31, 2/4, /56, 1/91

Last ODI: September 24, 2023

Age: 31

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15. Adam Zampa

Role: Right Arm Leg spin

  • Matches/Innings: 85/85
  • Wickets: 142, Best: 5/35
  • 4-fer/5-fer: 8/1
  • Economy: 5.53

Recent ODI Form: 10/42, 1/42, 4/48, 0/113, 3/70, 2/57, 1/67

Last ODI: September 24, 2023

Age: 31

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16. Tanveer Sangha**

**traveling reserve

*has not debuted in international cricket yet

Role: Right hand leg spin

List A Record:

  • Matches/Innings: 5/5
  • Wickets: 7
  • 4-fer/5-fer: 1/0
  • Economy: 5.12

Age: 21

Embed from Getty Images

17. Ashton Agar*

*no longer in the World Cup squad

Role: Left hand Bat/Slow Left arm orthodox

  • Matches/Innings: 21/21
  • Wickets: 20, Best: 2/31
  • 4-fer/5-fer: 0/0
  • Economy: 5.27

Recent ODI Form: 1/15, 1/16, 0/62, 0/41, 2/41 & DNB, 0, DNB, 18*, 17

Last ODI: March 22, 2023

Age: 29

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18. Nathan Ellis*

*no longer in the World Cup squad

Role: Right arm fast bowler

  • Matches/Innings: 4/4
  • Wickets: 5, Best: 2/13
  • 4-fer/5-fer: 0/0
  • Economy: 5.46

Recent ODI Form: 1/36, 1/66, 1/38, 2/13

Last ODI: March 19, 2023

Age: 28

Embed from Getty Images

18. Aaron Hardie*

*no longer in the squad

Role: Right Hand Bat/ Right Arm Medium Pace

*has not debuted in internatinoal cricket

List A Career

  • Matches/Innings: 16/12
  • Wickets: 51, Best: 3/28
  • Runs: 194, Best: 58
  • 4-fer/5-fer: 0/0
  • Economy: 5.50

Age: 24

Embed from Getty Images

Final Thoughts

Australia have dominated ODI World Cups for as long as I can remember.

Can they do it again? With as many bowling options as they have, they have the flexibility in the squad to go all the way. They have injury concerns and lack of subcontinent experience may be an issue.

How far do you think Australia go all the way? Comment below on your thoughts.

Frequently Asked Questions – 2023 Cricket World Cup Australia Squad

What is the average age of Australia’s 2023 Cricket World Cup squad?

England’s 2023 Cricket World Cup squad average age is 30 years.

Who is Aaron Hardie?

Aaron Hardie is a 24-year-old Australian all-rounder. He has played 26 first class matches, 16 List A, and 46 T20 matches. He has played for the Australian U-19 team & Perth Scorchers.

Who is selected for Australia’s 2023 Cricket World Cup squad?

David Warner, Cameron Green, Mitchell Marsh, Steve Smith, Marcus Stoinis, Glenn Maxwell, Alex Carey (WK), Pat Cummins, Mitchell Starc, Josh Hazlewood, Adam Zampa, Sean Abbott, Aaron Hardie, Ashton Agar, Tanveer Sangha, Josh Inglis, Nathan Ellis, and Travis Head are in Australia’s 2023 Cricket World Cup squad.

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Is SuryaKumar Yadav the Most Complete 360 Player in T20 Cricket?

Yes, Suryakumar Yadav, also loving known as SKY, is one of the most complete 360 degree batters right now in world cricket.

Table of Contents

  1. What is a 360 Player?
  2. What shots of Suryakumar Yadav make him unique?
  3. Can Suryakumar Yadav Keep It Going?
Embed from Getty Images

The entire list of 360 degree players is as follows:

  1. AB De Villiers
  2. Kevin Pietersen
  3. Glenn Maxwell
  4. Jos Buttler
  5. Suryakumar Yadav
  6. Dinesh Karthik
  7. Glenn Phillips

The next generation of cricketers will add to this list, I am sure.

What is a 360 Player?

A 360-degree player is someone who utilizes each and every open area of the cricket ground. Traditionally, cricketers have been trained to play in the V, but due to limited overs cricket, the run scoring areas has expanded.

Suryakumar Yadav has shown that even though he was built with traditional cricket training (as can be seen from those perfect straight drives and classic shots), he has a lot more shots.

What shots of Suryakumar Yadav make him unique?

He has three shots that sets him apart:

  1. The sweep — Most modern day cricketers have the sweep shot, but what sets SKY apart is his range. Due to his beautiful wrist work, he can hit the ball anywhere from Deep Mid Wicket to Deep Square to Fine Leg behind the 45.
  2. The swipe — This swipe shot is something indescribable by the human eye. Most cases, it is used to hit a fast bowler over Square Leg for six. However, as seen in his marvelous 117 (55) vs England in 2022, he utilized this shot to great effect. One shot, in particular, caught my eye. He swiped the ball behind his leg and guided it almost straight behind Jos Buttler’s (WK) head for a one bounce four he
  3. The inside out shot — Another shot that has become a Suryakumar Yadav trademark. This can be employed against both spin and pace. As seen once again during that 117, he has perfected this shot. He hit an inside-out shot behind 3rd man for a majestic boundary!
  4. The Pull — Suryakumar Yadav began his career with a first ball pull over Fine Leg. Usually, boundaries here a bit shorter, and the fact that he can almost choose where to hit it makes him an effective 360 degree player.

And not only can he hit these wristy tricky shots, he can also play the classic straight drives. Another one of his shots that caught my eye during his incredible innings was that straight six with a little dance move. Here is highlights of his innings. If you have watched it once or twice, I request y’all to watch this innings again because it was that good.

Can Suryakumar Yadav Keep It Going?

There is no doubt that Suryakumar Yadav is in the form of his life.

These are just some of the many shots that help SKY cover what was once thought the unreachable areas of the ground. I hope he continues improving and stays in immaculate touch at the international level.

He has had to wait his time, but we have seen his gradual evolution from a finisher at KKR to a complete middle order batter at Mumbai Indians.

Surya did not receive his international cap as early as he should have, but he is making every innings count at the international level. That 117, with 14 fours and 6 sixes was a coming of age for him, and I just hope for the best for him going forward.

Keep going!

© Copyright @Nitesh Mathur and Broken Cricket Dreams, 2021. Originally published on 07/12/2022. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this site’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to Broken Cricket Dreams with appropriate and specific direction to the original content (i.e. linked to the exact post/article).

Big Bash League 2021 (BBL 2021): Everything You Need To Know Quickly—Teams, Fixtures, & Predictions

Big Bash League (BBL 2021)—The Australian T20 League is back.

Australia is coming back from a victorious T20 World Cup campaign with a backdrop of Tim Paine’s scandal and an Ashes running in the background.

The first match of the Big Bash is already upon us. Glenn Maxwell’s Melbourne Stars suffered a horror loss by a mammoth 152 runs. If this game is anything to go by…we are going to be in for a long journey.

Here is everything you need to know about BBL 2021 quickly.

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Quick Summary

  • Matches: 61 (8 teams, 14 matches each, double round robin, top 5 qualify for the playoffs)
  • Teams: Adelaide Strikers, Brisbane Heat, Hobart Hurricanes, Melbourne Renegades, Melbourne Stars, Perth Scorchers, Sydney Sixers, Sydney Thunders
  • Dates: December 5th 2021- January 28th, 2022
  • Venues: City: Stadium (Number of Matches)
    • Adelaide: Adelaide Oval (7)
    • Brisbane: The Gabba (5)
    • Canberra: Manuka Oval (2)
    • Coffs Harbour: Coffs Harbour International Stadium (2)
    • Geelong: Kardinia Park (also known as GMHBA) (2)
    • Gold Coast: Carrara Stadium (2)
    • Hobart: Bellerive Oval (also known as Blundstone Arena) (5)
    • Launceston: York Park (University of Tasmania Stadium) (2)
    • Melbourne: Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) (6), Docklands Stadium (also known as Marvel Stadium) (5), Junction Oval (1)
    • Perth: Perth Stadium (7)
    • Sydney: Sydney Cricket Ground (SCG) (5), Sydney Showground Stadium (5)
  • Fixtures can be seen here.


  1. Sydney Sixers: 2011, 2015, 2019, 2020 (Winners), 2014, 2016 (Runner-Up)
  2. Perth Scorchers: 2013, 2014, 2016 (Winners), 2011, 2012, 2020 (Runner-Up)
  3. Adelaide Strikers: 2017 (Winners)
  4. Brisbane Heat: 2012 (Winners)
  5. Melbourne Renegades: 2018 (Winners)
  6. Sydney Thunders: 2015 (Winners)
  7. Melbourne Stars: 2015, 2018, 2019 (Runner-Up)
  8. Hobart Hurricanes: 2013, 2017 (Runner-Up)

BBL 2021: Teams & Expected Playing XI

Before we begin with the BBL 2021 squads, here are the Ashes squad for the first two Tests as well as the Australia A squad that is due to face the England Lions between Tests. In case of conflicts, several players might miss some of their Big Bash matches.

We might also see some early overseas signings replaced due to COVID, Australian quarantine rules, and visa issues.

Ashes XI

  1. David Warner, 2. Marcus Harris, 3. Marnus Labuschagne, 4. Steven Smith 9VC), 5. Travis Head, 6. Cameron Green, 7. Alex Carey (WK), 8. Pat Cummins (C), 9. Josh Hazlewood, 10. Mitchell Starc, 11. Nathan Lyon

Squad: 12. Michael Neser, 13. Jhye Richarson, 14. Mitchell Swepson, 15. Usman Khawaja

Australia A Squad (December 9-12 Tour Game)

  1. Matt Renshaw, 2. Josh Inglis (WK), 3. Nic Maddinson, 4. Mitchell Marsh, 5. Alex Carey (WK), 6. Ashton Agar, 7. Henry Hunt, 8. Bryce Street, 9. Sean Abbott, 10. Scott Boland, 11. Mark Steketee

*Teams highlighted in their respective jersey colors

Adelaide Strikers

Captain: Travis Head (C), Alex Carey (VC/WK)

  • Australia Internationals: Peter Siddle, Matt Renshaw, Fawad Ahmed, Daniel Worrall (3 ODIs), Wes Agar (2 ODIs)
  • Australia Domestic: Jake Weatherald, Harry Conway, Ryan Gibson, Spencer Johnson, Harry Nielsen (WK), Liam O’Connor, Liam Scott, Matthew Short, Jonathan Wells
  • Foreign Recruits: Rashid Khan (Afghanistan), Phil Salt, George Garton (England)

Coaching Staff: Jason Gillespie

I am looking forward to Peter Siddle and Rashid Khan. It is the time of the year where Siddle’s energy flows through and Rashid Khan’s presence is enough to send fears to the opposition camp.

Adelaide Strikers Expected XI:

  1. Phil Salt, 2. Jake Weatherald, 3. Travis Head/Alex Carey (C), 4. Matt Renshaw, 5. Ryan Gibson, 6. Jonathan Wells, 7. Michael Neser, 8. George Garton, 9. Rashid Khan, 10. Fawad Ahmed, 11. Peter Siddle

Predicted Result: 7th

Brisbane Heat

Captain: Jimmy Peirson (WK)

  • Australia Internationals: Marnus Labuschagne, Chris Lynn, Michael Neser, Mitchell Swepson, Sam Heazlett (1 ODI), Jack Wildermuth (1 T20I)
  • Australia Domestic: Xavier Bartlett, James Bazley, Max Bryant, Matthew Kuhnemann, Mark Steketee, Connor Sully, Matthew Willans, Liam Guthrie, Will Prestwisdge
  • Foreign Recruits: Tom Banton, Ben Duckett, Tom Abell (England), Tom Cooper (Netherlands), Mujeeb Ur Rahman

Coaching Staff: Wade Seccombe

I am looking forward to the foreign recruits. Ben Duckett was the find of The Hundred, and Mujeeb and Banton are match winners on their day.

Brisbane Heat Expected XI:

1. Chris Lynn, 2. Max Bryant/Labuschagne/Banton, 3. Ben Duckett, 4. Sam Heazlett, 5. Jack Wildurmuth, 6. Jimmy Pierson, 7. James Bazley/Michael Neser, 8. Xavier Bartlett, 9. Mujeeb Ur Rahman, 10. Matthew Kuhnemann, 11. Liam Guthrie/Mitchell Swepson

Predicted Result: 8th

Hobart Hurricanes

Captain: Matthew Wade (C/WK)

  • Australia Internationals: Scott Boland, Nathan Ellis, James Faulkner, Peter Handscomb, Ben McDermott (WK), Riley Meredith, D’arcy Short
  • Australia Domestic: Jake Doan (WK), Caleb Jewell, David Moody, Mitchell Owen, Wil Parker, Aaron Summers, Charlier Wakim, Nick Winter, Macalister Wright, Jordan Thompson
  • Foreign Recruits: Tim David (Singapore), Johan Botha (now domestic Australian player), Colin Ingram (South Africa), Dawid Malan, Will Jacks, Harry Brook (England), Sandeep Lamichhane (Nepal), Keemo Paul (West Indies)

Coaching Staff: Adam Griffith

I am looking forward to World Cup star Matthew Wade. Finally rising to the international stage, can he take Hobart to their first BBL? Also watch out for Tim David from Singapore, who is making his name in T20 leagues around the world.

Hobart Hurricanes Expected XI:

1. Matthew Wade, 2. D’Arcy Short, 3. Colin Ingram/Dawid Malan, 4. Peter Handscomb, 5. Ben McDermott, 6. Tim David, 7. James Faulkner, 8. Scott Boland, 9. Nathan Ellis, 10. Riley Meredith, 11. Sandeep Lamichhane

Predicted Result: 1st/Winners

Melbourne Renegades

Captain: Nic Maddinson

  • Australia Internationals: Aaron Finch, Shaun Marsh, Marcus Harris, Cameron Boyce, James Pattinson (retired from international duty), Kane Richardson
  • Australia Domestic: Zak Evans, Jake Fraser-McGurk, Sam Harper, Mackenzie Harvey, Josh Lalor, Jonathan Merlo, Jack Prestwidge, Will Sutherland, Mitch Perry
  • Foreign Recruits: Mohammad Nabi, Zahir Khan (Afghanistan), Reece Topley (England), Unmukt Chand (USA/ ex-India)

Coaching Staff: David Saker

I am looking forward to James Pattinson, Shaun Marsh, and Mohammad Nabi. These three are at the end of their careers, and I hope they still have a couple of good years in them. Also curious if Melbourne will play Unmukt Chand or if it is only to lure future Indian cricketers.

Melbourne Renegades Expected XI:

1. Aaron Finch, 2. Shaun Marsh, 3. Nic Maddinson, 4. Jake Fraser-McGurk, 5. Mackenzie Harvey, 6. Mohammad Nabi, 7. Kane Richardson, 8. James Pattinson, 9. Reece Topley, 10. Zahir Khan, 11. Cameron Boyce

Predicted Result: 3rd

Melbourne Stars

Captain: Glenn Maxwell (C), Marcus Stoinis (VC)

  • Australia Internationals: Joe Burns, Hilton Cartwright, Nathan Coulter-Nile, Adam Zampa, Billy Stanlake, Will Pucovski, Peter Nevill (WK)
  • Australia Domestic: Jackson Coleman, Seb Gotch (WK), Liam Hatcher, Clint Hinchliffe, Nick Larkin, Lance Morris, Tom O’Connell, Sam Rainbird, Beau Webster, Sam Elliot, Brody Couch
  • Foreign Recruits: Qais Ahmed (Afghanistan), Syed Faridoun (Pakistan), Joe Clarke (England)

Coaching Staff: David Hussey

I am looking forward to the Australian international regiment. Maxwell, Stoinis, Zampa won’t be missing much due to the Ashes and they are in red hot form. Hope they rebound from the first game.

Melbourne Stars Expected XI:

  1. Marcus Stoinis, 2. Joe Clarke, 3. Joe Burns, 4. Nick Larkin, 5. Glenn Maxwell (C), 6. Hilton Cartwright, 7. Peter Neville (WK), 8. Nathan Coulter-Nile, 9. Syed Faridoun/Qais Ahmed, 10. Billy Stanlake, 11. Adam Zampa

Predicted Result: 6th

Perth Scorchers

Captain: Ashton Turner

  • Australia Internationals: Mitchell Marsh, Ashton Agar, Cameron Bancroft (WK), Jason Behrendorff, Jhye Richardson, Andrew Tye, Cameron Green, Kurtis Patterson (2 Tests), Joel Paris (2 ODIs)
  • Australia Domestic: Josh Inglis (WK), Peter Hatzoglou, Matthew Kelly, Cooper Connolly, Aaron Hardie, Nick Hobson
  • Foreign Recruits: Colin Munro (New Zealand), Laurie Evans (England), Cameron Gannon (USA international/Australia domestic)

Coaching Staff: Adam Voges

I am looking forward to Josh Inglis. Alex Carey barely pipped him to the Ashes spot but he will be there for Australia A game. Can he warm up with some BBL runs? You can never count Perth Scorchers out.

Perth Scorchers Expected XI:

1. Josh Inglis (WK), 2. Cameron Bancroft, 3. Mitchell Marsh, 4. Colin Munro,, 6. Ashton Agar, 7. Cameron Green, 8. Jhye Richardson/Jason Behrendorff, 9. Andrew Tye, 10. Joel Paris, 11. Kurtis Patterson

Predicted Result: 2nd

Sydney Sixers

Captain: Moises Henriques (C), Daniel Hughes (VC)

  • Australia Internationals: Dan Christian, Sean Abbott, Jackson Bird, Nathon Lyon, Steve O’Keefe, Josh Philippe (WK)
  • Australia Domestic: Jordan Silk, Ben Dwarshuis, Hayden Kerr, Jack Edwards, Mickey Edwards, Benjamin Manenti, Lloyd Pope
  • Foreign Recruits: Carlos Brathwaite (injured), Chris Jordan (West Indies), Tom Curran, James Vince (England)

Coaching Staff: Greg Shipperd

I am looking forward to James Vince and Tom Curran. Vince has the Big Bash to thank for his England return last year and both Curran-Vince needs good BBLs to make it the 2022 T20 World Cup in Australia.

Sydney Sixers Expected XI:

  1. Josh Philippe (WK), 2. James Vince, 3. Moises Henriques (C), 4. Dan Christian, 5. Tom Curran, 6. Jordan Silk, 7. Daniel Hughes, 8. Sean Abbott, 9. Hayden Kerr, 10. Chris Jordan, 11. Steve O’Keefe

Predicted Result: 5th

Sydney Thunder

Captain: Usman Khawaja

  • Australia Internationals: Ben Cutting, Daniel Sams, Chris Tremain (4 ODIs)
  • Australia Domestic: Chris Green, Jason Sangha, Baxter Holt (WK), Oliver Davies, Brendan Doggett, Matthew Gilkes (WK), Arjun Nair, Alex Ross, Tanveer Sangha, Sam Whiteman, Gurinder Sandhu, Jonathon Cook
  • Foreign Recruits: Alex Hales, Sam Billings (WK), Saqib Mahmood (England) (Adam Milne – NZ)

Coaching Staff: Trevor Bayliss

I am looking forward to The English foreign brigade. Alex Hales at the top, Sam Billings to finish it off and Saqib Mahmood with the pace. Also much to prove for captain Usman Khawaja since Travis Head was picked as Australia’s #5 for the Ashes.

Sydney Thunder Expected XI:

1. Usman Khawaja (C), 2. Alex Hales, 3. Sam Whiteman, 4. Matthew Gilkes, 5. Sam Billings (WK), 6. Alex Ross, 7. Daniel Sams, 8. Ben Cutting, 9. Chris Green, 10. Gurinder Sandhu, 11. Tanveer Sangha

Predicted Result: 4th

Big Bash League 2021 (BBL 2021) Predictions

Finally here are my predictions.

My prediction for the team to lift the BBL 2021 trophy is….Hobart Hurricanes!

  • Most Runs: Josh Philippe
  • Most Wickets: James Pattinson
  • MVP: Matthew Wade
  • Emerging Player: Tanveer Sangha/Jake Fraser-McGurk
  • Surprise Package: Johan Botha
  • Broken Cricket Dream: Most Australian internationals miss BBL for the Ashes; most internationals lose out due to COVID; crowd skips the tournament altogether

Here were my Big Bash League – BBL 2021 Predictions. What did you think? What are YOUR predictions? Comment Below!

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SRH Vs RCB IPL 2021 Match 6 Review: Hyderabad Channel Their Inner Kolkata

SRH Vs RCB – IPL 2021 Match #6 Quick Review! Surely, not two days in a row? Chennai pitch, runs on the board, and choke the chase.

Match Details, Scorecard, & Video Highlights

Scorecard: SRH Vs RCB Video Highlights

Toss: SRH won the toss and chose to field first.

Venue: MA Chidambaram, Chepauk, Chennai

Umpires: Nitin Menon & Ulhas Gandhe

What Actually Happened:

  • Winner: RCB won by 6 runs
  • Scores: RCB 149/8 Vs SRH 143/9
  • Player of the Match: Glenn Maxwell
  • Best Figures
    • Jason Holder – 3/30
    • Shahbaz Ahmed – 3/7
  • Most Runs
    • Glenn Maxwell – 59 (41)
    • David Warner – 54 (37)

Moments of The Day: Maxwell, Catches The Highlight

The IPL is full of surprises and memorable moments. Here are my moments of today:

  • Glenn Maxwell was the difference between the two sides. After a poor IPL 2020 (and no sixes) he has come up with 39 (28) with 2 sixes and 59 (41) with 3 sixes on slow tracks. The reverse paddle to yorker-master Natarajan was my moment of the match.
  • Scores of catches have been dropped over the past week, but Rashid Khan, Vijay Shankar, & Manish Pandey came up with running/diving catches for SRH, and the over that turned the game—Harshal Patel, AB de Villiers running catch, & Shahbaz himself caught skiers.
  • Rashid Khan is an absolute gun T20 player. 4-0-18-2 and 17 (9) giving SRH some hope at the end.

Honorable Mentions: Warner’s 54, Holder’s dismissal of struggling Kohli

T20 World Cup Spotlight: Shahbaz Ahmed, Harshal Patel Add To India’s Depth

Given that the T20I World Cup is around the corner, and pandemic induced rules has changed the rules to 23-player squad, we will be analyzing the impact of each match on the T20I World Cup squad.

  • Shahbaz Ahmed & Harshal Patel – In all reality, they may never wear an Indian cap given the tough competition, but these two have been brilliant first class cricketers who are finally getting their dues in the IPL. Shahbaz is the Ben Stokes of Bengal Cricket, while Harshal has been consistent over the last 5 years. Shahbaz’s 2-0-7-3 & Harshal’s economical overs to Manish Pandey (with slower off-cutters/nailed yorkers) sealed the game for RCB.

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Broken Cricket Dream of the Day: Manish Pandey

  • Manish Pandey has probably been mismanaged by the Indian cricket team, but has been given ample of opportunities by SRH. He has now two consecutive innings – 61*(44) & 38 (39) – that could be considered ‘losing’ knocks. Dot balls & strike rate of 97.43 are not going to win you games.

As Simon Doull quoted Cricbuzz’s statistician, “In the last 4 seasons, Manish Pandey has faced 30+ 14 times in the last 4 seasons. Sunrisers has lost 11 of them.” That is the story of his IPL career.

IPL 2021 Points Table

No need to go elsewhere for the Points Table. We will keep updating it in every article!

PointsNet Run Rate
1. Royal Challengers Bangalore22004+0.175
2. Delhi Capitals11002+0.779
3. Mumbai Indians2 1102+0.225
4. Punjab Kings11002+ 0.2
5. Kolkata Knight Riders211000.00
6. Rajasthan Royals10100-0.2
7. Sunrisers Hyderabad20200-0.4
8.. Chennai Super Kings10100-0.779
IPL 2021 Points Table

Tomorrow’s Preview

The Delhi Capitals take on the Rajasthan Royals in Mumbai. Who do you think will win this one?

Also, if you have not yet read our IPL Previews, here is a list of all of them! Check them out and share ahead:

  1. Chennai Super Kings – CSK Preview
  2. Delhi Capitals – DC Preview
  3. Kolkata Knight Riders – KKR Preview
  4. Mumbai Indians – MI Preview
  5. Punjab Kings – PBKS Preview
  6. Rajasthan Royals – RR Preview
  7. Royal Challengers Bangalore – RCB Preview
  8. Sunrisers Hyderabad – SRH Preview

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IPL 2021 Royal Challengers Bangalore Preview: It is Now or Never for Kohli & ABD

Royal Challengers Bangalore Preview time.

Virat Kohli has had a rough time converting his 50s to three figures recently, but his T20I form is still stellar, receiving the Player of the Series award in the India Vs England T20I series.

The real question is when will Kohli-ABD convert the semi-finals & finals into IPL trophies? I think 2021 is RCB’s year. Keep on reading this preview.

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IPL History

2009, 2011, 2016 – (Runners Up), 2010, 2015 – (3rd), 2020 – (4th)

How Did They Do Last Year?

4th. Probably an accurate reflection. When RCB edged out KKR & KXIP narrowly for the fourth spot, not many complained. When RCB crashed out at the hands of Kane Williamson, nobody complained either.

  • Yuzvendra Chahal was the pick of the bowlers, picking up 21 wickets.
  • Devdutt Padikkal did not seem like the ‘new kid on the block.’ Scored 473 runs as an opener and played some mature knocks.
  • The S factor – Mohammad Siraj, Navdeep Saini, Washington Sundar might not have had the best IPL 2020, but in Australia, they formed the bowling core of the 3rd and 4th Tests. Their maturity was brilliant to watch.

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Injury & COVID-19 News

Devdutt Padikkal has tested postive for coronavirus. He might not make the first two games due to quarantine protocols. Big blow for RCB, and not the only one.

Josh Philippe has withdrawn days before the IPL for personal reasons. The only good news is that Finn Allen, who just scored a whirlwind 71(29) against Bangladesh in a T20I, is recruited as a replacement.

Complete Royal Challengers Bangalore Squad

Batsman: Virat Kohli*, Devdutt Padikkal, Rajat Patidar, Sachin Baby, Suyash Prabhudessai

WK: Srikar Bharat, Mohammed Azharuddeen

All-Rounders: Pavan Deshpande, Harshal Patel, Shahbaz Ahmed

Fast Medium: Mohammed Siraj, Navdeep Saini, Washington Sundar

Spinners: Yuzvendra Chahal

Overseas: Finn Allen, Dan Christian, AB de Villiers, Kyle Jamieson, Glenn Maxwell, Kane Richardson, Daniel Sams, Adam Zampa

Withdrawn: Josh Philippe

Predicted RCB XI

The Padikkal absence and Kohli’s insistence of Kohli-Sharma T20I opening partnership can change things up for RCB. One option is a Kohli-Azharuddeen partnership at the top. Alternatively, pair Finn Allen up at the top, drop everyone one spot, and replace one of Christian or Jamieson.

1. Mohammed Azharuddeen, 2.*Virat Kohli (C), 3. AB de Villiers (WK)4. Glenn Maxwell5. Daniel Christian6. Washington Sundar, 7. Kyle Jamieson/Daniel Sams/Adam Zampa, 8. Shahbaz Ahmed/Harshal Patel, 9. Mohammed Siraj, 10. Navdeep Saini, 11. Yuzvendra Chahal

*Devdutt Padikkal slots in at 2 whenever he recovers with everyone moving down a slot.

Watch Out For

  • Virat Kohli, the opener. 2016 season all over again? Maybe a little change is all Virat needs to get back in top gear.
  • Mohammed Azharuddeen lit up the Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy with a 37-ball 100 and ended up as the third highest run scorer in the tournament. If Azharuddeen-Padikkal can form a solid opening partnership at the top, the middle order can be really destructive.
  • Jamieson has seen lots of highs & lows recently with the IPL auction & the Australia T20I series, but the one to really watch out would be Dan Christian. A veteran and winner of almost all T20 championships, he is the fix that RCB never had. Overdependence on Kohli-ABD no more. With Maxwell, Dan Christan, and insurance policy of Sundar and Jamieson below, RCB finally have the consistent finishing.

Where Can Things Go Wrong For the Challengers?

All good, except they no longer play in Bangalore. With 8 games combined in Chennai & Kolkata, the likes of Maxwell & Christian might struggle. However, the spin duo of Sundar-Chahal might come to the rescue.

No other major flaws as long as Saini-Siraj can keep their economy rates in check.

Venues & Fixtures


Kolkata- 5, Ahmedabad- 4, Chennai- 3, Mumbai- 2


  • 9 April: MI vs RCB (Chennai)
  • 14 April: SRH vs RCB (Chennai)
  • 18 April: RCB vs KKR (Chennai)
  • 22 April: RCB vs RR (Mumbai)
  • 25 April: CSK vs RCB (Mumbai)
  • 27 April: DC vs RCB (Ahmedabad)
  • 30 April: PBKS vs RCB (Ahmedabad)
  • 3 May: KKR vs RCB (Ahmedabad)
  • 6 May: RCB vs PBKS (Ahmedabad)
  • 9 May: RCB vs SRH (Kolkata)
  • 14 May: RCB vs DC (Kolkata)
  • 16 May: RR vs RCB (Kolkata)
  • 20 May: RCB vs MI (Kolkata)
  • 23 May: RCB vs CSK (Kolkata)
  • 25 May: Qualifier 1 (Ahmedabad)
  • 26 May: Eliminator (Ahmedabad)
  • 28 May: Qualifier 2 (Ahmedabad)
  • 30 May: Final (Ahmedabad)


Most Runs Virat Kohli
Most WicketsWashington Sundar
Emerging PlayerMohammad Azharuddeen
Surprise PackageFinn Allen
X FactorDan Christian/ AB De Villiers
Broken Cricket DreamGlenn Maxwell. Less of a broken dream, more of a warning. If Maxwell fails again, he would be the next Aaron Finch. Not to be picked in future auctions.
Royal Challengers Bangalore Preview Predictions

What do you think of the Royal Challengers Bangalore Preview? Your First XI? Will they make the IPL 2021 qualifiers?

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Australia Vs New Zealand 2021 Series Review: Guptill, Finch Shine In Competitive Series

Australia Vs New Zealand 2021 Series Review. This series was competitive with a 3-2 result, although every match was more-or-less one-sided.

Several memorable moments though with the return of Martin Guptill’s sweet timing, Conway’s run of form, Jamieson’s rude awaking after IPL auction glory, Finch & Maxwell’s show, Ashton Agar & Ish Sodhi’s magic, & finally the spin experiment of Chapman-Phillips (wicketkeeper).

Positives for both sides with this series. New Zealand have solidified their batting order, while Australia had the chance to experiment with Big Bash performers since the South Africa-Australia series was controversially cancelled (Hence, no Smith, Warner, Cummins for this series).

Here is my series review—Results, stats, highlights, T20I World Cup squad predictions, awards, and much more!

Results – Australia Vs New Zealand

T20I Series: New Zealand Win 3 – 2

  1. New Zealand win by 53 runs *Devon Conway
  2. New Zealand win by 4 runs*Martin Guptill
  3. Australia win by 64 runs*Ashton Agar
  4. Australia win by 50 runs*Aaron Finch
  5. New Zealand win by 7 wickets*Martin Guptill

* Player of Match

Series Stats

Player of SeriesNew Zealand
Ish Sodhi
Most RunsMartin Guptill – 218 runs
(best of 97, 2-50s, 59.12 SR)
Aaron Finch – 197 runs
(best of 79*, 2-50s, SR 134.01)
Most WicketsIsh Sodhi – 13 wickets
(best of 4/28, 12.07 average, 8.26 economy)
Ashton Agar – 8 wickets
(best of 6/30, 14.62 average, 6.88 economy)
Australia Vs New Zealand 2021 T20I Series Stats

The Highlights

New Zealand

  • Martin Guptill was on the verge of being dropped. In the first T20I, even Brendon McCullum on commentary suggested this is a huge series for Guptill (only for the commentator’s curse to take place—Guptill dismissed for duck). What followed was a magnificent 97 which made him the leading six hitter in all of T20I cricket. He followed it up with 43 & 71 later in the series. Watch out—this version of Guptill could be even more dangerous.
  • Devon Conway continues to rise through the ranks. Hit a 99* in the first T20I. An average of 52.28 at 145.23 with 3 50s in his first 11 matches. He is here to stay and may even receive an ODI cap soon.
  • Ish Sodhi has never completely realized his potential. Even with leg spinners dominating international cricket for the last decade, he was always in and out of the side. A Player of the Series performance & upcoming World T20I in India should guarantee his spot in the XI.


  • IPL discard Aaron Finch showed why is the best T20I batsman in the world. After NZ led 2-0 in the 5 match series, knocks of 69, 79*, and 36 displayed his tough character.
  • Australia have a balanced squad with 2 spinning allrounders, Glenn Maxwell & Ashton Agar. Both came to the party in the 3rd T20I. Maxwell, a revelation in international cricket over the past 12 months, scored an impactful 70 (31), while Agar broke the New Zealand chase with a spell of 6/30.
  • Josh Philippe was the find of the series for me. Although he had already made a name for himself in the Big Bash, he finally shone at the international level providing quick starts of 45 (34) & 43 (27). Pressure on Matthew Wade when David Warner returns? (although he did score a decent 44 (29)).

The Awards

We like to spice things up with our own awards for the series. Here they are:

Watch Out For

  • Finn Allen. Just 21 years of age, he averages 48.81 with 183.27 strike rate in domestic T20. With 6 fifties in 13 innings & a best of 92*, there are talks of him being fast-tracked for the Kiwis. With Guptill solidifying his spot & Seifert-Conway-Phillips all but certain, Allen’s prospects may have closed the door for Ross Taylor’s T20I return.
New ZealandAustralia
Emerging PlayerFinn Allen (Not in the series)Josh Philippe
Surprise PackageMartin Guptill’s comeback Ashton Agar
Broken Cricket DreamKyle Jamieson
(15 overs, 175 runs, 1 wicket at 11.66 economy rate)
End of Matthew Wade?
Australia Vs New Zealand 2021 Series Awards

Who would have been your Emerging Player? Surprise Player? Broken Cricket Dream? Let us know below WITH COMMENTS! Also please share and subscribe below!

T20I World Cup Watch

We are doing a World T20 Watch from now till the T20I world cup next year. Here is our predicted T20 XI line up and a 16-men squad as of now based on this series. Several ifs and buts at this point, but it will get clearer along the journey.

Since the T20 World Cup is scheduled in India, several spin options are considered.

New Zealand 2021 World T20 Squad – Prediction

Finn Allen is slowly rising through the domestic ranks. He was picked as an injury backup for RCB, although he has not made his international debut yet.

  1. Martin Guptill, 2. Tim Seifert (WK), 3. Kane Williamson*, 4. Glenn Phillips, 5. Devon Conway, 6. Jimmy Neesham, 7. Mitchell Santner, 8. Tim Southee, 9. Trent Boult, 10. Lockie Ferguson, 11. Ish Sodhi

Squad: 12. Colin de Grandhomme, 13. Finn Allen/Ross Taylor/Mark Chapman, 14. Kyle Jamieson/Hamish Bennett, 15. Blair Tickner/Jacob Duffy, 156 Doug Bracewell/Scott Kuggeleijn/Adam Milne


Australia 2021 World T20 Squad – Prediction

I will put Steve Smith on the bench and start with Philippe. Several options for Australia, but time running out to settle their squad.

  1. David Warner, 2. Aaron Finch*, 3. Josh Philippe (WK), 4. Glenn Maxwell, 5. Marcus Stoinis, 6. Ashton Agar, 7. Mitchell Marsh, 8. Pat Cummins, 9. Daniel Sams/Jason Behrendoff/Mitchell Starc, 10. Josh Hazlewood/James Pattinson, 11. Adam Zampa

Squad: 12. Steve Smith, 13. Matthew Wade (WK)/ Alex Carey (WK), 14. Jhye Richardson/Riley Meredith/Sean Abbott, 15. Kane Richardon/Andrew Tye, 16. Cameron Green/Moises Henriques

Wildcards: Marnus Labuschagne, Ben McDermott (WK), D’Arcy Short, Andrew Tye, Tanveer Sangha, Ashton Turner, Nathan Lyon

Where Do They Go From Here?

New Zealand travel to Bangladesh for 3 T20Is and 3 ODIs, starting March 19th. Several of the players will stay for IPL 2021. Finally, in July the Test squad will travel to England for 2 Test matches as well as the (not) much awaited WTC final.

Australia meanwhile are done for now till the World T20 later this year (unless fixtures are added). They won the ODI series against India 2-1, but went on to lose the T20I series 1-2, Test series 1-3, & this series 2-3. Also had the controversial South Africa series cancelled. Time for some much needed rest.

What did you think about the Australia Vs New Zealand 2021 series? What are your World T20 line ups? COMMENT BELOW, and let us know what you think!

Image Courtesy: Martin Guptill – YellowMonkey/Blnguyen, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons